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SVI has the hose stops you need for Coxreels Hose Reels, or any other hose reel brand. Many models available.

In-stock parts often ship same day from one of our 3 ready-ship warehouses in Baltimore, Chicago and Los Angeles. Search our parts and contact SVI today.

  • Designed to provide slip-free performance on air, water, grease and oil hose, SVI offers many varieties to meet your needs!
  • Many styles available including SVI’s General Use hose stops that have been used worldwide for decades!
  • Available in a variety of sizes in a kit with all hardware included
  • Hose stops available for both single hose and dual hose!

Hose Reel Hose Stops, also referred to as Hose bumpers or Ball Stops, are used to keep the hoses found on hose reels from over retracting through the hose guides. Hose ball stops are found on virtually all makes and models of hose reels available on the market today. SVI is a leading supplier of replacement cost-saving hose stops for use when the original hose stop has worn out or simply broken apart from months and years of constant impact against the hose guide surface.

SVI offers a variety of hose stops in sizes and materials for many brands of hose reels. Whether you have a Coxreels Hose Reel, Reelcraft Hose Reel, Alemite Hose Reel, or another brand, SVI has the Hose Stops for your models.

Hose reel ball stops provide a positive means to stop or limit hose retraction to a desired point or spot, and are especially important for use on overhead hose reels that are mounted well out-of-reach of the technician’s access to the hose. The hose can be stopped at a point where the hose is just overhead of the technician so the technician can easily reach up and grab the hose to pull or extend it out of the reel. Once the technician is through using the hose, the hose can be retracted back into the reel and stop at its ideal location ready for access and use the next time a need arises.

Hose reel hose stops can be found in automotive shops, industrial plants, mobile service vehicles, firefighting equipment, vacuuming applications, welding stations, marina dock fueling, chemical plants, lawn care vehicles, and so many other applications too numerous to list.

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