Parts For Fenner Repair

Part # OEM OEM Ref. #1sort descending OEM Ref. #2 Description
BH-7006-55 Fenner 4193-AA Up Switch
BH-7006-31 Fenner 4612-AA Protective Boot for Microswitch
BH-7006-47 Fenner 4043-AA Overhead Limit Switch Housing for Power Units
BH-7006-51 Fenner W-401-230 Raise Switch and Relay
BH-7007-40 Fenner K-168 Inlet Plumbing Kit
BH-7006-14 Fenner 2181-BA Coupling
BH-7006-91 Fenner 4548-AC Reservoir
BH-7007-39 Fenner 3729-AA Relief Valve Cap for Power Unit
BH-7006-15 Fenner K-100 Manual Release Assembly
BH-7006-16 Fenner VF-9021 Manual Release Valve for Power Unit
BH-7008-01 Fenner R1-6000-11 6.3 Gallon Metal Reservoir for Power Unit
BH-7004-43 Fenner 4477-AB 3 Phase Turnstyle Switch
BH-7006-18 Fenner RV-16 Relief Valve 2320 psi
BH-7005-10B Fenner 11072 Torsion Spring used on Challenger
BH-7006-25 Fenner K-40 Pump O-Ring Kit
BH-7005-21 Fenner 260185 Fill Plug / Breather for power unit
BH-7006-32 Fenner W-400-230 Cover & Switch Assembly for Fenner Power Unit
BH-7004-16 Fenner 1138-CA Reservoir Hanger
BH-7004-19 Fenner 1258-AA MicroSwitch (also used for OH limit)
BH-7004-44 Fenner W-435 Wiring Assembly
BH-7005-16 Fenner 2155-AA Release Cap & Stem
BH-7004-05 Fenner A-01 Lowering Handle, Cover & Screw Kit for Power Unit
BH-7004-42 Fenner W-138 3 phase Turnstyle switch
BH-7004-05A Fenner A-01-3 Handle
BH-7004-39 Fenner 3943-AC 5.5 Gallon Reservoir
BH-7004-05B Fenner 1144-CC Lower Handle Plastic Body
BH-7004-14 Fenner 1214-AA Filler / Breather
BH-7004-05C Fenner 1145-CC Lower Handle Plastic Cap
BH-7004-36 Fenner -- Small Microswitch - New style
BH-7004-05D Fenner A-01-4 Handle Ball
BH-7004-06 Fenner V-12 Lowering Valve Assembly
BH-7004-06K Fenner KV-12 V-12 Valve Stem Repair Kit
BH-7004-06OK Fenner O-Ring Kit for BH-7004-06
BH-7004-06M Fenner Valve O-Ring Kit for BH-7004-06
BH-7007-76 Fenner RV-19 Relief Valve 2755 psi
BH-7006-33 Fenner W-200-115 Push Button AB1588
BH-7006-21 Fenner KP2.5 Pump Assembly
BH-7004-37 Fenner RV-08

