Know the Facts

​As a leading manufacturer of auto lift repair parts and automotive lifts for more than 30 years, SVI has a demonstrated history of safety and high production standards auto lifts and auto lift repair parts.

SVI consistently exceeds safety and quality standards established by rating organizations for the auto lifts and repair parts industry. Our longstanding reputation for high standards of production and materials extends to the the legacy parts we continue to manufacture for lifts and repair parts that are no longer made by the original manufacturer. It is this tradition of upholding legacy brands that SVI is popularly known and with good reason. Our service excellence has enabled thousands of auto lifts that would otherwise be out of service to continue to function safely and productively for their owners and operators.

Our commitment to safety is uncompromising. We apply our practical approach to the issue of what it actually takes to keep lift users safe. Essentially we go beyond the act of pumping out information and statistical data to the practice of actually producing high quality parts used on auto lifts to keep them in proper working order.

SVI’s philosophy is to make and keep auto lift parts available so that auto lift users always have a source for parts in order to keep their auto lift working properly and safely. For example, we produce products such as a low oil device that was discontinued by the original manufacturer. Without a low oil safety device such as this, a low oil situation can cause potentially dangerous and erratic lift motion that can catapult a vehicle violently off of an auto lift. Today, there are literally 1,000’s of these low oil safety devices at work protecting the performance of single post auto lifts that are still in service thanks to this critical safety measure. The users of these lifts deserve SVI’s commitment to safety and need this low oil control in order to keep their auto lifts functioning properly and above all safely.

Daily we take on challenges like these and provide working solutions based on more than 40 years of manufacturing and safety testing. SVI’s bolt-on multi-position safety leg for single post auto lifts provides auto lift owners more than just one or two locking positions on these auto lifts. The patented MPTR Series of safety legs for single post auto lifts can be installed in just minutes on virtually all single post lifts that use a round style single locking position safety leg. Auto lift owners can remove one bolt and upgrade their auto lift to use this product so they will enjoy safety in all working positions of the auto lift. MPTR’s from SVI offer multiple locking positions in 6” increments throughout the stroke of the auto lift, convenience of single point top release and automatic reset for reuse each time the lift is fully lowered.

Many Nationwide retailers like those such as Goodyear and BridgestoneFirestone still use single post auto lifts with only a single locking position safety leg. These companies could benefit greatly from use of this low-cost innovative SVI auto lift safety product. MPTR safety legs will help them provide their auto lift users with additional safety lock positions while bringing their single post auto lift’s locking position requirement into compliance with today’s ANSI automotive lift standards, which are sponsored by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI).

SVI also supplies an always-available stream of auto lift safety devices for surface mount auto lifts. Surface mount auto lifts can be found in the service centers of auto dealerships and in local independent auto maintenance garages across the Nation. Surface mount auto lifts have many working parts that wear quickly over time and require frequent replacement in order to keep these auto lifts in safe and proper working order. No one single company stocks more auto lift repair parts that are available for immediate shipment than SVI. That is why the top auto lift users and repair professionals choose only SVI Direct Fit™ brand auto lift repair parts everyday.

With “Ready Ship” warehouses in Baltimore, Chicago, and Los Angeles no one can help you reduce lift downtime or keep your auto lift in safe proper working order better than SVI and an SVI distributor.

Family and employee owned and operated since 1977, SVI is your answer!