Repair Parts for Ben Pearson Lifts

Replacement Auto Lift Repair Parts for all Ben Pearson models, even imports
  • Repair parts for lifts from model LMP 9 to LMT 22 and all models in between
  • Auto Lift Repair parts for Liftmaster, even for the oldest models still operating
  • SVI offers three ready-ship warehouses for quick on-demand delivery of Ben Pearson Lift Parts

For a company that started out making compound archery bows, it might seem a stretch that Ben Pearson auto lifts and the Liftmaster line branched off to make some of the finest auto lifts on the market. Today the Ben Pearson brand is split into the Ben Pearson Archery company and the Ben Pearson firm that makes auto lifts.

SVI enters the picture because we make repair parts for the auto lifts manufactured by the Ben Pearson company. And even if you own a vintage 1983 Ben Pearson Liftmaster Lift Model LMP 9, we can provide repair parts for that model—or any other Ben Pearson lift.

For replacement Ben Pearson Lift Parts as well as parts for other brands and manufacturers, SVI is your answer! Whether we’re producing auto lift repair parts or components for new machines, SVI is recognized for its quality engineering, production standards, and better than fair price.

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 to discuss your repair or manufacturing needs.

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