Parts For Challenger Repair

Part #sort descending OEM OEM Ref. #1 OEM Ref. #2 Description
BH-1724C Challenger VKL162

7-1/2" Packing Kit white wiper

BH-1724CS Challenger VKL162-S

7-1/2" Leak Sealer Packing Kit

BH-1725C Challenger VKL159

10-5/8" Packing Kit white wiper

BH-1725CS Challenger VKL159-S

10-5/8" Leak Sealer Packing Kit

BH-7225-01 Challenger 31057 200086 Rubber Arm Pad (Hexagon) for use on Challenger Lifts
BH-7225-01-4 Challenger 11052 Rubber Arm Pad Kit
BH-7225-01K Challenger

Pad Kit (4) - Heavy Duty Style

BH-7225-01KL Challenger

Pad Kit (4) - WITH Long Bolts

BH-7225-02 Challenger

6" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7225-03 Challenger 31133 200100

Adapter 3-1/2" w/rubber pad

BH-7225-03-DP Challenger

Adapter 4" x 4" Diamond Plate Top

BH-7225-04 Challenger 10062 200083

8" Height Extension Screw Hex

BH-7225-05 Challenger

9" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7225-06 Challenger 11062 200012 Cylinder Seal Kit for Massey Ferguson, Pacoma found on Challenger Lifts
BH-7225-07 Challenger 26003

Drive Over Plate and Trough

BH-7225-07A Challenger 26003P 200018

Drive Over Plate-only

BH-7225-08 Challenger 26003T 200019

Drive Over Trough-only

BH-7225-09 Challenger 26008 200021 Eq. Chain Sprocket
BH-7225-10 Challenger 31265 200001

Hydraulic Cylinder

BH-7225-10B Challenger

Seal Kit for Best Mfg Cylinder

BH-7225-10C Challenger

Seal Kit for Waltco Cyl 21480

BH-7225-10D Challenger

Seal Kit for Waltco Cyl 21614

BH-7225-10E Challenger Seal Kit for Columbus Cyl
BH-7225-10U Challenger

Seal Kit for Waltco Universal

BH-7225-11 Challenger 11066 310008

Equalizer Cable Assy 32'-10" 31,000

BH-7225-11A Challenger

Equalizer Cable Assy 34'-4" 31,000

BH-7225-11B Challenger

Equalizer Cable Assy 32'-8" 32,000

BH-7225-12L Challenger 330005

Equalizer Cable Long 33000

BH-7225-12S Challenger 330019

Equalizer Cable Short 33000

BH-7225-13 Challenger 310007

Equalizer Cable Assembly

BH-7225-14 Challenger 31056 200026

Rubber Door Guards (6)

BH-7225-15 Challenger 31134 200033

Arm Pin 1-1/2" x 6"

BH-7225-15A Challenger

Arm Pin - Call W/Size

BH-7225-15B Challenger

Arm Pin - Call W/Size

BH-7225-15C Challenger

Arm Pin - Call W/Size

BH-7225-16 Challenger 31021

Snap Ring

BH-7225-17 Challenger 31084 200040

Lock Latch Assembly

BH-7225-18 Challenger 26054 200044

Adj Stud for Eq Chain

BH-7225-19 Challenger 200047

Hydraulic CylinderClamp

BH-7225-20 Challenger 38045 200048

Standard Arm 7000lb

BH-7225-21 Challenger 37061 200050

Arm Assy 7000lb Rear

BH-7225-22 Challenger 37060 200051

Arm Assy 7000lb Front Right

BH-7225-22L Challenger 37059 200052

Arm Assy 7000lb Front Left

BH-7225-23 Challenger 31023 200013 Slider UHMW w/ Metal Insert
BH-7225-23OS Challenger 11036 Oversize Slider Block 1/8"
BH-7225-24 Challenger 200056

Carriage Assembly

BH-7225-25 Challenger 200059

Std Arm Set w/Pads 7000

BH-7225-26 Challenger 37043 200060

Arm Assy Set w/Pads 7000

BH-7225-27 Challenger 11075 200067

Cyl Seal Kit-Marion

BH-7225-27W Challenger 200244

Ret. Wire Marion Seal Kit

BH-7225-28 Challenger 200105

Arm Pin Extension

BH-7225-29 Challenger 200111

Carriage-weldment only

BH-7225-30 Challenger 31078 200134

Grommets for Carriage

BH-7225-31 Challenger 200150

Lock Latch weldment w/pin

BH-7225-32 Challenger 31262 200154

Lock Latch Release Bar

BH-7225-33 Challenger 200274

Pulley Mount SPLR

BH-7225-34 Challenger 200275

Handle Weldment SPLR

BH-7225-35 Challenger 200276

Coupling Modified SPLR

BH-7225-36 Challenger 200277

Carriage Pivot SPLR

BH-7225-37 Challenger 200278

Carriage Pivot Weld SPLR

BH-7225-38 Challenger 36029 200279

Lock Release Cable SPLR

BH-7225-39 Challenger 200280

Latch Arm Weldment SPLR

BH-7225-40 Challenger 200281

Cable Pulley Spacer SPLR

BH-7225-41 Challenger 200282

Pulley Handle Spacer

BH-7225-42 Challenger 200283

Handle Pulley SPLR

BH-7225-43 Challenger 200284

Cable Pulley SPLR

BH-7225-44 Challenger 36028 200285

Handle Assembly SPLR

BH-7225-45 Challenger 200286

Bushing Keeper SPLR

BH-7225-46 Challenger 200287

Nice Bearing Assy SPLR

BH-7225-47 Challenger 200288

Bronze Bushing SPLR

BH-7225-48 Challenger 200289

Spring 1/2" X 5 SPLR

BH-7225-49 Challenger 200292

Rubber Handle SPLR

BH-7225-50 Challenger 36060 200293

Pivot Rod SPLR

BH-7225-51 Challenger 200294

Cable Shaft Weldment SPLR

BH-7225-52 Challenger 200295

Drive Over Pully Assy SPLR

BH-7225-53 Challenger 200296

Drive Over Pulley Weld

BH-7225-54 Challenger 200298

Cable 1/16 dia 40' SPLR

BH-7225-55 Challenger 200308

Arm Restraint Assy Manual

BH-7225-56 Challenger 200316

Housing Weldment Arm Res.

BH-7225-57 Challenger 200331

Roller for Equalizer Chain

BH-7225-58 Challenger 200338

Cylinder Seal Kit - Seitz

BH-7225-58A Challenger

Cyl Seal Kit - Seitz piston ring

BH-7225-59 Challenger 11013 200340 Cylinder Seal Kit - Holmac
BH-7225-59A Challenger 11019

Cylinder Seal Kit-Holmac 72"

BH-7225-60 Challenger 11012 200341

Cylinder Seal Kit - Arlington

BH-7225-61 Challenger 210001

Carriage Weldment only

BH-7225-62 Challenger 210002

Carriage Assembly

BH-7225-63 Challenger 210003

Overhead Channel Assy

BH-7225-64 Challenger 210004

Gusset for Overhead

BH-7225-66 Challenger 210021

Rubber Grommet Top

BH-7225-68 Challenger 31129 210024

Cushion 1/2 shut off bar

BH-7225-69 Challenger 210026

Overhead Channel weld/only

BH-7225-70 Challenger 210031

Overhead Wire 5'

BH-7225-71 Challenger 210041

Spacer-Overhead Microswitch

BH-7225-72 Challenger 31064 210042

Shutoff Bar w/ cushion Square

BH-7225-73 Challenger 31166 210043

Limit Switch Overhead Square

BH-7225-74 Challenger 31164 210044

Limit Switch Bracket

BH-7225-75 Challenger 31063 210045

Pivot Bracket

BH-7225-76 Challenger 31129 210046

Cushion 1/2 shut off bar

BH-7225-77 Challenger 210051

Overhead Limit Bracket

BH-7225-78 Challenger 210050

Hydraulic Line Kit

BH-7225-79 Challenger 210052

Limit Switch & Brkt Assy

BH-7225-80 Challenger 210056

Pulley Plate Assy

BH-7225-81 Challenger 210057

Pulley Plate Weldment

BH-7225-82 Challenger 210058

Overhead Pulley Assembly

BH-7225-83 Challenger 210059

Overhead Pulley Weldment

BH-7225-84 Challenger 210060

Pivot Rod Element

BH-7225-85 Challenger 210061

SPLR Pulley Change Kit

BH-7225-86 Challenger 210062

Limit Switch Assy

BH-7225-87 Challenger 210063

Cable 1/16 X 26'

BH-7225-88 Challenger 210064

7/16 Rod Change Kit

BH-7225-89 Challenger 210065

Mounting Plate-wire tie

BH-7225-90 Challenger 260002

Carriage Weldment Only

BH-7225-91 Challenger 260003

Carriage Assembly

BH-7225-92 Challenger 31093 260016

Pin-Drive Chain Roller

BH-7225-93 Challenger 260019

Std Arm Set w/Pads 9000

BH-7225-94 Challenger 260020

Arm Assy Set w/Pads 9000

BH-7225-95 Challenger 260021

Standard Arm Only 9000lb

BH-7225-96 Challenger 39036 260022

Arm Assy Only LF 9000

BH-7225-97 Challenger 39037 260023

Arm Assy Only RF 9000

BH-7225-98 Challenger 39038 260024

Arm Assy Only Rear 9000

BH-7225-99 Challenger 260025

Std Arm Set w/Pads 9000

BH-7226-00 Challenger 260026

Arm Assy Set w/Pads 9000

BH-7226-01 Challenger 200039 Safety Latch Release Handle Kit
BH-7226-01-1 Challenger 31151

