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Manitowoc Lifts and Manufacturing LLC is now MLM Lifts and Manufacturing LLC

DeKalb, Illinois USA

  • SVI is the only solution for finely engineered parts for Manitowoc Lifts service on auto lifts.
  • Only rely on the experts at SVI for repair parts for your Gilbarco brand in-ground lifts.
  • Order seal kits, pinion support and shaft assembly kits, retro fit kits, and control box repair kits from SVI.

SVI hosts onsite operations for all Manitowoc Lifts and Manufacturing (now known as MLM Lifts and Manufacturing) so that all Manitowoc Lifts repair parts are produced to their original high quality specifications and standards. We produce and sell repair parts for a series of auto lift types, including in-ground single-post lifts, in-ground 2-post side-by-side lifts, in-ground fore and aft lifts, and in-ground runway lifts.

Manitowoc Lifts and Gilbarco brand auto lifts are long-lasting and dependable. That’s why they’re still found in locations around the country, especially on the Eastern seaboard where many Exxon and Firestone stations keep their Manitowoc Lifts and Gilbarco auto lifts in stellar shape using Manitowoc Lifts Repair Parts and Gilbarco Lift Repair Parts produced by SVI.

SVI offers single acting hydraulic cylinders for custom applications, special fabrication, and an engineering data bank that goes back to 1928. We’re prepared to provide you with the robust cylinders and special fabrication orders you expect from SVI to get your lift back in running order.

If you’re looking for a new Manitowoc Lift, SVI and MLM Lifts and Manufacturing have just what you need. Check out SVI’s Complete New Lifts product line.

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 to discuss your repair or manufacturing needs.