Repair Parts for Hofmann Lifts

SVI offers the best quality replacement parts for Hofmann Lifts
  • SVI has been providing solutions for auto lift owners since 1977
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SVI is specially equipped to restore Hofmann auto lifts—we’ve been assisting auto lift owners since 1977. Whether you own an older Hofmann once sold by Weaver or a newer model SPL9000, we locate or create the parts you need to get your lift in proper working order.

Hofmann lifts came onto the North American market in 1969. Founded in 1931, the Hofmann company specialized in a unique design that caught the eyes of Weaver and was once marketed by the Weaver lift. Thanks to that once strong popularity, Hofmann lifts are still in existence throughout the nation today. To keep those lifts in proper working order, owners need SVI, the best resource for any and all replacement Hofmann repair parts.

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