Steel Saftey Latch End

BH-7226-01-2 Challenger 31150 Yellow Coated Safety Latch Cable
BH-7226-01A Challenger 190004

Latch Release Cable 62"

BH-7226-02 Challenger 260027

Lock Latch Weldment w/pin

BH-7226-03 Challenger 31084 260028

Lock Latch Assembly

BH-7226-04 Challenger 270001

Carriage Weldment Only

BH-7226-05 Challenger 270002

Carriage Assembly

BH-7226-06 Challenger 270003

Overhead Channel Weldment

BH-7226-07 Challenger 27016 270004

Overhead Channel Assy

BH-7226-08 Challenger 280001

Carriage Weldment Only

BH-7226-09 Challenger 280003

Carriage Assembly

BH-7226-10 Challenger 11037 200240

Cylinder Seal Kit - Bruning

BH-7226-11 Challenger 200010

Cylinder Seal Kit - Lantex

BH-7226-12 Challenger 280019

Equalizer Cable Assembly

BH-7226-13 Challenger 31019 280020

Pulley for Equalizer Cable

BH-7226-14 Challenger 280030

Cable Shaft Weldment

BH-7226-15 Challenger 280031

Pulley Plate Assembly

BH-7226-16 Challenger 280032

Pulley Weldment

BH-7226-17 Challenger 280033

Double Latch Angle

BH-7226-18 Challenger 300001

Carriage Weldment Only

BH-7226-19 Challenger 300002

Carriage Assembly

BH-7226-20 Challenger 300007

Equalizer Cable 26' 8.5"

BH-7226-21 Challenger 30024 300009

Equalizer Cable 30,000 eye/stud 26' 9"

BH-7226-22 Challenger 31019 300012

Pulley for Equalizer Cable

BH-7226-23 Challenger 310001

Carriage Weldment Only

BH-7226-24 Challenger 310002

Carriage Assembly

BH-7226-25 Challenger 31052 Arm Restraint Kit Auto with hardware
BH-7226-26 Challenger 31059 310009 Overhead Channel Assembly for Challenger Lifts 31000
BH-7226-27 Challenger 310010

Overhead Channel Weldment

BH-7226-28 Challenger 26011 200028

Top Cap

BH-7226-29 Challenger 26061 200042

Roller Chain 80 Pitches

BH-7226-29A Challenger 26060

Roller Chain 28 Pitches

BH-7226-29B Challenger 26062

Roller Chain 201 Pitches

BH-7226-29C Challenger 27025

Roller Chain 110 Pitches

BH-7226-29D Challenger 27023

Eq Chain Assembly 110 Pitches

BH-7226-29E Challenger 27024

Eq Chain w/connect link 110P

BH-7226-29F Challenger 27102

Eq Chain w/connect link 24P

BH-7226-29G Challenger 27103

Eq Chain w/connect link 48P

BH-7226-29H Challenger 27124

Eq Chain Assembly 261 Pitches

BH-7226-30 Challenger 310011

Pulley Axle

BH-7226-31 Challenger 330001

Carriage Weldment Only

BH-7226-32 Challenger 330002

Carriage Assembly

BH-7226-33 Challenger 330003

Arm Front Excel 7000

BH-7226-34 Challenger 330004

Arm Set w/Pads Excel 7000

BH-7226-35 Challenger 330009

Arm Rear Excel 7000

BH-7226-36 Challenger 330026

Swivel Arm Pin Excel

BH-7226-36L Challenger

Swivel Arm Pin 7-1/2" long

BH-7226-37 Challenger 330029

Front Arm Recessed Nut

BH-7226-38 Challenger 330030

Rear Arm Recessed Nut

BH-7226-39 Challenger 330031

Arm Set Recessed Nut

BH-7226-40 Challenger 330022

Overhead Channel Assy

BH-7226-41 Challenger 330015

Overhead Channel Weldment

BH-7226-42 Challenger 330036

Rubber Grommet 1-1/4" dia

BH-7226-43 Challenger 330037

End Cap Overhead Drive

BH-7226-44 Challenger 330038

End Cap Overhead Slave

BH-7226-45 Challenger 330039

Cover - Pulley Access

BH-7226-46 Challenger 350006

Carriage Weldment Only

BH-7226-47 Challenger 350007

Carriage Assembly

BH-7226-48 Challenger 350013

Cable Set 3422

BH-7226-49 Challenger 350014

Equalizer Cable 33'

BH-7226-50 Challenger 350015

Equalizer Cable 31' 10"

BH-7226-51 Challenger 350020

Overhead Channel Weldment

BH-7226-52 Challenger 350021

Overhead Channel Assy

BH-7226-53 Challenger 360001

Hyd Cylinder 72" custom

BH-7226-54 Challenger 360003

Cyl Seal Kit - Custom

BH-7226-55 Challenger 360002

Hyd Cylinder 72" holmac 2" bore

BH-7226-56 Challenger 11019 360004

Cyl Seal Kit - Holmac

BH-7226-57 Challenger 1665 Auto Release Arm Restraint Kit - Set of 4
BH-7226-58 Challenger 1655

Arm Restraint Outer Sleeve

BH-7226-59 Challenger 1659

Spring for Auto Arm Restraint

BH-7226-60 Challenger 11038

Seal Kit for Lantex Cylinder

BH-7226-61 Challenger 11035 200006

Master Link

BH-7226-62 Challenger 11014

Seal Kit for Pacoma

BH-7226-63 Challenger 36011

Slider Block used prior to 8/5/96

BH-7226-64 Challenger 11077

Slider Block-Oversized - Green

BH-7226-65 Challenger 27126

Arm Restraint

BH-7226-66 Challenger 31083


BH-7226-67 Challenger 38090

Set of 4 Standard Arms w/ Pins

BH-7226-68 Challenger 38029

Top Cap for Column

BH-7226-69 Challenger 39017

Female Arm Outer-Rear Asy

BH-7226-69A Challenger 39018

Arm Inner Rear Male 9000lb.

BH-7226-69B Challenger 39019 Arm Inner Front 9000lb.
BH-7226-69C Challenger 39074

Arm Inner Rear Male 9000lb.

BH-7226-70 Challenger 36034

Overhead Cross Beam

BH-7226-71 Challenger 1555

Arm Restraint Link

BH-7226-71A Challenger

Arm Restraint Link 7"

BH-7226-72 Challenger 32026

Air Cylinder

BH-7226-73 Challenger 30053

Arm Assy 7000lb Non-Asymetric

BH-7226-74 Challenger 30020

Shoulder Bolt 5/8 x 1-1/2

BH-7226-75 Challenger 30026

Relief Valve 2250 PSI Barnes 30/35

BH-7226-76 Challenger 30029

Felief Valve Fenner for models 30/35

BH-7226-77 Challenger 30032

Carriage Weldment Only

BH-7226-78 Challenger 30178

Snap Bushing

BH-7226-79 Challenger 31004

Overhead Assembly

BH-7226-80 Challenger 31020


BH-7226-81 Challenger 31025

Hydraulic Line Clamp

BH-7226-82 Challenger 31031

Cylinder Crossover line

BH-7226-83 Challenger 31032

Union Tee Parker 6-JBU-S

BH-7226-84 Challenger 31058 200004

Anchor Bolt 3/4 x 5-1/2"

BH-7226-85 Challenger 31077


BH-7226-86 Challenger 31094

Cylinder Rod End Weldment

BH-7226-87 Challenger 31121

Limit Switch Assembly

BH-7226-88 Challenger 31167

Limit Switch Cord

BH-7226-89 Challenger 31239

Equalizer Cable model 31,000 2' ext

BH-7226-90 Challenger 31240

Equalizer Cable model 31,000 1' ext

BH-7226-91 Challenger 31247

Relief Valve 2450 PSI Barnes

BH-7226-92 Challenger 31266

Adjustable Cartridge Valve

BH-7226-93 Challenger 31294

Relief Valve Fenner model 31,000

BH-7226-94 Challenger 36006

Equalizer Cable w/nut

BH-7226-95 Challenger 36021

SPLR Hardware Packet

BH-7226-96 Challenger 36024

Sheave Pin

BH-7226-97 Challenger 36026

Switch Tube

BH-7226-98 Challenger 36030

SPLR Latch

BH-7226-99 Challenger 36035

Overhead Shutoff Bar Assembly

BH-7227-00 Challenger 36056

Hexhead Capscrew

BH-7227-01 Challenger 200068

Torsion Spring

BH-7227-02 Challenger 31033 260005

Cylinder Rod End Assy

BH-7227-03 Challenger 36075

Rear Inner Arm Weldment

BH-7227-04 Challenger 36076

Front Inner Arm Weldment

BH-7227-05 Challenger 36086

Long Spacer

BH-7227-06 Challenger 36096

Plastic Knob 1-3/16"

BH-7227-07 Challenger 36111

SPLR Cable 26'

BH-7227-08 Challenger 36112

SPLR Cable 28'

BH-7227-09 Challenger 36117

Relief Valve 1750 PSI Barnes

BH-7227-10 Challenger 36119

Power Column 36,000

BH-7227-11 Challenger 36120

Idler Column 36,000

BH-7227-12 Challenger 36121

Sheave Bracket

BH-7227-13 Challenger 36125

Relief Valve Fenner model 36/37

BH-7227-14 Challenger 36126

Equalizer Cable 36,000 w/1" ext.

BH-7227-15 Challenger 36138

Carriage Weldment Only

BH-7227-16 Challenger 36145

Arm Kit Complete 7000lb. Asymm

BH-7227-17 Challenger 36146

Rear Arm Assembly 7000lb.

BH-7227-18 Challenger 36147

Front Arm Assy RH 7000lb.

BH-7227-19 Challenger 36148

Front Arm Assy LH 7000lb.

