Repair Parts for Advantage Lifts

Find repair parts for your Advantage lift
  • Known for High-Capacity Parallelogram Surface-Mount Lift
  • Advantage Lifts are found in transit and bus garages across the country.
  • SVI was specifically requested by lift owners to create repairs parts for Advantage lifts.

If you run a transit bus or municipal garage you have probably heard of Advantage Lifts, one of the most popular lines of parallelogram surface-mounts lifts in the automotive industry.

There’s an interesting history to Advantage Lifts, and why SVI is critical to maintaining the brand. Advantage originally manufactured in Bay Springs, Mississippi, with a corporate office in San Diego, California. When Advantage was eventually sold to another company, lift owners asked SVI to step in and fill the gap in repair parts availability.

For a brief period of time, Advantage owned the Globe lift company but later sold Globe off to Maxon Industries of California. Advantage was then sold by its founder to another company. This resulted in lift owners asking SVI to step in and fill a necessary gap in repair parts availability.

You can secure your Advantage lift parts for repairs from SVI, including models ALS 36/28S, ALS 50/48, 25/26, 45/35S, 75/30S, 75/48S or any other Advantage parts you need.

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 to discuss your repair or manufacturing needs.

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