MPTR Safety Legs

Bolt-on compliance at your fingertips
  • SVI-exclusive and patented Multi-Position Top Release Safety Leg: USPO # 7,219,768
  • Easy to install, no air required and an 8,000 lb. capacity
  • Fits single-post models with a single-point release

Concerned lift operators have always wanted more locking positions for their safety legs while O.S.H.A. inspectors continually push for more safety-related compliance. This series of MPTR safety legs satisfies both needs. Installable in just minutes on virtually all single-post lifts that currently use a round style safety leg/non-rotator, this is an SVI-exclusive solution at its best.

In the past, when lift owners have been required to upgrade their lifts with multiple position locking mechanisms, the solution was expensive. MPTR safety legs take the time and cost out of multi-lock upgrades and ship from one of our three warehouses, arriving when you need them – so you can get back to business as usual.

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