Solenoid Valves

SVI is the one-stop shop for solenoid valves and other repair parts
  • SVI offers high-quality solenoid valves used in many industries and locations
  • Solenoid valves from SVI are used in applications such as: Hot or Cold Water, Air and Inert Gases, Food Processing, Fuel Gas, Coolants, Light Oils, Process Automation, and More!

Solenoid valves can be found in many industries and locations: Automotive Service, Car Dealerships, Quick Lubes, Petroleum Products, Industrial Plants, Appliances, Laundry Equipment, Heating Systems, Spraying Systems, Water Treatment, Pumps, and Many More!!

Not sure which solenoid valve you need? Call SVI and fill out a request form. SVI reps will help you determine which valve is best for your needs.

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