• 2013

  • 2013, August SVI’s subsidiary Manitowoc Lifts and Mfg. (MLM) introduces a new line of Small Equipment Shop Maintenance lifts known as SESM Platform lifts. These lifts are very popular with mechanics in small equipment maintenance shops that service golf carts, ATV’s lawn mowers, motorcycles, snowmobiles and general landscaping equipment.

  • 2013, August SVI introduces new MPAL system for use on all side by side Globe to bring them into compliance with ANSI Standard. MPAL means Multi-Position Auto Lock and can be easily added to the lift so the locking mechanism is engaged throughout the entire stroke of the lift. The system automatically resets for operation each time the lift is fully lowered.

  • 2013, July SVI unveils new addition to its exhaust removal product line. SVI’s new EDCV Evac Extrac Systems have a broad market appeal and are ideal for use in all industries where hazardous exhaust, dust and chemical vapors need to be removed from the environment. EDCV Systems are available to HVAC contractors and welding supply companies as well as the SVI distribution network.

  • 2013, May SVI’s patented MPTR product is required by CSST (Occupational Health and Safety Commission) officials in Quebec, Canada for use on all existing single post in-ground lifts. Popular lifts makes of this style found in Canada include Ford Smith, Rotary and, Weaver. MPTR’s provide simple and easy to install compliance to meet current standard allowing for multiple locking positions throughout the stroke of the automotive lift.

  • 2013, May SVI expanded its East Coast warehouse by relocating to a new larger facility in Hanover, MD. This move allowed for an increase in inventory and products available to SVI’s customers in the Eastern United States. SVI’s Ready Ship warehouses are key to providing unmatched delivery speed and lowered freight costs reducing both downtime and overall cost across the board.

  • 2012

    2012, July SVI expanded its West Coast warehouse by relocating to a new larger facility in City of Industry, CA. This move allowed for an increase in inventory and products available to SVI’s customers in the Western United States. SVI’s Ready Ship warehouses are key to providing unmatched delivery speed and lowered freight costs reducing both downtime and providing overall cost across the board.

  • 2012, June SVI introduces “DUSL” a new modern design cylinder that incorporates components that can be used to make older Globe and Weaver lifts like new again. “DU” stands for dual upper and “SL” stands for single lower or “DUSL” and this system provides for rock solid performance of in-ground automotive lift systems.

  • 2012, January SVI introduces its exclusive ZLT™ Zero Leak Tolerance system for use on Rotary lifts that use a spring energized seal. The ZLT™ greatly benefit’s government fleet operator service facilities that employ the use of heavy duty automotive lifts. Stopping the leakage is essential to reducing oil consumption, protecting the environment and reduced spending of taxpayer dollars. Fresno Area Express in Fresno, California employed the use of ZLT™ systems and stopped the leaking dead in its tracks.

  • 2011

    2011, October SVI acquires the assets of the Miller and Smith Welding Company and folds the operation in under SVI’s subsidiary, Manitowoc Lifts and Manufacturing (MLM). With the addition of new personnel and equipment SVI management undertakes new initiative to grow the MLM business with new products for new markets.

  • 2010

    2010, November - SVI acquires the assets of Manitowoc Lifts on November 10, 2010 and creates a new SVI subsidiary called Manitowoc Lifts and Manufacturing (MLM). Manitowoc Lift is now an SVI Brand and SVI will continue to produce the product line and lift models to the same robust specifications.

  • 2009

    2009 SVI relocated to its current location in DeKalb, IL. The move provided a more suitable facility with over 10,000 amps of electric service for manufacturing. The 55,000 square foot building is on 7.25 acres allowing for plenty of future building expansion. Prior to SVI’s relocation the site was formerly used by General Mills, American Trailer and Caterpillar.

  • 2009, May SVI becomes the sole supplier of repair parts for Gasboy Consumer Series Pumps and quickly tools up on over one hundred different items. Gasboy Consumer Series Pumps are widely used by agricultural growers on bulk fuel tanks to transfer fuel to equipment. Gasboy repair parts are introduced as SVI’s William Douglas brand because good things should last.

  • 2009, May SVI receives US Patent No. 7,534,095 for the “Aqua Out” condensate scavenging system and method for in-ground automotive lifts.

  • 2007

    2007, May SVI receives US Patent No. 7,219,768 for its exclusive Multi-Position Top Release (MPTR) safety leg making SVI the only company to ever solve this need and allow pre-existing lifts to be brought into conformance and satisfy OSHA inspector requirements.

  • 2006

    2006 SVI Lift King brand Super Socket is introduced to help everyone who installs and inspects automotive lifts. The Super Socket keeps installers and inspectors off their knees; helps reduce fatigue and achieve higher and more consistent wedge anchor torque values on surface mount automotive lifts.

  • 2005

    2005, March "Aqua Out" is unveiled. "Aqua Out" is a revolutionary new patent pending lift product that protects owners of high pressure low volume cassette style lifts from unwanted moisture build up. The unwanted moisture may lead to potential rapid corrosion of the steel structure on these style lifts.

  • 2004

    2004, April SVI announces the development of a new safety leg for single post lifts. This patent pending product allows owners of single post lifts to add a multiple position locking safety with the turn of one bolt. This product provides full compliance to the current A.N.S.I. standard and satisfies the needs of O.S.H.A. inspectors.

  • 2003

    2003, August The doorJammer Pro hits the market with big fan fair and provides unparallel protection from door damage caused by the door hitting the lift column when exiting and entering the vehicle. Hertz car rental begins implementing use of The doorJammer Pro in its vehicle maintenance facilities.