Relief Valve 1160 psi

BH-7008-01A Fenner

Reservoir Mount Repair Bracket

BH-7005-19 Fenner 1611AA


BH-7007-51 Fenner 1261-BA


BH-7004-02A Fenner N-02

Pump Manifold w/o Primer

BH-7004-38 Fenner 3915-AC

2.0 Gallon Plastic Tank

BH-7008-01C Fenner K-145

6.5 Gal. Reservoir Kit

BH-7005-20 Fenner 5141-AL


BH-7007-52 Fenner 1456-AA

Plumbing Plug

BH-7004-03 Fenner TD-16

3 Gal Vertical Reservoir

BH-7004-40 Fenner KP-10


BH-7008-02 Fenner 3945-AC

6.3 Gallon Plastic Reservoir

BH-7005-22 Fenner 4592-AC


BH-7004-04 Fenner TD-14

4 Gal Vertical Reservoir

BH-7004-41 Fenner RV-240

Relief Valve 3,480 psi

BH-7008-03 Fenner 3382-AA

Suction Tube Kit - 41" Tube

BH-7005-25 Fenner KG-11


BH-7004-07 Fenner RV-12

Relief Valve 1740 psi

BH-7008-04 Fenner VF-4037

Valve Cartridge w/manual override

BH-7006-91K Fenner

Plastic Reservoir Kit

BH-7004-08 Fenner 1142-BB


BH-7007-53 Fenner 1479-AA


BH-7006-92 Fenner 8026-AB

Breather Cap for BH-7006-91

BH-7004-09 Fenner 1160-BB

Filter Element

BH-7007-54 Fenner 1576-AA

Plumbing Plug

BH-7007-02 Fenner 1.0 Gallon

Power Unit 3/4hp, 1ph, 3450rpm

BH-7004-10 Fenner 1140-BA

Reservoir Gasket

BH-7007-55 Fenner 1629-AA


BH-7007-03 Fenner 3.5 Gallon

Power Unit 1hp, 1ph, 3450rpm 110V

BH-7004-11 Fenner P2.5D


BH-7007-56 Fenner 1820-AA

Electric Stakon Nut

BH-7007-04 Fenner 1.5 Gallon

Power Unit 1.5hp,

BH-7004-12 Fenner 1127-AB


BH-7007-57 Fenner 2141-AA


BH-7007-10 Fenner 2479-AC

1/2hp, 1ph, 3450rpm Motor

BH-7004-13 Fenner K-09

Vertical Suction Tube Kit

BH-7007-58 Fenner 2156-AA

Suction Cover Assy

BH-7006-34 Fenner W-200-230

Push Button AB1236

BH-7007-11 Fenner PS-0.8

Pump Kit

BH-7007-59 Fenner 2231-AA

Plumbing Clamp

BH-7006-38 Fenner 4763-AC


BH-7007-12 Fenner 1111-AA

Pump Mounting Bolt

BH-7005-26 Fenner K-106

Housing/Cam Man. Release kit

BH-7007-60 Fenner 2235-AC

Motor AC 1Ph 2Hp

BH-7006-40 Fenner 3899-AC

Plastic Reservoir for P709

BH-7007-13 Fenner K-108

Inlet Plumbing Kit

BH-7005-27 Fenner KG-13

Cord/Switch with 4 wires

BH-7007-60A Fenner 2883-AC

Motor AC 1Ph 3Hp

BH-7006-40K Fenner

Plastic Reservoir Kit

BH-7007-14 Fenner 2634-AA

Inlet Hose/Filter Assy.

