Parts For Snap-On Repair

Part #sort descending OEM OEM Ref. #1 OEM Ref. #2 Description
BH-7509-87 Snap-On 6-3367 Pump Handle Cover
BH-7509-88 Snap-On 6-3366 Pump Handle
BH-7589-50 Snap-On

Cable for EELR334A, EELR337A, EELR350A

BH-7589-51 Snap-On

Cable for EELR351A

BH-7589-52 Snap-On

Cable for EELR351A 14 Ft ext

BH-7589-53 Snap-On

Cable for EELR353A

BH-7589-54 Snap-On

Cable for EELR335A

BW-8400-00 Snap-On EAA0247G20 14024784 Nylon Mount / Demount Kit for Many Brands
BW-8400-00A-K Snap-On 20025000 Mount / Demount Head Mount Bracket and Screws for Many Brands Tire Changers
BW-8400-01 Snap-On EAA0247G15A Pack of 10 Plastic Inserts
BW-8400-02 Snap-On EAM0052G24 Tool
BW-8400-03 Snap-On EAA0247G20A Nylon Mount / Demount Head Only
BW-8400-04 Snap-On GS Boxer C4014897 Seal Kit for Bead Breaker
BW-8400-05 Snap-On FMC EAA0263G6

Quick Release Nut 6 bolt pattern