Repair Parts for Champion Air Compressors

Champion air compressor replacement parts include automatic tank drain valves and tank drain valve repair kits.
  • Update and replace parts of your Champion air compressor easily and affordably.
  • SVI makes top quality, American-made replacement automatic tank drain valves for Champion air compressors
  • SVI also offers an automatic tank drain valve repair kit including parts such as the diaphragm, valve disc, valve spring and valve stem, o-ring, gasket, screen, etc.
  • SVI is the one-stop shop for air compressor repair parts

SVI is your source for all the parts you need for your Champion air compressor. Whether you need a replacement for your ZTD1 Automatic Tank Drain Valve, a safety valve, check valve, switch or even a single o-ring, we have it or we will get it.

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