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Your trusted resource for repair parts for your Forward lift

  • SVI offers domestically produced, professional-grade lift repair parts.
  • Rely on SVI’s genuine “Direct fit” parts as your replacement Forward lift parts including arm restraint kits, cables, hydraulic seal kits, rubber pads, and much more!

Forward lift owners have an excellent resource in SVI. Our engineers specialize in finding and creating repair parts for Forward lifts of all kinds. We’re constantly growing our selection of genuine SVI “Direct Fit” brand auto lift repair parts, and SVI engineers worked hard to make eight different American-made arm restraint kits available.

SVI’s Forward repair parts and kits are constructed within the United States, using modern materials and manufacturing techniques. Because arm restraints are such an important part of Forward lifts, not to mention the first thing an OSHA inspector reviews, we pay particular attention to designing these tools. We recognize that arm restraints play a crucial role in keeping swing arms correctly positioned.

A note about arm restraints:

How important are arm restraints? Arm restraints happen to be one of the first things an OSHA inspector looks at during review of a lift. The arm restraints play a crucial role in keeping swing arms correctly positioned prior to engaging the vehicle lifting points. Arm restraints are not intended to bear load or to keep swing arms in place when incorrectly positioned on a non-level plane. When conducting service or planned maintenance and inspection it is always wise to make sure the operator is aware of the arm restraint’s intended purpose.

Genuine SVI “Direct Fit” brand arm restraints are available in kit form and the components are always available individually. This means if you damage one arm restraint you can get the parts you need to correct the specific problem rather than be forced to purchase an entire kit.

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For all the parts you need for Forward auto lifts – SVI is your answer!