Small Equipment Shop Maintenance Lift for Lawn Mowers, ATVs, UTVs and more!

SESM Lifts offer many options to customize it specifically for you and your shop! Call now to get started.

Our Small Equipment Shop Maintenance (SESM) Lift is popular with mechanics who work on golf carts, ATVs, lawn Mowers, motorcycles, snowmobiles or any other equipment that needs to be raised for servicing in any type of shop.

Installation of the Small Equipment Shop Maintenance lift is simple and takes little time when you have the proper equipment on hand. Just four steps:

  • Simply saw through concrete.
  • Auger hole for cylinder.
  • Place cylinder in hole.
  • Drill holes, anchor down, and add fluid.
  • Install Lifting Structure and take full advantage of your cool time-saving tool.

That puts your lift into service and usually takes just a few hours to accomplish. These 6.5” semi-hydraulic lifts do not require a tank and are available in multiple stroke lengths and different sized platforms and customized lifting structures.

The overall design is very low cost compared to others on the market. SESM Lifts are Made In America in our production facility in DeKalb, Illinois. Casings are fiberglass coated and the lifting platform sits flat on the floor so the lift is out of the way when not in use. Many owners park equipment right over the lift so you’re not eating up valuable shop space.

You can purchase your lift with a safety leg and these lifts are available with full 360 degree rotation so that equipment being services can be positioned close to tools need for work.

Some shops use this lift to load and unload pickup truck beds because the 2500 lb capacity rating makes it possible to transfer and access heavy loads. That’s an important safety feature for your business.

Its primary use of course is working on the small equipment you use for business or recreation. SVI has applied the best in ingenuity and simplicity to make this lift functional, affordable and flexible in its uses.

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