Solenoid Valves & Parts

The best Solenoid valve for your specific application
  • SVI offers a full range of Solenoid valves and parts for various applications that handle water, air, steam, light oils, neutral gases and cryogenic fluids, from vacuum to high pressure and high temperature.
  • Immediate shipping of in-stock parts from the regional warehouse nearest you
  • Solenoid Valves are in many industries including car dealerships, air/ heating systems, car washing machines, coffee machines, packing machines, water treatment systems, fire extinguisher systems, sector-programmed irrigation, automatic petrol and beverage pumps, nickelplating process, galvanization, hot water steam, hot oils, laboratory or industrial cryogenic systems and many more!

Solenoid valves and parts are easy, safe, economical solutions for various systems. Choosing the right solenoid valve requires paying attention to fluid characteristics, operating temperatures, sizes and types of connections, ambient conditions, pressure differentials, and more.

SVI is well acquainted with these details and can help you find the right valve for your lift.

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