  • 2003, May a new line of American Made stainless steel alignment turn plates is introduced for use in front wheel alignment applications.

  • 2002

    2002, December SVI acquires Globe Lift, one of the US's oldest and most well respected automotive and material handling lift companies. Globe Lift was once the World's largest manufacturer of automotive lifts and Globe Lifts are still found and sold all over the World.

  • 2002, July SVI relocates to a new 76,000 square foot facility on 5 acres in downtown Aurora, Illinois just less than one mile from where it all started back in 1977.

  • 2002, June SVI introduces a new "Rapid Fire Response" parts program for repair parts for Rotary Lifts. This program included newly tuned pricing and the fastest order turnaround time in the automotive lift industry.

  • 2001

    2001, February SVI invented the drop-in rack and pinion equalizer kit for use on Rotary DTO-28 lifts. This kit has been instrumental in prolonging the useful service lift of these once I-beam equalized lifts.

  • 2000

    2000, July SVI continued its expansion in its role as the lift industry's heavy duty lift supplier by offering replacement 12-5/8" cylinder assemblies for obsolete Rotary lifts.

  • 1999

    1999, August marked the 10 year anniversary of our "The Twin Post" newsletter, a lift industry publication.

  • 1999, June the SVI exclusive “Easy Slide Measuring Guide” was introduced to help field technicians take the guess work out of piston size identification.

  • 1999, January SVI formed a subsidiary company called Valley Precision Seal, which specializes in the design and distribution of rotary and reciprocating seals. Today, one of VPS's specialties is oil seals used in the auto racing industry. When you watch a race, chances are you are also watching our seals go around the track or down the strip.

  • 1998

    1998, April SVI acquired the assets of Ronflo Manufacturing, which resulted in many new capabilities including an expanded custom safety leg program.

  • 1997

    1997, August the SVI "Ready Ship" warehouse in New Jersey was moved to a new larger facility just outside of Baltimore. The announcement was known as "The Official Service Act" and provided one or two day UPS ground service to the Mid and N.E. Atlantic regions.

  • 1997, March SVI stunned the automotive lift industry by announcing the addition of over 1300 high quality popular repair parts for Rotary lifts.

  • 1996

    1996, October SVI announced that it had everything except the concrete for surface mount lifts and assumed the role as the number one supplier of repair parts for most makes and models of surface mount automotive lifts.

  • 1996, August SVI introduces a complete line of steel hydraulic line tubing and LENZ o-ring seal tube fittings for air and fluid delivery applications.

  • 1996, June SVI opened a second warehouse and production facility in Elburn, Illinois one block away from its headquarters and main facility. This new facility was used for safety leg and cylinder component production.

  • 1995

    1995, August a fourth "Ready Ship" warehouse was opened in Atlanta, Georgia to better serve the customers in the Southeastern United States. This warehouse was later closed due to traffic congestion in the Atlanta area.

  • 1994

    1994, October a third "Ready Ship" warehouse was opened in New Jersey to better serve SVI customers in the Eastern United States.

  • 1994, September SVI completed a warehouse expansion project that nearly doubled its inventory capacity and production areas.

  • 1994, April SVI announces the availability of the most safety related equipment in stock for the automotive lift industry.

  • 1994, February SVI became the largest single supplier of repair parts for Weaver automotive lifts. During the same year SVI started offering complete in-ground lifts and lift replacement sections. This product line greatly benefits heavy duty lift users such as transit authorities, municipalities, school bus garages and all other types of vehicle maintenance facilities. Today, we remain one of the preferred suppliers for real in-ground lifts that are built to last, easy to maintain and are of a robust design.

  • 1993

    1993 SVI introduces a variety of new safety related products such as automatic locking devices and safety legs to help automotive lift owners get their equipment up to OSHA standards.

  • 1992

    1992, November The Twin Post newsletter is sent out to inform distributors about a whole new line exhaust removal products available for automobile dealerships and independent automotive repair shops.

  • 1992 a 42 page Twin Post newsletter, the largest ever was published and appropriately titled EXPANDED ISSUE: Enough New Parts to Fill TwoTwin Posts.

  • 1992 as part of its business expansion plan and celebration over the success of the new California warehouse the company name was changed to SVI International, Inc.

  • 1991

    1991, August Searle Valley, Inc. opened its second "Ready Ship" warehouse located in the Los Angeles, California metropolitan area. The opening of this warehouse moved the product line closer to its customers in the Western United States and reduced downtime for automotive lift service companies and lift operators and owners.

  • 1990

    1990, December Searle Valley, Inc. (SVI) moved into its headquarters to a newly constructed facility in Elburn, Illinois, just twelve miles from our original location in Aurora, Illinois.

  • 1989

    1989 the official company newsletter called The Twin Post made its debut featuring a whole selection of new products.

  • 1989 the industrial hydraulic seal side of the VPS business was sold to the Eriks Corporation, a major international seal company headquartered in Holland and our name was subsequently changed to Searle Valley, Inc. As the business grew and we became a larger and larger part of the automotive lift industry, more space was required for our vast inventory.

  • 1988

    1988, November pending the sale of the industrial hydraulic seal portion of the VPS business, Doug Climenhaga was brought in to head up and expand the company's role in the automotive lift industry.

  • 1977

    1977 SVI got its start in a small facility on LaSalle Street in Aurora, Illinois. At that time the company was known as Valley Packing and Seal (VPS). VPS was founded as a supplier of all types of hydraulic seals including those for In-Ground Lifts. Our Founder's first major seal account was the Weaver Lift Company in Springfield, Illinois.