BH-7227-19A Challenger 36152

Arm Inner 7000lb.

BH-7227-20 Challenger

3" Slip-On Height Extension LDM

BH-7227-21 Challenger

6" Slip-On Height Extension LDM

BH-7227-22 Challenger

9" Slip-On Height Extension LDM

BH-7227-23 Challenger

3" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7227-24 Challenger

4" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7227-25 Challenger

5" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7227-26 Challenger

7" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7227-27 Challenger

8" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7227-28 Challenger

10" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7227-29 Challenger

11" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7227-30 Challenger

12" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7227-31 Challenger

3" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7227-32 Challenger

4" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7227-33 Challenger

5" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7227-34 Challenger

6" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7227-35 Challenger

7" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7227-36 Challenger

8" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7227-37 Challenger 9" Slip-On Height Extension HDR
BH-7227-38 Challenger

10" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7227-39 Challenger

11" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7227-40 Challenger

12" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7227-41 Challenger 10061 200084

10" Height Extension Screw Hex

BH-7227-42 Challenger 200085

12" Height Extension Screw Hex

BH-7227-43 Challenger 200107

Idler Side Column Complete

BH-7227-44 Challenger 200124

Power Side Column Complete

BH-7227-45 Challenger 36051

90° Swivel Elbow

BH-7227-46 Challenger 31089 200007

90° Elbow Tube to Tube

BH-7227-47 Challenger

4"-6" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDR

BH-7227-48 Challenger

6"-9.5" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDR

BH-7227-49 Challenger

4"-6" Slip-On Adj Height Extension ALDH

BH-7227-50 Challenger

6"-9.5" Slip-On Adj Height Extension ALDH

BH-7227-51 Challenger

Dodge Ram Adapter (Set of Four)

BH-7227-52 Challenger 31265

Holmac Cylinder-Short Stroke

BH-7227-53 Challenger 37010

Spade Bolt

BH-7227-54 Challenger 37065

Lock Pawl

BH-7227-55 Challenger 37034

SPLR Cover (bolt on)

BH-7227-56 Challenger 37044

Arm Inner Rear 7000lb.

BH-7227-57 Challenger 37046

Arm Assembly Front Left 7000lb.

BH-7227-58 Challenger 37047

Arm Inner Front 7000lb.

BH-7227-59 Challenger 37049

Arm Assembly Front Right 7000lb.

BH-7227-60 Challenger 37050

Arm Assembly Rear 7000lb.

BH-7227-61 Challenger 37051

SPLR Hardware Packet

BH-7227-62 Challenger 37057

Air Line for 1' Extension 27' x 1/8

BH-7227-63 Challenger 37058

Air Line for 2' Extension 29' x 1/8

BH-7227-64 Challenger 37086

Carriage Weldment Only 37

BH-7227-65 Challenger 37115

Air Lock Release Kit

BH-7227-66 Challenger 37095

Mech Lock Release Spring

BH-7227-67 Challenger 37097

Mech Lock Release Cable Stop

BH-7227-68 Challenger 37098

Mech Lock ReleaseTee Handle

BH-7227-69 Challenger 37101

Mech Lock Release Terminal Blk

BH-7227-70 Challenger 37102

Mech Lock Release Cable End Cap

BH-7227-71 Challenger 37105

Mech Lock Release Tee Handle

BH-7227-72 Challenger 37125

Mech Lock Release Cable

BH-7227-72A Challenger 37125-2

Mech Lock Release Cable

BH-7227-72B Challenger 37125-1

Mech Lock Release Cable

BH-7227-73 Challenger 38085

Arm Assembly 9000lb.

BH-7227-74 Challenger 38086

Arm Outer 9000lb.

BH-7227-75 Challenger 38087

Arm Inner 9000lb.

BH-7227-76 Challenger 38091

Arm 9000lb. w/o pad and pin

BH-7227-77 Challenger 39036

Arm Assembly LF 9000lb.

BH-7227-78 Challenger 39037

Arm Assembly RF 9000lb.

BH-7227-79 Challenger 39053

Carriage 3" Lock Intervals 39,000

BH-7227-80 Challenger 39071

Arm Assembly Rear 9000lb.

BH-7227-81 Challenger 39082

Arm Assembly RF 9000lb.

BH-7227-82 Challenger 39083

Arm Assembly LF 9000lb.

BH-7227-83 Challenger 70003

Overhead Assy up to s/n 700707

BH-7227-84 Challenger 70013

Carriage Weldment 70& 71

BH-7227-85 Challenger 70029

Overhead Weld up to s/n 700707

BH-7227-86 Challenger 70030

Overhead Shaft 70& 71

BH-7227-87 Challenger 70031

Overhead Support Power Side

BH-7227-88 Challenger 70032

Overhead Support Idle Side

BH-7227-89 Challenger 70053

Shutoff Bar up to s/n 700707

BH-7227-90 Challenger 70062

Arm Pin models 70 & 71

BH-7227-91 Challenger 70080

Arm Restraint Assy 70 & 71

BH-7227-92 Challenger 70093

Cable 33' 3" after s/n 700707

BH-7227-93 Challenger 70095

Overhead Weld after s/n 700707

BH-7227-94 Challenger 70096

Shutoff Bar after s/n 700707

BH-7227-95 Challenger 71006

Overhead Weldment model 71

BH-7227-96 Challenger 71007

Arm Kit 70 After s/n 700707 & 71

BH-7227-97 Challenger 71008

Arm Front 9000lb. screw pad

BH-7227-97A Challenger 71009

Arm Rear 9000lb. screw pad

BH-7227-97B Challenger 71010

Arm Inner Front 9000lb.

BH-7227-97C Challenger 71011

Arm Inner Rear 9000lb.

BH-7227-97D Challenger 71014

Shut Off Bar Assy 71,000

BH-7227-97E Challenger 71015

Shut Off Bar 71,000

BH-7227-97F Challenger 71020

Cable 32' 3" 71,000

BH-7227-98 Challenger 71028

Arm Outer Front 9000lb.

BH-7227-99 Challenger 71031

Arm Outer Rear 9000lb.

BH-7228-01 Challenger 26017

Hyd Line - Drive Over

BH-7228-02 Challenger 200027

Hyd Line - Barnes to 90 L

BH-7228-03 Challenger 200038

Hyd Line - Cyl to Column

BH-7228-04 Challenger 200049

Hyd Line - Webster to Column

BH-7228-05 Challenger 200073

Hyd Tube - Tee to Overhead

BH-7228-06 Challenger 200078

Hyd Line - Powerunit to L

BH-7228-07 Challenger 26027 200095

Hyd Line - Cyl to Drive Over

BH-7228-08 Challenger 200097

Hyd Line - Webster to 90 L

BH-7228-09 Challenger 200109

Hyd Line - Barnes to 90 L

BH-7228-10 Challenger 200241

Hyd Line - Powerunit to Column

BH-7228-11 Challenger 200250

Hyd Line - Kit

BH-7228-12 Challenger 210007

Hyd Line - Overhead

BH-7228-13 Challenger 210008

Hyd Line - Webster to Tee

BH-7228-14 Challenger 210010

Hyd Line - Barnes to Tee

BH-7228-15 Challenger 210013

Hyd Line - Overhead to Idle Col

BH-7228-16 Challenger 210014

Hyd Line - Tee to Ovrhd PwrSide

BH-7228-17 Challenger 210015

Hyd Line - Webster Powerunit

BH-7228-18 Challenger 210022

Hyd Line - Extension

BH-7228-19 Challenger 210037

Hyd Line - Webster to Tee

BH-7228-20 Challenger 260001


BH-7228-21 Challenger 260006

Hyd Line - Barnes to 90 L

BH-7228-22 Challenger 260007

Hyd Line - Webster to 90 L

BH-7228-23 Challenger 260029

Hyd Line - Webster to 90 L

BH-7228-24 Challenger 260031

Hyd Line Power Unit to Restrictor

BH-7228-25 Challenger 260033

Hyd Line - Kit

BH-7228-26 Challenger 270010

Hyd Line - Barnes to Connector

BH-7228-27 Challenger 270011

Hyd Line - Webster to Tee s/p

BH-7228-28 Challenger 270013

Hyd Line - Webster to Tee w/rest

BH-7228-29 Challenger 270017

Hyd Line - Kit

BH-7228-30 Challenger 280002

Hyd Line - Overhead

BH-7228-31 Challenger 280016

Hyd Line - Tee to Overhead ds

BH-7228-32 Challenger 280017

Hyd Line - Ovrhd to Idle Col

BH-7228-33 Challenger 280026

Hyd Line - Kit

BH-7228-34 Challenger 330011

Hyd Line - Overhead

BH-7228-35 Challenger 330012

Hyd Line - Cyl to Tee

BH-7228-36 Challenger 330013

Hyd Line - Tee to Col Top ds

BH-7228-37 Challenger 330014

Hyd Line - Top Col to Ovrhd

BH-7228-38 Challenger 330016

Hyd Line - Barnes to Tee

BH-7228-39 Challenger 330017

Hyd Line - Webster to Tee

BH-7228-40 Challenger 330035

Hyd Line - Webster to Tee

BH-7228-41 Challenger 330034

Hyd Line - Clamp

BH-7228-42 Challenger 330041

Hyd Line - Kit

BH-7228-43 Challenger 39003

Asy Arm Kit w/ Adapter & Pads

BH-7228-44 Challenger 11182 1555

8" Arm Restraint Link

BH-7228-44-1 Challenger

8" Arm Restraint Kit (one arm)

BH-7228-44-4 Challenger 1 lift

8" Arm Restraint Kit (four arms)

