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Repair Parts for Bradbury Lifts

Bradbury Lift Parts for its line of Scissor, 4-post, Wheel-free 2-post and Hybrid lifts

  • SVI supplies cable assemblies for the 4-post lifts and will gladly try to help you with any other Bradbury parts you may need to replace.
  • SVI Direct Fit replacement Bradbury lift parts provide “like new” maintenance for Bradbury Auto Lifts

Garage service auto lifts by Bradbury were once imported to the United States from the United Kingdom. SVI provides cable assemblies for the Bradbury 4-post lifts and can create parts for the entire Bradbury line. Given its expertise in engineering and manufacturing new and legacy auto lift parts, SVI can create replacement Bradbury Lift Repair parts.

Your Bradbury lift may be something of a rarity in the United States these days, but quality equipment is worth keeping and maintaining. Which means that SVI can be your best friend in the whole world when you need to repair your Bradbury Lift.

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 to discuss your repair or manufacturing needs.