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ATF Bearings for Globe, Rotary, Weaver, Western Lifts

Automotive Lift Products and Accessories – Lift Upgrade Products – ATF Adjust-to-Fit Bearings

ATF Adjust-to-Fit Kits are available for the following automotive lift makes:

  • Challenger
  • Globe
  • Rotary
  • SVI Power Post
  • Weaver
  • Western
BH-1778D-ATF • 10-5/8” Adjust-To-Fit Upper Bearing Kit for Western

Adjust-to-Fit (ATF) Kits offer the solution to more accurately and easily reduce plunger rock on many reliable in-ground lifts still in service today. Until 2008, correcting plunger rock had been a time intensive repair activity. Detailed plunger measurements were needed and upper bearings had to be custom machined to size. Most everyone involved really just crossed their fingers in hope that the measurements went just right. SVI’s Adjust-to-Fit Upper Bearing Kits take away all the guesswork. Each ATF Kit is shipped with exactly what you need to correctly and easily field-fit the upper bearing to the snuggest setting.

Plus, the new upper bearing kit housing will last virtually forever. The only thing that will need to be replaced from time to time is the actual bearing strip.

Thousands of lifts in service still need this product. Contact all vehicle lift owners that you know with this problem and offer up the solution. While you perform this repair, you will not only do a nice job, but also have an extremely satisfied and happy customer for life. Increased service revenue is right at your fingertips.

7-1/2” • 8-1/2” • 10-5/8” • 12-5/8” — Call to learn more 800-321-8173.

Adjust-To-Fit upper bearings are a real problem solver. SVI is the answer.

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