BH-7228-45 Challenger 31116

Connector for Power Unit

BH-7228-46 Challenger 38044

Union Elbow 3/8

BH-7228-47 Challenger 200058

Hydraulic O-Ring Plug

BH-7228-48 Challenger 31021 200011

Snap Ring

BH-7228-49 Challenger 210017

Complete Idler Side Column

BH-7228-50 Challenger 200075

Power Unit Conversion Kit

BH-7228-51 Challenger 31020 210029

Flat Washer for Overhead

BH-7228-52 Challenger 31038 210028

Nut For Overhead

BH-7228-53 Challenger 31035 210027

Bolt For Overhead

BH-7228-54 Challenger 210019

Complete Power Side Column

BH-7228-55 Challenger 210047

Plastic Base Plug

BH-7228-56 Challenger 36048 200008

9/16 O-Ring Union

BH-7228-58 Challenger 31089 200025

90° Swivel Elbow

BH-7228-59 Challenger 260009

Complete Idler Side Column

BH-7228-60 Challenger 260012

Complete Power Side Column

BH-7228-61 Challenger 26017 200009

Hydraulic Line Driveover

BH-7228-62 Challenger 31128

Shut Off Bar

BH-7228-63 Challenger 31165

Capture Plate - Limit Switch

BH-7228-64 Challenger 31060

Strain Relief

BH-7228-65 Challenger 31298

Hydraulic Line Power Unit (Fenner)

BH-7228-66 Challenger 31065

Hydraulic Line Power Unit (Barnes)

BH-7228-67 Challenger 21087

Hydraulic Cylinder Short Stroke Arlington

BH-7228-68 Challenger 31088

9/16 SAE Plug

BH-7228-69 Challenger 27010

Crossover Line 144"

BH-7228-70 Challenger 180006

Drive Nut

BH-7228-71 Challenger 180007

Safety Nut

BH-7228-72 Challenger 36115

Hydraulic Cylinder 39,000

BH-7228-73 Challenger 37016

Lock Release Air Valve Switch

BH-7228-74 Challenger 36155

Arm Kit Complete 7000lb. (4)

BH-7228-74A Challenger 36157

Arm Assembly 7000lb.

BH-7228-75 Challenger 36108

Equalizer Cable 38' for 2' ext 39,000

BH-7228-75A Challenger 36107

Equalizer Cable 36'

BH-7228-76 Challenger 39076 Arm Outer LF 9000 & 7000 lb.
BH-7228-76A Challenger 39077 Arm Outer RF 9000 & 7000lb.
BH-7228-77 Challenger 37032

Union Tee 1/8 Tube

BH-7228-78 Challenger 37019


BH-7228-78V Challenger 37018

Button Valve

BH-7228-79 Challenger 11109

Backspace Slide Block

BH-7228-80 Challenger 11117

Arm Restraint Link Weld 12/15K

BH-7228-81 Challenger 11120

Cross Rail Chain 25K 4-Post

BH-7228-82 Challenger 11121

Chain Block 25K 4-Post

BH-7228-83 Challenger 11127

Main Beam Roller Assy

BH-7228-84 Challenger 11130

Cross Rail Chain 30K 4-Post

BH-7228-85 Challenger 11149

Overhead Limit Switch 12K

BH-7228-86 Challenger 11150

Overhead Limit Switch 15K

BH-7228-87 Challenger 11153

Hydraulic Cylinder 12K

BH-7228-88 Challenger 11154

Cylinder Seal Kit 12K

BH-7228-89 Challenger 11155

Hydraulic Cylinder 15K

BH-7228-90 Challenger 11156

Cylinder Seal Kit 15K 2-Post

BH-7228-91 Challenger 11168

Starter Switch 25K 4-Post

BH-7228-92 Challenger 11176

Adapter 12 & 15K 2-Post

BH-7228-93 Challenger 26009

Carriage Assembly

BH-7228-94 Challenger 26024

Carriage Weldment

BH-7228-95 Challenger 26049

Drive Over Plate Weldment

BH-7228-96 Challenger 26015

Drive Over Channel Weldment

BH-7228-97 Challenger 27007

Carriage Weldment

BH-7228-98 Challenger 27015

Overhead Assembly

BH-7228-99 Challenger 11018

Cylinder Seal Kit-Arlington

BH-7229-01 Challenger 36029

Cable-Latch Release (36000)

BH-7229-02 Challenger 31093 200030

Lift Chain Roller Pin

BH-7229-03 Challenger 30022 200031

Lift Chain Roller 1" 7000 lb.

BH-7229-04 Challenger 31033 200032 Cylinder Rod End Yoke Assembly
BH-7229-04A Challenger

Lift Chain Roller 1-1/5" 9 & 10K mdls.

BH-7229-04B Challenger

Chain Roller Shaft

BH-7229-04C Challenger

Yoke only of BH-7229-04

BH-7229-04D Challenger

Washer Spacer for BH-7229-04

BH-7229-04E Challenger

Shaft Retaining Ring

BH-7229-05 Challenger 200043

Equalizing Chain Upper 201 pitches

BH-7229-06 Challenger 26046 200045

Equalizing Chain Lower 28 pitches

BH-7229-07 Challenger 30019 200046

Lift Chain 73 links

BH-7229-08 Challenger 200128

Equalizing Chain Used on Rollers 82 ptch

BH-7229-09 Challenger 30030 200148

Lift Chain Pin BL634

BH-7229-10 Challenger 200141

Equalizing Chain 1' section

BH-7229-11 Challenger 31070 200144

Equalizing Chain Sprocket Washer

BH-7229-12 Challenger 200157

Lift Chain Roller Spacer

BH-7229-13 Challenger 27026

Equalizing Chain Overhead 269 pitches

BH-7229-14 Challenger 31079 260010

Drive Chain 73 links

BH-7229-15 Challenger 31095 260015

Roller for Lift Chain 1-1/2" 9000 lb

BH-7229-16 Challenger 280023

Cable Roller Spacer

BH-7229-17 Challenger 230024

Cylinder Rod Extension

BH-7229-18 Challenger 190005

3" Pulley model 19000

BH-7229-19 Challenger 36062

Pivot Link Plate

BH-7229-20 Challenger 36054 Pulley
BH-7229-21 Challenger 36052

Pulley Housing

BH-7229-22 Challenger 36058

Adjusting Bolt

BH-7229-23 Challenger 36095

Hex Bolt

BH-7229-24 Challenger 36031 Lock Cover (screws on)
BH-7229-25 Challenger 36061

Push Nut

BH-7229-26 Challenger 36055

Self Tapping Bolt

BH-7229-27 Challenger 36059

ESNA Lock Nut

BH-7229-28 Challenger 36057

Compression Spring SPLR

BH-7229-29 Challenger 37026

Air Cylinder

BH-7229-30 Challenger 36036

Cable For 36,000 33'10"

BH-7229-31 Challenger 37081

Lock Pawl

BH-7229-32 Challenger 36053

Pulley Bracket

BH-7229-33 Challenger 31061

Push Nut 1/4"

BH-7229-34 Challenger 36025

Pulley/Sheave Assy

BH-7229-35 Challenger 36087


BH-7229-36 Challenger 36013


BH-7229-37 Challenger 36027 Mercury Limit Switch with 21' cord
BH-7229-38 Challenger 37014 Button Valve Assembly
BH-7229-39 Challenger 31066

Overhead Hydraulic Line

BH-7229-40 Challenger 31108

Arm Restraint Insert

BH-7229-41 Challenger 31107

Arm Restraint Sleeve Weld

BH-7229-42 Challenger 39077

Female Arm Front Right Assy

BH-7229-43 Challenger 39076

Female Arm Front Left Assy

BH-7229-44 Challenger 31261

Gravity latch

BH-7229-45 Challenger 31297

Headed Pin

BH-7229-46 Challenger 31303

Power Column Assembly

BH-7229-47 Challenger 31304

Idler Column Assembly

BH-7229-48 Challenger 27112 270006

Complete Idler Side Column

BH-7229-49 Challenger 27113 270008

Complete Power Side Column

BH-7229-50 Challenger 19001

Equalizer Cable Model 19000 Long

BH-7229-50A Challenger 19003

Equalizer Cable Model 19000 Short

BH-7229-51 Challenger 37025

Air Cylinder

BH-7229-52 Challenger 37029

Air Cylinder Clevis

BH-7229-53 Challenger 37041 Swivel Elbow
BH-7229-54 Challenger 37031

Speed Nut

BH-7229-55 Challenger 37042

Pivot Rod Element

BH-7229-56 Challenger 200153

Cotter Key

BH-7229-57 Challenger 37119

Lock Pin for Air Cylinder

BH-7229-58 Challenger 270009

Hyd Tee Tube x Tube x O-Ring

BH-7229-59 Challenger 31112

1/2-13 Allen Bolt

BH-7229-60 Challenger 31109


BH-7229-61 Challenger 31047

Straight Union

BH-7229-62 Challenger 31110

6-1/2' Link Weldment

BH-7229-63 Challenger 38024

Cylinder for 38,000 71" stroke

BH-7229-64 Challenger 31090

Bottom Half Hyd Line

BH-7229-65 Challenger 31091

Top Half Hyd Line

BH-7229-66 Challenger 31089

90' Elbow

BH-7229-67 Challenger 36047

Reducer Expander 7/16"-9/16"

BH-7229-68 Challenger 36033

Hydraulic Line

BH-7229-70 Challenger 37072 Metal Lock Cover (snaps on)
BH-7229-70M Challenger 37072 Molded Cover for Challenger
BH-7229-71 Challenger 37103 Lock Release Kit
BH-7229-72 Challenger

