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Repair Parts for Bear shop equipment including Bear Lifts, Brake Lathes, Tire Changers, and Wheel Balancers

  • Repair parts are available for from SVI
  • SVI offers three ready-ship warehouses for quick on-demand delivery of repair parts for Bear Lifts.

Bear Manufacturing Company began designing and manufacturing equipment back in 1917 and recently celebrated their 100 years serving customers. Today, they still offer auto lifts, wheel balancers, brake lathes, tire changers, alignment equipment and other shop equipment. Even though Bear automotive company has switched hands several times, new Bear equipment is being made by Bear / The Cartek Group. Bear equipment has long been known for the “Happy Bear” logo and it is still in use today. SVI is proud to carry replacement parts for Bear brake lathes, tire changers, and lifts. For brake lathes, count on SVI for positive rake and negative rake bits to keep it turning.

If you’re looking for replacement Bear lift parts, you can get fast delivery on quality-made repair parts for Bear lifts from SVI.

SVI produces Direct Fit brand replacement Bear Lift Parts, Brake Lathe Parts, and Tire Changer parts, as well as parts for other manufacturers. Whether we’re producing auto lift repairs or components for new machines, SVI is recognized for its quality engineering, production standards, and better than fair price.

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 to discuss your repair or manufacturing needs.