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Repair Parts for Ford Smith Lifts

SVI—Your trusted resource for Lift Repair Parts for Ford Smith Vehicle Lifts

  • SVI stocks all the commonly replaced Ford Smith parts for immediate shipping.
  • We also supply less commonly replaced Ford Smith Lift parts as needed.
  • Our in-stock inventory includes over 15,000 auto lift repair parts.

Ford Smith Machining officially went out of business in July of 2003. They were for a long time the licensee in Canada for Globe Lift until the agreement was allowed to expire back in mid the 1990s. Over the years, Ford Smith produced many types of both in-ground and surface mount auto lifts and is credited with developing the first high pressure retrofit kit for existing in-ground low pressure lifts.

Ford Smith auto lifts can be found all throughout North America. During its relationship with the Globe Lift Company, Ford Smith private labeled its above ground auto lifts to Globe Lift. Globe sold these lifts under model numbers such as AFO-7, AFO-7A, AFO-9 and AG-7 just name a few. Once Ford Smith was free from the licensee agreement with Globe, it was free to change the in-ground design as it wished and to enter the US market with all of its products.

Ford Smith lift owners can rest easy knowing that SVI has all the commonly replaced parts always in stock on the shelves for immediate shipping. For the less commonly replaced items, SVI will always make these up as needed. No Ford Smith lift owner needs to consider replacing their lift just because Ford Smith is gone.

With Team SVI on your side, replacement Ford Smith lift repair parts are readily available so you can keep your Ford Smith lifts lifting vehicle for decades to come.

Always insist on genuine SVI “Direct Fit” brand products for your Ford Smith lifts.

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