3" Slip-On Height Extension HDRNRW

BH-7229-73 Challenger

6" Slip-On Height Extension HDRNRW

BH-7229-74 Challenger

9" Slip-On Height Extension HDRNRW

BH-7229-75 Challenger

4"-6" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDRNRW

BH-7229-76 Challenger

6"-9" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDRNRW

BH-7229-77 Challenger 330007

Complete Idler Side Column

BH-7229-78 Challenger 31354

Rubber Grommet Overhead Wire

BH-7229-79 Challenger 330008

Complete Power Side Column

BH-7229-80 Challenger 36064

Clip Angle

BH-7229-81 Challenger 36024

Sheave Pin

BH-7229-82 Challenger 36049

Hydraulic Line

BH-7229-83 Challenger 36032

Hydraulic Line - Overhead

BH-7229-84 Challenger 36128

Hydraulic Line (Fenner)

BH-7229-85 Challenger 11099

Carriage 6" Lock Intervals (36000,37)

BH-7229-86 Challenger 11100

Carriage 6" Lock Intervals 39000

BH-7229-87 Challenger 37015 Valve Bracket
BH-7229-88 Challenger 37020 90° Elbow
BH-7229-89 Challenger 37021

3/8" Hose Barb

BH-7229-90 Challenger 37035

Air Line 25'

BH-7229-91 Challenger 31081 200151

Mounting Bolt

BH-7229-92 Challenger 31267 200152

Mounting Locknut

BH-7229-93 Challenger 31021 280022

Snap Ring

BH-7229-94 Challenger 280004

Complete Idler Side Column

BH-7229-95 Challenger 280009

Overhead Channel Assy

BH-7229-96 Challenger 280005

Complete Power Side Column

BH-7229-97 Challenger 31031 280016

Hyd Line Tee to Overhead Power

BH-7229-98 Challenger 280018

Adjustment Stud Locknut

BH-7229-99 Challenger

Column - Drive Side

BH-7230-00 Challenger 73-0496

Roller for Rolling Jack

BH-7230-01 Challenger 443-02-0866

Wheel for Rolling Jack

BH-7230-02 Challenger 443-02-0874


BH-7230-03 Challenger 319-22-0015


BH-7230-04 Challenger 314-03-0050

Lock Nut

BH-7230-05 Challenger 651-40-0410


BH-7230-06 Challenger 601-40-1098

Hydraulic Cylinder 4-Post

BH-7230-07 Challenger 485310

Front Ramp Weldment

BH-7230-08 Challenger 24036

Drive Thru Kit 12K 4-Post

BH-7230-09 Challenger 314-02-0012

Hex Nut 1/2-13

BH-7230-10 Challenger 314-02-0014

Hex Nut 3/4-10

BH-7230-11 Challenger 314-03-0021

Lock Nut 1"-14

BH-7230-12 Challenger 314-03-0059

Nylock Nut 3/4-16

BH-7230-13 Challenger 429-01-0015


BH-7230-14 Challenger 429-02-0039


BH-7230-15 Challenger 443-01-0030

1" Steel Ball

BH-7230-16 Challenger 443-01-0038

3/4" Chrome Ball

BH-7230-17 Challenger 443-02-0502

Cable Sleeve

BH-7230-18 Challenger 443-02-0862

Threaded End

BH-7230-19 Challenger 443-02-0863

Safety Rod

BH-7230-20 Challenger 443-02-0875


BH-7230-21 Challenger 443-02-0879

Cylinder Mount Pin

BH-7230-22 Challenger 443-02-0887

Wheel Assembly

BH-7230-23 Challenger 443-02-0909

Spring Spacer

BH-7230-23A Challenger 443-02-0955

Anti-Sway Block

BH-7230-24 Challenger 443-02-0977

Lock Block for Chain

BH-7230-25 Challenger 443-02-0982

261" Leaf Chain 6 x 6 24012EW

BH-7230-26 Challenger 443-02-0983

97" Leaf Chain 6 x 6

BH-7230-27 Challenger 443-02-0984

301" Leaf Chain 6 x 6

BH-7230-28 Challenger 443-02-0985

117" Leaf Chain 6 x 6

BH-7230-29 Challenger 443-40-0810

4" Chain Roller 3/4" bore

BH-7230-30 Challenger 443-40-0811 2-3/4" Chain Roller 3/4" bore
BH-7230-31 Challenger 591-01-1364

Hyd Cylinder 4-Post 5/95 to present

BH-7230-31A Challenger 591-50-1364

Seal Kit Holmac S/N 0648H

BH-7230-32 Challenger 651-09-0087


BH-7230-33 Challenger 651-09-0087

Cable 12'

BH-7230-34 Challenger 651-40-0400

Overhead Beam

BH-7230-35 Challenger 651-40-0409

Sheave Pin

BH-7230-36 Challenger 651-40-0410

Latch Release

BH-7230-37 Challenger 651-40-0412

Crossbeam Weldment

BH-7230-38 Challenger 651-40-0416

Latch Weldment

BH-7230-39 Challenger 651-40-0418

Post Weldment

BH-7230-40 Challenger 651-40-0419

Latch Pin

BH-7230-41 Challenger 651-40-0422

Post Weldment Power Column

BH-7230-42 Challenger 651-40-0423

Post Weldment Standard

BH-7230-43 Challenger 651-40-0428

3/8" Hose Assembly 110.5"

BH-7230-44 Challenger 651-40-0565

Ramp Mount Pin

BH-7230-45 Challenger 651-40-0572

Latch Plate

BH-7230-46 Challenger 651-40-0632

Lock Pin

BH-7230-47 Challenger 651-40-0643

Front Stop

BH-7230-48 Challenger 651-40-0661

Slide Step Weldment

BH-7230-49 Challenger 651-40-0666

Front Stop Weldment

BH-7230-50 Challenger 651-40-0670

Leg Base

BH-7230-51 Challenger 651-40-0679

Leveling Leg

BH-7230-52 Challenger 651-40-0680

Leg Pin

BH-7230-53 Challenger 651-40-0687

Slip Plate Weldment

BH-7230-54 Challenger 651-40-0707

Front Stop Pin

BH-7230-55 Challenger 651-40-0727

Ball Locator

BH-7230-56 Challenger 651-40-0768

Anti-Sway Assembly

BH-7230-57 Challenger 651-40-0820

Ramp Weldment

BH-7230-58 Challenger 651-40-0825

Leveling Leg Assembly

BH-7230-58A Challenger 651-40-0424

Safety Rod

BH-7230-59 Challenger 300003

Complete Idler Side Column

BH-7230-60 Challenger 300004

Complete Power Side Column

BH-7230-61 Challenger 30024 300008

Bolt - Equalizer Cable Eye

BH-7230-62 Challenger 300013

Locknut - Equalizer Cable Eye

BH-7230-63 Challenger 300010

Adjustment Stud Locknut

BH-7230-64 Challenger 310005

Complete Idler Side Column

BH-7230-65 Challenger 310003

Complete Power Side Column

BH-7230-66 Challenger 350016

Complete Idler Side Column

BH-7230-67 Challenger 350019

Complete Power Side Column

BH-7230-68 Challenger 330023

Rubber Grommet Hyd Line

BH-7230-69 Challenger 37120

Air Cylinder Clevis 70000

BH-7230-70 Challenger 70099

Overhead Shut Off Bar

BH-7230-71 Challenger 70051

Shut Off Bar Mount

BH-7230-72 Challenger 36014

1" Retaining Ring

BH-7230-73 Challenger 70060

Overhead U-Bolt

BH-7230-74 Challenger 36048

9/16 O-Ring Union

BH-7230-76 Challenger 70101

Overhead Hydraulic Line

BH-7230-77 Challenger 71038

Hyd Line Power Unit to Overhead

BH-7230-78 Challenger 71041

Hydr Line Cyl to Overhead

BH-7230-79 Challenger 70078

7" Link Weldment

BH-7230-80 Challenger 31702

Arm Assy Rear 9000lb.

BH-7230-81 Challenger 31073

Arm Assy Left Front 8000 & 9000lb.

BH-7230-82 Challenger 31074

Arm Assy Right Front 8000 & 9000lb.

BH-7230-83 Challenger 36038

Arm Assy Rear 7000lb.

BH-7230-84 Challenger 36039

Arm Assy Left Front 7000lb.

BH-7230-85 Challenger 36040

Arm Assy Right Front 7000lb.

BH-7230-86 Challenger 38085

Standard Arm 9000lb.

