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Cylinder Kits and Sections for Front and Rear Lifts

In-Ground Fore-and-Aft Lifts – Cylinder Kits and Replacement Lift Sections

In May of 1986, SVI created replacement In-Ground Sections and kits for most fore-and-aft lifts, and our parts have made their way to some prestigious addresses for lift repair and replacement. There’s good reason why an SVI replacement In Ground Section is so valued by the auto lift market. Just because the front or rear cylinder is bad does not render the whole lift useless.

Our fast delivery service can often provide the lift section you need with same day shipping. That means you can get your lift back up and running within hours of receiving your fore or aft section. Competitively priced and manufactured featuring Weaver style assemblies, each kit is carefully shipped with the cylinder pre-assembled and all parts included to do your installation. Fiberglass coating is optional, along with air-operated, multi-position safety legs and custom adapters. Give us a call. We can ship from one of our three convenient locations in Baltimore, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 to discuss your repair or manufacturing needs.

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