BH-7006-09 Fenner KR-53

Auxillary Return Port Kit

BH-7007-62 Fenner 2534-BA


BH-7006-41 Fenner 3451-AC

Plastic Reservoir for P702

BH-7007-15 Fenner R1-6000-15


BH-7006-10 Fenner W-21

MicroSwitch Assembly

BH-7007-63 Fenner 2535-AA


BH-7006-42 Fenner RV-17

Relief Valve 2465 psi

BH-7006-43 Fenner U972038025SR

Metal Reservoir Kit

BH-7005-02 Fenner F6-0181-87

Headed Pin

BH-7007-16 Fenner T2-1006-12

Return Tube

BH-7006-11 Fenner 1277-AA

MicroSwitch Boot

BH-7007-64 Fenner 2565-AA

Bracket Handle Assy

BH-7007-65 Fenner 2883-AC

New Front Cover

BH-7006-44 Fenner 3503-AA

Inlet Hose Assembly P702

BH-7005-03 Fenner M8-5899-1B

Electric Motor

BH-7007-17 Fenner R1-6000-01

Steel Tank 3.5 Gallon

BH-7006-12 Fenner 2235-BC

2hp, 3450rpm, 1ph Motor

BH-7007-67 Fenner 3040-AA


BH-7006-45 Fenner T2-1006-17

Return Tube P702

BH-7005-04 Fenner S9-5000-14

Cam Shaft Assembly

BH-7007-34 Fenner 3381-AC


BH-7006-13 Fenner K-18

Motor Adapter Kit

BH-7007-68 Fenner 3157-AA

Label Installation Autohoist

BH-7006-46 Fenner W-52

Turnstile Switch

BH-7005-05 Fenner S9-5001-11

Relief Valve Cam Assembly

BH-7007-35 Fenner W-29

MicroSwitch Wiring Assembly

BH-7006-17 Fenner 2507-AA

Check Valve Cartridge

BH-7007-69 Fenner F3-1021-50

Socket Head Capscrew

BH-7006-48 Fenner RV-21

Release Valve

BH-7005-06 Fenner K2-1008-06

Electrical Cover Box

BH-7007-36 Fenner 4041-AA

MicroSwitch Boot

BH-7006-19 Fenner 1600-BA

Relief Valve Cap

BH-7004-17 Fenner 1094-AA

Shaft Seal

BH-7007-70 Fenner G4-1002-04

Packaging Plug

BH-7006-50 Fenner 3693-AC


BH-7005-07 Fenner G1-1010-12


BH-7007-37 Fenner

M6 X 1.0 X 35mm SHCS

BH-7006-20 Fenner G1-1073-48

Reservoir O-Ring

BH-7004-20 Fenner 2069-AA


BH-7007-71 Fenner H2-1013-03

Motor Adapter

BH-7006-52 Fenner RV-20

Relief Valve 2900 psi

BH-7005-08 Fenner G1-1010-14


BH-7007-38 Fenner

Hi Collar Lockwasher

BH-7006-22 Fenner 1112-AA

Pump Mounting Bolt

BH-7004-21 Fenner 1086-AA


BH-7007-73 Fenner PS-2.0

Pump Assembly

BH-7005-09 Fenner C1-1010-14


BH-7007-41 Fenner 3611-AA

Inlet Hose/Filter Assy

BH-7006-23 Fenner K-102

Inlet Plumping Kit

BH-7004-22 Fenner K-156

Auto Bleed Valve

BH-7007-74 Fenner Q4-1000-00

Caution Tag

BH-7006-54 Fenner RV-23

Relief Valve 3350 psi

BH-7005-10 Fenner C1-1003-02

Double Torsion Spring

BH-7007-42 Fenner T2-1006-83

Return Tube

BH-7006-24 Fenner 2569-AA

Inlet Hose/Filter Assy

BH-7004-23 Fenner KV

Suction Tube Kit - 41" Tube

BH-7007-75 Fenner R1-6000-20

3.5 Gallon Reservoir

BH-7006-60 Fenner RV-18

Relief Valve 2610 psi

BH-7005-10A Fenner C2-1002-00

Single Torsion Spring

BH-7007-43 Fenner 8060-CC

Breather Plastic

BH-7006-25U Fenner K-110

Pump O-Ring Kit universal

BH-7004-25 Fenner 1329-AA

Turnstile Switch for 1ph

BH-7007-77 Fenner CF180-900SR


BH-7005-11 Fenner G3-3002-00

Reservoir Gasket

BH-7007-44 Fenner 3346-AA

Reservoir Screw

BH-7006-26 Fenner T2-1006-27

Return Tube

BH-7004-26 Fenner 2069-AA

High Pressure Pump Seal

BH-7007-78 Fenner KP-16

Pump AB-1228

BH-7005-12 Fenner J3-1001-14


BH-7007-45 Fenner 1170-AA

9/16" SAE Plug

BH-7006-28 Fenner R1-6000-10

Reservoir 3.5 Gallon

BH-7004-27 Fenner 2161-BC

3ph Motor

BH-7004-31 Fenner 3899-AC

Plastic Rsvr will replace steel

BH-7007-79 Fenner KP-20

Pump AB-1130A

BH-7006-87 Fenner EF-1090


BH-7005-13 Fenner S9-6000-03

Act Mfg Bracket Assembly

BH-7007-46 Fenner 2890-AA

Plumbing Elbow

BH-7006-28P Fenner KR-54

Reservoir 3.5 Gallon-Plastic

BH-7004-32 Fenner E2-5002-00


BH-7007-80 Fenner RV-15

Relief Valve 2175 PSI

BH-7006-88 Fenner VF-4009

Valve Cart

BH-7005-14 Fenner S1-1009-00

Check Valve Spring & Ball

BH-7007-47 Fenner 816-217

Return Tube Fitting

BH-7006-28R Fenner KR-44

Reservoir 3.5 Gallon-Metal

BH-7004-33 Fenner 3350-AA

Air Release Valve

BH-7007-81 Fenner R1-6000-03


BH-7006-89 Fenner 3148-AB

Rubber Boot

BH-7005-15 Fenner W6-1006-00

Seal Ring

BH-7007-48 Fenner 816-218

Return Tube Sleeve

BH-7006-29 Fenner F2-1170-31

Reservoir Screw

BH-7004-34 Fenner PS1.6

Pump Assembly

BH-7006-90 Fenner 3078-AC

Switch Holder

BH-7005-17 Fenner 2286-AA

Check Cap Assembly

BH-7007-49 Fenner W-72

MicroSwitch Wiring Assembly

BH-7004-01 Fenner MA-11

2 hp, 1PH, 3450 RPM Motor

BH-7006-30A Fenner 4611-AA

Microswitch for BH-7006-30

BH-7004-35 Fenner RV-30

Relief Valve 4351 psi

BH-7005-18 Fenner RV-2

Relief Valve

BH-7007-50 Fenner 1205-AA

Seal Shaft 1/2" X 1" X 1/4"

BH-7004-02 Fenner N-18 (N-14)

Pump Manifold with Primer

BH-7004-18 Fenner 1118AA 1118-AA Coupling for Fenner Power Unit
BH-7006-15B Fenner 1266-AA 1266AA Handle Ball for Fenner / SPX Power Unit
BH-7006-27 Fenner 1683AB 1683-AB Breather / Filler Cap
BH-7004-45 Fenner 2002068 Capacitor for Fenner Power Unit on Auto Lifts
BH-7008-05 Fenner 2007848 Relay for Fenner Power Unit
BH-7006-30 Fenner 3000631 W-200-230 MicroSwitch Wiring Assembly
BH-7004-28 Fenner 4609AA 4609-AA Nut
BH-7004-29 Fenner 4610AA 4610-AA Button
BH-7006-93 Fenner 4846-AA Relay Switch 120VAC for Fenner Power Unit
BH-7005-24 Fenner 5141AC 5141-AC Black Reservoir (without cap) for Fenner Power Unit
BH-7005-23 Fenner 5279AC 5279-AC White Reservoir for Fenner Power Units
BH-7004-30 Fenner 8060CC 8060-CC Filler / Breather Cap for Plastic Reservoir
BH-7007-82 Fenner PS1.2 KP-12

Pump for tire changer power unit

BH-7004-25R Fenner Rotary W-35 Turnstile Switch for 3ph
BH-7006-86 Fenner Rotary

Mount Bracket Fenner/Rotary Italy

BH-7006-86K Fenner Rotary

Mounting Kit Fenner/Rotary Italy

BH-7006-53 Fenner SVI C

NGM Capacitor C103237300411