BH-7230-87 Challenger 260013 31297

Lift Chain Pin

BH-7230-88 Challenger C60174

Seal Kit for Rolling Jack

BH-7230-89 Challenger 443-02-1326 Slider Block
BH-7230-90 Challenger 37104

Lock Release Cable Kit

BH-7230-91 Challenger 12547

Female Arm 12,000 2-Post

BH-7230-92 Challenger 12552

Male Arm 12,000 2-Post

BH-7230-93 Challenger 16539

Plastic Tubing

BH-7230-94 Challenger 11227


BH-7230-95 Challenger 601-40-0410

Lock Latch Release Weldment

BH-7230-96 Challenger

Seal Kit

BH-7230-97 Challenger 591-50-1271

Seal Kit

BH-7230-98 Challenger 60-0023

90 Degree Elbow Fitting

BH-7230-99 Challenger 39030


BH-7231-01 Challenger 482365

Rubber Pad for Pad lift

BH-7231-02 Challenger 427980

Arm Pad Assembly

BH-7231-03 Challenger 37096


BH-7231-04 Challenger 37107


BH-7231-05 Challenger 37008

Old Style Block w/ Bolt

BH-7231-06 Challenger 10199

Luxury Car Adapter (sold each)

BH-7231-07 Challenger B030-03022

Cable 30,000

BH-7231-07A Challenger B-28-02546

Cable 28,000

BH-7231-08 Challenger 37104-2 Lock Release Cable Kit
BH-7231-09 Challenger 651-40-0770

Anti Sway Bracket

BH-7231-10 Challenger 39048-06

Powerside Column 39,000

BH-7231-11 Challenger 64003

Cam 6500 Pad Lift

BH-7231-15 Challenger 11196


BH-7231-16 Challenger 11097

Axle & Wheel Assy

BH-7231-16A Challenger 11069

Spring for BH-7231-16

BH-7231-17 Challenger 11039

Valve Kit Assy

BH-7231-18 Challenger 24084

Pad for Rolling Jack

BH-7231-19 Challenger 11123


BH-7231-20 Challenger 38007


BH-7231-21 Challenger 39097

Cylinder for 39,000, 37,000, 36,000

BH-7231-23 Challenger 27981

Base Adapter

BH-7231-24 Challenger 37113

Lock Retro Fit Kit - Mechanical

BH-7231-25 Challenger 10-0017 Rubber Pad (1)
BH-7231-26 Challenger 50-0065


BH-7231-27 Challenger 108-144

Nylon Washer

BH-7231-28 Challenger 20-0006

Sleeve Bushing

BH-7231-29 Challenger 50-0026

Roller Pin/Bolt

BH-7231-30 Challenger 50-0069

Set Screw

BH-7231-31 Challenger 55-0013


BH-7231-32 Challenger 73-0490


BH-7231-33 Challenger 73-0510

Roller Bar

BH-7231-34 Challenger 39100

Hydraulic Hose Kit for model 39000

BH-7231-34A Challenger 39100-266

266" Hydraulic Hose

BH-7231-34B Challenger 39100-130

130" Hydraulic Hose

BH-7231-34C Challenger 39100-087

87" Hydraulic Hose

BH-7231-35 Challenger 12045

Limit Switch

BH-7231-36 Challenger 11208

Seal Kit

BH-7231-37 Challenger 11191 Seal Kit 2-1/2" bore x 69" Pacoma
BH-7231-38 Challenger

Seal Kit 2-1/2" bore Model 20000

BH-7231-39 Challenger 40220 Pin Assembly
BH-7231-45 Challenger 63-0012

Pump for Rolling Jack

BH-7231-46 Challenger RJ45-ADT 10" Extension Kit (set of 2) for Rolling Jacks
BH-7231-95 Challenger

Height Extension Hanger (holds 2)

BH-7231-95K Challenger

Height Extension Hanger Kit (holds 4)

BH-7231-96 Challenger

3" Height Extension CL-9/10 X10

BH-7231-97 Challenger

4"-6"" Adjustable Height Extension CL's & X

BH-7231-98 Challenger 6" to 9-1/2" Adjustable Height Extension CL-9 and more
BH-7231-99 Challenger 10304 A1105-10

10" Height Extension CL's & X

BH-7232-00 Challenger 10303 A1105-06

6" Height Extension CL-9

BH-7232-01 Challenger A1104 Rubber Arm Pad (1 pad) for CL-9
BH-7232-01-4 Challenger A11052 Rubber Arm Pad Kit (set of 4)
BH-7232-01HD Challenger A1104x Rubber Arm Pad - Heavy Duty Style
BH-7232-01HD-4 Challenger A11052x

Rubber Arm Kit - HD (set of 4)

BH-7232-01U Challenger A1104H Urethane Snap-In Pad for Challenger Lift
BH-7232-01U-4 Challenger A1104H Urethane Snap-In Pads (Set of 4) for Challenger Lifts
BH-7232-01UPB Challenger B2270 Urethane Pad Adapter
BH-7232-02 Challenger A1010-P

Power Column Assembly CL-9

BH-7232-03 Challenger A1010-I

Idler Column Assembly CL-9

BH-7232-04 Challenger A1042

Locking Pawl CL-9

BH-7232-05 Challenger A1055-0

Column Extension Assembly CL-9

BH-7232-06 Challenger A1060

Overhead Assy (Mid Section) CL-9

BH-7232-06A Challenger A1060-04

Overhead Assy (Mid Section) CL-9

BH-7232-07 Challenger A1061

Overhead Assy (End Section) CL-9

BH-7232-08 Challenger A1041 Cable Pulley for CL-9
BH-7232-09 Challenger A1062

Sheave Pin CL-9

BH-7232-10 Challenger A1025

Carriage Assembly CL-9

BH-7232-11 Challenger A1040 Slide Block CL-9
BH-7232-12 Challenger B1078 A1078

Arm Pin Assembly CL-9

BH-7232-13 Challenger A1086-I

Front Outer Arm Assy CL-9 Idler

BH-7232-14 Challenger A1086-P

Front Outer Arm Assy CL-9 Power

BH-7232-15 Challenger A1094-F

Front Inner Arm Assy CL-9

BH-7232-16 Challenger A1094-R

Rear Inner Arm Assy CL-9

BH-7232-17 Challenger B1100 A1100

Adapter Pad Assy CL-9

BH-7232-17HDA Challenger

Heavy Duty Adapter Base for CL-9

BH-7232-17HDA-P Challenger

Hvy Dty Screw Adptr Base + Pad

BH-7232-17L Challenger

Longer Truck Adapter CL-9

BH-7232-17L-4 Challenger

Set of 4 Longer Adapter CL-9

BH-7232-18 Challenger 16138 Cylinder CL-9 / CL-10, CS9200
BH-7232-18R-SK Challenger 16138R-SK Seal Kit for 16138R Cylinder
BH-7232-18SK Challenger Seal Kit for SVI-Made Cylinder
BH-7232-19 Challenger A1072 Arm Restraint Outer Gear CL-9 Old
BH-7232-19-N Challenger A1072T Arm Restraint Outer Gear CL-9 New
BH-7232-19A Challenger A1070

Arm Restraint Inner Gear CL-9 Old

BH-7232-19A-N Challenger A1070T Arm Restraint Inner Gear CL-9 New
BH-7232-19B Challenger A1073

Arm Restraint Shaft CL-9

BH-7232-19C Challenger A1074

Arm Restraint Roll Pin

BH-7232-19D Challenger A1075

Arm Restraint Pull Ring

BH-7232-19E Challenger A1077 Arm Restraint Shaft Kit (one arm)
BH-7232-19KIT Challenger

Arm Restraint Kit (does one arm)

BH-7232-20 Challenger A1115-0 Equalizer Cable CL-9
BH-7232-20-K Challenger A1003-0

Equalizer Cable KIT CL-9

BH-7232-20A Challenger A1115-1

Equalizer Cable CL-9-1

BH-7232-20A-K Challenger A1003-1

Equalizer Cable KIT CL-9-1

BH-7232-20B Challenger A1115-2

Equalizer Cable CL-9-2

BH-7232-20B-K Challenger A1003-2

Equalizer Cable KIT CL-9-2

BH-7232-20C Challenger A1115-3

Equalizer Cable CL-9-3

BH-7232-21 Challenger A1105-10

10" Height Extension CL-9

BH-7232-22 Challenger A1105-03

3" Height Extension CL-9

BH-7232-23 Challenger A1105-06

6" Height Extension CL-9

BH-7232-24 Challenger 12567

Column Mounted Adapter Organizer

BH-7232-25 Challenger 482365

Rubber Arm Pad

BH-7232-26 Challenger C1568


BH-7232-27 Challenger C1567


BH-7232-28 Challenger C1699


BH-7232-29 Challenger A1085-I

Arm Assy Complete Front Idler CL-9

BH-7232-30 Challenger A1085-P

Arm Assy Complete Front Power CL-9

BH-7232-31 Challenger A1090

Arm Assy Complete Rear CL-9

BH-7232-32 Challenger A1091

Rear Outer Arm only CL-9

BH-7232-33 Challenger A1101

Adapter Base CL-9

BH-7232-34 Challenger A1063-L

Pulley Spacer CL-9 long

BH-7232-35 Challenger A1063-L10

Pulley Spacer CL-10

BH-7232-36 Challenger A1063-S

Pulley Spacer short

BH-7232-37 Challenger A1064


BH-7232-38 Challenger A1135-0

Lock Release Cable CL-9

BH-7232-39 Challenger A1135-1

Lock Release Cable CL-9-1

BH-7232-40 Challenger A1135-2

Lock Release Cable CL-9-2

BH-7232-41 Challenger A1123-I

Hydraulic Hose Idler side 326"

BH-7232-42 Challenger A1123-P

Hydraulic Hose Power side 82"

BH-7232-43 Challenger A1123-PU

Hydraulic Hose to Power Unit 22"

BH-7232-44 Challenger A1133 Lock Cover Housing
BH-7232-45 Challenger A1140

Lock Pawl

BH-7232-46 Challenger A1141 Lock Release Clevis Assembly for Challenger Lifts
BH-7232-47 Challenger A1142

Lock Release Clevis only

BH-7232-48 Challenger A1094-R10

Rear Inner Arm CL-10

BH-7232-49 Challenger A1132 1/2" Spring
BH-7232-50 Challenger A1131

3/8" Spring

BH-7232-51 Challenger A1134

Double End Stud 3/8"-16 x 3" long

BH-7232-52 Challenger A2060

Overhead Beam CL-10

BH-7232-53 Challenger A2115-0

Equalizer Cable CL-10

BH-7232-53-2 Challenger A2003-0

Equalizer Cable CL-10 (set of 2)

BH-7232-54 Challenger A2115-2

Equalizer Cable CL-10-2

BH-7232-54-2 Challenger A2003-2

Equalizer Cable CL-10-2 (set of 2)

BH-7232-55 Challenger A2115-3

Equalizer Cable CL-10-3

BH-7232-55-2 Challenger A2003-3

Equalizer Cable CL-10-3 (set of 2)

