Couplers & Plugs

Components and combination coupler kits to connect your air compression system
  • SVI has the Milton Air System Products for your application
  • Check out our Milton Air hose couplers in 5-piece and 7-piece ¼” sets
  • SVI offers three ready-ship warehouses for quick on-demand delivery of Milton brand Air System products.

SVI offers a wide variety of Air System products from Milton. Air couplers and Plugs are available individually, as well as in kits. Combination kits are a great way to get the complete supply of parts you need for your air compression system. Our Compressor Accessory Kit has the parts you need for your compressor, including Blow Gun, Male Hose Mender, Male Hex Nipple, Female Couplers and air chuck…even a tire gauge and Inflator pin. Use it to inflate, blow debris, mend and connect hoses and quick connection with powered tools.

Whether you're looking for air system fittings, couplers, plugs, filler faucets / water bibs, blow guns, inflator gages, or recoil air hose, SVI is the one to call for Milton Industries Air System Products.

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