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Where to Buy Air Compressor Parts for My Auto Shop

air compressor parts

Whether you have a quick lube station, body shop, or do full-service auto repair, you know just how essential an air compressor is in your daily routine. Compressed air systems allow for the efficient repair of vehicles and are a valuable asset in all environments. Like most machines, a good air compressor can last many years if you take care of it. This means replacing air compressor parts when worn, cracked, or damaged.

For example, if you are running your air compressor with low oil or not changing the oil often enough, you may end up with a complete system failure. At the very least, you may have unnecessary and costly repairs. These repairs will also cause a loss of revenue because of unplanned downtime.

To avoid downtime and keep your shop running smoothly, it’s imperative to replace your air compressor parts at the manufacturer’s suggested intervals. However, in a high-demand environment, you may need to replace some of the parts more often.

When to Replace Your Air Compressor Parts

Every part of an air compressor serves a specific role. So, if any of those parts malfunction, your air compressor may lack appropriate air pressure or malfunction entirely. But how do you know when to replace your air compressor parts?

Creating a maintenance schedule is the first step in properly maintaining your air compressor. In addition, a maintenance plan will help you avoid downtime, as you can replace worn parts before they cause your air compressor to malfunction.

Panel filters will protect your air compressor’s internal components from dust. Unfortunately, if you don’t replace the filter, it can cause a shortage in the system, resulting in electrical failure. Your air compressor manual should guide you on how often to replace the filter, but visually inspecting it regularly is the most failsafe way.

Air compressors vary by type and manufacturer, but most manufacturers recommend replacing the oil filters every 1,000-2,000 hours. Like changing the oil, replacing the oil filter prevents the oil from contamination. If the oil becomes contaminated, the compressor will not work correctly and could eventually cause damage to the internal parts.

Proper lubrication is essential to avoid strain on the air compressor’s joints. Therefore, replacing the lubricant every 3-6 months is recommended for optimal air compressor operation. Old and stale lubricant can hinder the air compressor’s performance and cause the filter’s blockage.

Rubber donut gaskets prevent oil leaks, so replacing the gaskets annually is recommended. Thankfully, even if you have a blown gasket, it’s an easy fix, and the new gaskets allow the air compressor to build pressure properly.

However, even with regular maintenance, failure can still occur. If the issue is easy to fix and isn’t a more significant problem within the air compressor, it’s best to replace the broken parts instead of the entire unit.

If your air compressor is randomly shutting down, has worn bearings and seals, has air leaks, blown fuses, metal deposits, or has inconsistent pressure, then it’s most likely time to replace some of the air compressor parts.

Benefits of Replacing Your Air Compressor Parts

Replacing your air compressor parts, especially on a routine maintenance schedule, will extend your compressor’s life, increase your shop’s efficiency, and reduce downtime. In addition, it will save you from having to replace the entire compressor before it’s necessary.

If you can stay on top of your air compressor’s maintenance schedule, you will likely have limited downtime (if any) with the compressor. With such a valuable tool in your shop’s equipment, you want to avoid downtime at all costs.

Replacing any broken, damaged, or worn parts will also extend the life of your air compressor if you replace them before significant damage occurs to the compressor. An air compressor is an investment for any shop, and maximizing its life expectancy is ideal.

You need working equipment with limited downtime to keep your shop running efficiently. So, keeping your air compressor operating correctly and replacing parts when necessary will keep your shop working efficiently and your customers happy.

Need Help Finding Air Compressor Replacement Parts?

Carrying extra air compressor parts in your inventory is essential if you find yourself in a bind. In addition to keeping additional oil and oil filters on hand, it’s also a good idea to have valves like an IVC (inlet valve close), IVO (inlet valve open), and check valves. Having replacement parts on hand is essential to keep your shop running smoothly. Excess downtime can cause a loss of revenue and unhappy customers.

If you need help finding air compressor replacement parts, you’ve come to the right place. SVI can help you find everything from valves to throttle controls and more! We have inventory from numerous manufacturers, including Quincy, Jenny and Emglo, Champion, and Rolair. So, whether you’re looking for safety valves, throttle controls, air filter elements, check valves, air/oil separators, you can find them by searching our extensive inventory.

Not only can you use our site to search by air compressor manufacturer, but you can also search by specific air compressor sub-categories, such as air compressor controls, compressor products, and valves. And if you can’t find what you need, our expert customer service team can help.

If you don’t already have an automotive repair parts supplier, SVI would love to work with you. Our extensive inventory of repair parts is unmatched, and with two ready-ship warehouses, we can get you back on your feet quickly!

While you may need air compressor repair parts now, consider SVI for your future equipment repair, from auto lifts and brake lathes to petroleum equipment parts! With over 40,000 products, we can be your one-stop shop for equipment parts.

Contact us today with any questions or search our inventory of air compressor repair parts. We’re here to help!

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