BH-7232-56 Challenger A2085-I

Front Arm Assembly Idler CL-10

BH-7232-57 Challenger A2085-P

Front Arm Assembly Power CL-10

BH-7232-58 Challenger A2086-I

Front Outer Arm Idler CL-10

BH-7232-59 Challenger A2086-P

Front Outer Arm Power CL-10

BH-7232-60 Challenger A2090

Rear Arm Assembly CL-10

BH-7232-61 Challenger A2091

Rear Outer Arm only CL-10

BH-7232-62 Challenger A2118

Cable Spacer 4.5"

BH-7232-63 Challenger A2127-I

Hydraulic Hose Idler side 272"

BH-7232-64 Challenger A2127-P

Hydraulic Hose Power side 120"

BH-7232-65 Challenger A2127-PU A2127PU Hydraulic Hose to Power Unit 69-1/2"
BH-7232-65-90 Challenger A2127-PU A2127PU Hydraulic Hose to Power Unit 69-1/2" with 90° Fitting
BH-7232-66 Challenger A2135-3

Lock Release Cable Assy CL-10-3

BH-7232-67 Challenger 12563 Complete Pad Assy 12000 & CS1220
BH-7232-67P Challenger 12563x

Rubber Arm Pad only

BH-7232-68 Challenger A2135-0

Lock Release Cable Assy CL-10

BH-7232-69 Challenger A2135-2

Lock Release Cable Assy CL-10-2

BH-7232-70 Challenger A2025

Carriage Weldment CL-10

BH-7232-71 Challenger 40050 Sheave
BH-7232-71G Challenger 40050x

Greaseable Sheave

BH-7232-72 Challenger 40055 Sheave Pin
BH-7232-72G1 Challenger 40055x

Greaseable Sheave Pin 1 stack

BH-7232-72G1S Challenger 40055x 40055-x Greaseable Sheave Pin 1 stack, rear
BH-7232-72G2 Challenger 40055xx

Greaseable Sheave Pin 2 stack

BH-7232-72G4 Challenger 40055xxx

Greaseable Sheave Pin 4 stack

BH-7232-73 Challenger 651-40-0769

J-Hook Bracket

BH-7232-74 Challenger 40134

Slack Cable Latch

BH-7232-75 Challenger 40054


BH-7232-76 Challenger 40053 1/8" Sheave Spacer Bearing
BH-7232-77 Challenger 40472-E1

Cable Assembly 34' 11-1/2"

BH-7232-78 Challenger 40472-E2

Cable Assembly 29' 3-1/2"

BH-7232-79 Challenger 40472-X1

Cable Assembly 37' 3"

BH-7232-80 Challenger 40472-X2

Cable Assembly 31' 7"

BH-7232-81 Challenger 40472-3 Cable Assembly 16' 7-1/2"
BH-7232-82 Challenger 40472-4 Cable Assembly 11' 9"
BH-7232-83 Challenger 40372-S1

Cable Assembly 32' 2"

BH-7232-84 Challenger 40372-S2

Cable Assembly 26' 6"

BH-7232-85 Challenger 40372-E1

Cable Assembly 34' 3"

BH-7232-86 Challenger 40372-E2

Cable Assembly 28' 7"

BH-7232-87 Challenger 40372-X1

Cable Assembly 36' 6-1/2"

BH-7232-88 Challenger 40372-X2

Cable Assembly 30' 10-1/2"

BH-7232-89 Challenger 16601

High Pad Flip Up for CL-10

BH-7232-90 Challenger 16602

Low Pad Flip Up for CL-10

BH-7232-91 Challenger 16607M

Hex Head Bolt for CL-10

BH-7232-92 Challenger 16608

Lock Nut for CL-10

BH-7232-93 Challenger B2208 Rubber Pad for Challenger Lifts S10, CL10
BH-7232-93F Challenger B2208-x Rubber Arm Pad VS10, CL10 for Challenger (Fabric Version)
BH-7232-96 Challenger B1082 Stop Bar CL-10
BH-7232-97 Challenger B1081

Stop Pin CL-10

BH-7232-98 Challenger B2260 B2250 Foot Pad Assembly / Drop-In Adapter
BH-7232-98GMAP Challenger B2280-01 Urethane Snap-In Pad (1) for Challenger Lifts Wide-Style Adapters
BH-7232-98GMAP-4 Challenger B2280-01x Urethane Snap-In Pads (4) for Challenger Lifts Wide-Style Adapters
BH-7233-00 Challenger 16123

CS9200 Male Arm Assembly

BH-7233-01 Challenger 31037

CS9200 3/8" Split Lockwasher

BH-7233-02 Challenger 31305 CS9200 3/8" Self Tapping Bolt
BH-7233-03 Challenger 16122

CS9200 Female Arm Assembly

BH-7233-04 Challenger 16124

CS9200 Arm Pin

BH-7233-05 Challenger 16125

CS9200 1-7/8" Snap Ring

BH-7233-06 Challenger 16161

CS9200 3/4-10X3 Hex Capscrew

BH-7233-07 Challenger 16160

CS9200 1-1/4" Finishing Plug

BH-7233-08 Challenger 16162

CS9200 3/4" Ext Tooth Lockwasher

BH-7233-09 Challenger 16103

CS9200 Bolster

BH-7233-10 Challenger 16104

CS9200 Arm Assembly

BH-7233-11 Challenger 16116

CS9200 1/2-13x2 Self Tapping Bolt

BH-7233-12 Challenger 16127EV 16127 CS9200 Wiper
BH-7233-13 Challenger 16128

CS9200 Bearing Ring

BH-7233-14 Challenger 16130

CS9200 1/8 NPT Grease Fitting

BH-7233-15 Challenger 16126

CS9200 Bearing Weld

BH-7233-16 Challenger 16132

CS9200 1/4x12 Grease Line

BH-7233-17 Challenger 16131

CS9200 1/4 Push Lock Union Elbow

BH-7233-18 Challenger 16129

CS9200 1/8 NPTx1/4 Push Lock Elbow

BH-7233-19 Challenger 16107

CS9200 Cover Plate

BH-7233-20 Challenger 16106

CS9200 Bearing Assembly

BH-7233-205 Challenger Pad Lift Pad for Challenger Lifts
BH-7233-21 Challenger 16108

CS9200 5/16x1 Adhesive Gasket per ft.

BH-7233-21-25 Challenger 16108x

CS9200 5/16x1 Adhesive Gasket 25ft.

BH-7233-21-50 Challenger 16108xx

CS9200 5/16x1 Adhesive Gasket 50ft.

BH-7233-213 Challenger 40435 Roller Cover
BH-7233-22 Challenger 16105

CS9200 Containment Tub

BH-7233-23 Challenger 15009

CS9200 2" PVC Grommet

BH-7233-24 Challenger 16110

CS9200 Concrete Tie Weld - Short

BH-7233-25 Challenger 16111

CS9200 Concrete Tie Weld - Long

BH-7233-26 Challenger 16115

CS9200 3/4 x 1 Vinyl Cap

BH-7233-27 Challenger 16157

CS9200 1/2-13x1 Bolt

BH-7233-28 Challenger 16158

CS9200 1/2 Ext Tooth Lockwasher

BH-7233-29 Challenger 16159

CS9200 1/2-13 Hex Nut

BH-7233-30 Challenger 15010

CS9200 Hydraulic Line Clamp

BH-7233-31 Challenger 16149

CS9200 Frame Support Assembly

BH-7233-32 Challenger 16150

CS9200 Frame Support

BH-7233-33 Challenger 16148

CS9200 Frame Assembly

BH-7233-34 Challenger 16151

CS9200 Lock Ladder Assembly

BH-7233-35 Challenger 16152

CS9200 Ladder Rail

BH-7233-36 Challenger 16153

CS9200 7/8-9x3 Lock Ladder Bolt

BH-7233-37 Challenger 16154

CS9200 7/8 Ext Tooth Lockwasher

BH-7233-38 Challenger 16155

CS9200 7/8-9 Hex Nut

BH-7233-39 Challenger 16156

CS9200 1/2-13x2-1/2 Ladder Rail Bolt

BH-7233-40 Challenger 16137

CS9200 Plunger

BH-7233-41 Challenger 9129

CS9200 3/4" Split Lockwasher

BH-7233-42 Challenger S25259

CS9200 3/4-10x3 Capscrew

BH-7233-43 Challenger 16138

CS9200 2x68 Hydraulic Cylinder

BH-7233-44 Challenger 16139

CS9200 Cylinder Sleeve

BH-7233-45 Challenger 16140

CS9200 Synch. Rail Assembly

BH-7233-46 Challenger 16141

CS9200 Cylinder Capture Plate

BH-7233-47 Challenger 16142

CS9200 3/8 Ext Tooth Lockwasher

BH-7233-48 Challenger 16143

CS9200 3/8-16X3/4 Capscrew

BH-7233-49 Challenger 16144

CS9200 Cylinder Line - Long

BH-7233-49A Challenger 17201

Cassette Hose & Fitting Kit

BH-7233-50 Challenger 16145

CS9200 Cylinder Line - Short

BH-7233-51 Challenger 16146

CS9200 Hydraulic Feed Line

BH-7233-52 Challenger 15011

CS9200 Union / Adapter

BH-7233-53 Challenger 16147

CS9200 Coiled Air Line

BH-7233-54 Challenger 40142 Air Cylinder for Challenger Lifts CS9200 and CS1220
BH-7233-54A Challenger 40141

Air Cylinder Assembly

BH-7233-55 Challenger 40144

CS9200 1/4-28 Jam Nut

BH-7233-56 Challenger 16214

CS9200 Air Cylinder Clevis

BH-7233-57 Challenger 16215

CS9200 1/4x1-1/2 Roll Pin

BH-7233-58 Challenger 16213

CS9200 Locking Pawl

BH-7233-59 Challenger 8097

CS9200 1/4-20 Nylon Locknut

BH-7233-60 Challenger 16192

CS9200 1/4-20X4-1/4 Capscrew

BH-7233-61 Challenger 16190

CS9200 1x3-1/2 Shoulder Bolt

BH-7233-62 Challenger 31183

CS9200 1" Flat Washer

BH-7233-63 Challenger 31068

CS9200 3/4-10 Nylon Locknut

BH-7233-64 Challenger 16189

CS9200 Synchronizing Rail Assy.

