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Repair Parts for Beissbarth Tire Changers and Brake Lathes

Beissbarth actually got their start by building cars. Nowadays, they are well known for shop equipment overseas and in the United States. In 2007, Beissbarth was bought by the Bosch Group Company. Bosch also partnered with SICAM, another Italian tire changer manufacturer; however, both SICAM and Beissbarth were acquired by Stargate Capital, Munich in 2018. Stargate Capital is known in the automotive industry with their subsidiary Werther International.

Whether you need repair parts for your Beissbarth Brake Lathe or Tire Changer, SVI will get you what you need. If you need Toolholders for a Beissbarth brake lathe or you need a filter lubricator or v-belt for a Beissbarth tire changer, SVI is your source. Contact us today.

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