Repair Parts for Tuxedo Lifts

Wide selection of parts for Tuxedo imported auto lifts
  • SVI is your best resource for replacing a Tuxedo part
  • We stock a wide range of replacement parts, from rubber arm pads to AC power units
  • Any part we don’t have, we will build

SVI is here to help you with restoring your Tuxedo automotive lift to full functionality. We stock a number of replacement parts on hand, including swing arms, rubber arm pads, height extensions, cable assemblies, pulleys, AC power units, chains, and more. As our inventory continues to grow, we also build Tuxedo parts domestically—so the more you repair your Tuxedo auto lift with us, the more your lift becomes an American-made product.

The Tuxedo brand of auto lifts is a relative newcomer to the automotive lift industry; it supplies lifts to various companies, who then market them under other names and model numbers throughout North America. The Tuxedo lifts were even sold by Globe Lift’s World Wide Lift division for a short time. These lifts have been remarketed and distributed throughout North America. Wherever Tuxedo lifts are used, SVI is the best resource for replacing worn-out parts.

SVI is proud to offer all manner of parts for restoring Tuxedo auto lifts, including model numbers GTX-07-4P-CB, GTX-09-OH-T, and GTX-10-OH. Contact us today with your replacement needs, and we’ll find you a quick, reliable solution!

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Important customer information: All names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only. It is not implied that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers; however, some parts may be the actual product of these manufacturers. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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