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Repair Parts for Hofmann Lifts, Tire Changers and Brake Lathes

  • SVI has been providing solutions for auto lift owners since 1977
  • We stock, locate, or custom-make any Hofmann parts you need
  • Contact us to order parts for your old or newer Hofmann lift, tire changer or brake lathe

Founded in 1931, Hofmann entered the North American market in 1969. Hofmann auto lifts offer a unique design and in fact were once successfully marketed by Weaver lift. As a result there remain many Hofmann auto lifts in service. To keep Hofmann lifts operating in tip, top shape top lift repair professionals rely on SVI for the perfect parts for Hofmann auto lift repair. 

SVI offers commonly replaced Hofmann brake lathe parts such as carbide bits, tool holders, silencers or silencer bands. Also available are Arbors, Nuts, Cones, Adapters, double taper adapters, and more for your Hofmann brake lathe.

SVI is specially equipped to help you restore Hofmann auto lifts with quality lift parts—we’ve been assisting auto lift owners since 1977. Whether you own an older Hofmann once sold by Weaver or a newer model SPL9000, we locate or create the parts you need to get your lift in proper working order.

In addition to repair parts for Hofmann brake lathes and Hofmann Lifts, SVI carries a selection of repair parts for Hofmann Tire Changers. Whether you’re looking for popular replacement Mount / Demount Heads and Conversion Kits for early Hofmann models, a Clamp Cylinder Wiper Upgrade Kit, Combo Tools, Drop Center Tool, or More, rely on SVI for replacement parts.

Our three “Ready-Ship” locations in Baltimore, Chicago, and Los Angeles can deliver same-day shipping on most common repair parts Hofmann lifts, brake lathes, and tire changers.

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 to discuss your repair or manufacturing needs.