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Modern Seal and Bearing for Globe Lifts

In-Ground Lifts – Globe – Modern Seal and Bearing Upgrade for Globe Lifts

DUSL Modern Bearing Upgrade for Globe Lifts

What sets the best OEM (SVI) apart from other lift companies? The answer is simple, PROBLEM SOLVING! SVI dominates with current solutions for problems encountered both new and old. The transitions/upgrades from standard designs to the ATF and finally the DUSL tell this story better than anything else. It is amazing how one company can make so many improvements that benefit lift owners all across the world.

As the once absolute dominate worldwide favorite, Globe lifts can be found literally all around the globe. Today, SVI continues this tradition and builds Globe brand semi-hydraulic lifts every day. These lifts may be marketed as Globe but they are distinctly SVI original equipment using only the SVI-exclusive DUSL and ATF technology. This makes for one of the best sealing and most stable lifts on the market today. The DUSL system is available for virtually all 10-5/8” Globe lifts still found in service today. Use a DUSL bearing on a 30 year old Globe and you will stop the leaking and make the plunger play go away.

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