BH-7233-65 Challenger 651-40-0779

Anti-Sway Kit

BH-7233-66 Challenger 40426

Thrust Bearing

BH-7233-67 Challenger 40430

Roller Assembly

BH-7233-68 Challenger 40062 40060-E2

Lifting Cable LF 324-1/2"

BH-7233-69 Challenger 40061 40060-3

Lifting Cable RR 184-1/4"

BH-7233-70 Challenger 40060 40060-4

Lifting Cable LR 118"

BH-7233-71 Challenger 40063 40060-E1

Lifting Cable RF 391-1/4"

BH-7233-72 Challenger 40184 40060-S1

Lifting Cable RF 366-1/4"

BH-7233-73 Challenger 40183 40060-S2

Lifting Cable LF 299-1/2"

BH-7233-74 Challenger 40060-X1

Lifting Cable RF 418-3/4"

BH-7233-75 Challenger 40060-X2

Lifting Cable LF 352"

BH-7233-76 Challenger 16485

8-1/2" Wiper

BH-7233-77 Challenger 16486

8-1/2" Bearing

BH-7233-78 Challenger 16397

Hydraulic Line - Long

BH-7233-79 Challenger 16398

Hydraulic Line - Short

BH-7233-80 Challenger 16425


BH-7233-81 Challenger 319-22-0015

Shoulder Bolt

BH-7233-82 Challenger 304-05-0005

Master Link

BH-7233-83 Challenger 443-02-0913


BH-7233-85 Challenger 40430W Block Holder
BH-7233-85K Challenger -- Slider Block Conversion Kit for Challenger 4015
BH-7233-90 Challenger A1206-10-IX

Replacement Pendant Control CL-10

BH-7233-91 Challenger PL004001


BH-7233-92 Challenger PPFN1C4N

Switch for Pendant

BH-7233-93 Challenger

Pad Superstructure for CS9200

BH-7233-94 Challenger A2127-57P

Power Side Hose CL-10

BH-7233-95 Challenger 11400 Seal Kit for Yanti Cylinder
BH-7234-09 Challenger 31118

Wire Tie for Mech lock 39000

BH-7234-10 Challenger 31119

Adhesive Tab for Mech Lock 39000

BH-7234-100 Challenger VS10-50-04

Hydraulic Hose - short

BH-7234-101 Challenger VS10-33-A

Swing Arm Pin

BH-7234-102 Challenger VS10-35-01

Rubber Pad

BH-7234-103 Challenger VS10-35-02-00


BH-7234-104 Challenger VS10-35-03

Bottom Threaded Adapter Segment

BH-7234-105 Challenger VS10-35-04

Middle Threaded Adapter Segment

BH-7234-106 Challenger VS10-35-06

Retainer Ring

BH-7234-107 Challenger VS10-35-08

Retaining Wire

BH-7234-108 Challenger VS10-40-21

Limit Switch Bracket

BH-7234-109 Challenger VS10-32-03-00

Front Inner Swing Arm

BH-7234-110 Challenger VS10-32-02-00

Front Middle Swing Arm

BH-7234-111 Challenger VS10-32-01-00

Front Outer Swing Arm

BH-7234-112 Challenger VS10-31-02-00

Rear Inner Swing Arm

BH-7234-113 Challenger VS10-31-01-00

Rear Outer Swing Arm

BH-7234-114 Challenger VS10-35-05

Locknut M6

BH-7234-115 Challenger VS10-31-03

Rubber Pad

BH-7234-116 Challenger VS10-40-07

Overhead Shutoff Bar

BH-7234-117 Challenger VS10-40-03

Shutoff Pivot Pin

BH-7234-118 Challenger VS10-50-08

Hydraulic Hose

BH-7234-119 Challenger 10315 Height Extension Kit CL10
BH-7234-119A Challenger B2206-3 3" Nesting Style Height Extension CL10
BH-7234-119B Challenger B2206-6 6" Nesting Style Height Ext. CL10
BH-7234-119C Challenger B2209 Adapter Holder Rack
BH-7234-121 Challenger 10318 Frame Engaging Adapters (set of 4)
BH-7234-121A Challenger 10318x Frame Engaging Adapter (1)
BH-7234-122 Challenger 10315

Reducer Kit need for 15 and 18's

BH-7234-123 Challenger 71-0273

Lock Rlease Cam for SR-10

BH-7234-124 Challenger VS10-50-04-00A Flow Control Valve for VS10
BH-7234-125 Challenger 10314 Frame Engaging Adapters (set of 2)
BH-7234-126 Challenger VS10-11-02 VS-10-11-02 Slave Side Cover for VS10
BH-7234-127 Challenger VS10-50-18-00RP Flow Control Valve for VS10 - Set of 2
BH-7234-15 Challenger X10-045

Hydraulic Hose

BH-7234-16 Challenger X10-064L

LH Pulley Bracket

BH-7234-17 Challenger X10-064R

RH Pulley Bracket

BH-7234-18 Challenger X10-025

Lock Release Cam

BH-7234-19 Challenger X10-024

Lock Release Shaft

BH-7234-20 Challenger X10-066

Screw Adapter Base

BH-7234-200 Challenger 12019

Equalizer Cable 15/18 w/2' ext

BH-7234-201 Challenger 12020

Equalizer Cable 15/18 w/2' ext

BH-7234-202 Challenger 12101

Equalizer Cable 15/18

BH-7234-203 Challenger 12039

Overhead Channel

BH-7234-204 Challenger 12038

Overhead Crossbeam Assembly

BH-7234-205 Challenger 12075

Overhaed Shutoff Bar only

BH-7234-206 Challenger 12074

Overhead Shutoff Bar Assembly

BH-7234-207 Challenger 12046

Swing Arm Pin

BH-7234-208 Challenger 12062-12

Screw-up Adapter Pad Assembly

BH-7234-209 Challenger 12063 Adapter Pad for Challenger Lifts
BH-7234-20HD Challenger X10-066x

Heavy Duty Screw Adapter Base

BH-7234-20HDP Challenger X10-100x

Heavy Duty Screw Adapt Base w/pad

BH-7234-20P Challenger

Screw Adapter Base w/pad

BH-7234-21 Challenger B1104

Rubber Adapter Pad

BH-7234-21-4 Challenger

Rubber Adapter Pad set of 4

BH-7234-210 Challenger 12069

4" Nesting Height Extension

BH-7234-211 Challenger 12068

8" Nesting Height Extension

BH-7234-212 Challenger 12021

Slider Block

BH-7234-213 Challenger 12067

Adapter Base

BH-7234-214 Challenger 12049

Outer Swing Arm 15/18

BH-7234-215 Challenger 12054

Inner Swing Arm 15/18

BH-7234-216 Challenger 12096

Arm Restraint Tube 15/18

BH-7234-217 Challenger 12093 Arm Restraint Assembly 15/18
BH-7234-217A Challenger 12060

Arm Restraint Link

BH-7234-218 Challenger 12037

Carriage Lock Retainer

BH-7234-219 Challenger 12033

Carriage Lock 15/18

BH-7234-22 Challenger X10-069

Threaded Insert for Adapter

BH-7234-220 Challenger 12060

Arm Restraint Link

BH-7234-221 Challenger 12107

Hydraulic Hose

BH-7234-222 Challenger 12109

Hydraulic Hose

BH-7234-223 Challenger 12112

Hydraulic Hose

BH-7234-224 Challenger 12077

Hydraulic Hose

BH-7234-225 Challenger 12078

Hydraulic Hose

BH-7234-226 Challenger 12076

Hydraulic Hose

BH-7234-227 Challenger 12079

Hydraulic Hose for 2' ext. models

BH-7234-23 Challenger X10-094

Equalizer Cable

BH-7234-232 Challenger JSJ4-07-00SK Seal Kit for Challenger Lifts E10
BH-7234-233 Challenger JSJ4-02-09 Lock Release Sheave
BH-7234-24 Challenger X10-097 JS-J5-06CH Lock Release Cable
BH-7234-24A Challenger X10-031 Lock Release Pulley
BH-7234-24B Challenger X10-030

Lock Release Pulley Axle

BH-7234-25 Challenger X10-078 Main Arm Restraint Gear
BH-7234-26 Challenger X10-083 Arm Restraint Engage Gear
BH-7234-27 Challenger X10-082

Arm Restraint Spring

BH-7234-275 Challenger 12531

Equalizer Cable 12,000 model

BH-7234-276 Challenger 12544

Swing Arm Pin 12

BH-7234-277 Challenger 12543

Overhead Shutoff Bar 12

BH-7234-278 Challenger 12561

6" Nesting Style Height Extension

BH-7234-279 Challenger 12562

3" Nesting Style Height Extension

BH-7234-28 Challenger X10-079 JSJ5-13 Arm Restraint Pin
BH-7234-280 Challenger 12516

Lock for 12,000 two post

BH-7234-281 Challenger 12518

Lock Retainer

BH-7234-282 Challenger 12541

Overhead Crossbeam

BH-7234-283 Challenger 12105

35' Overhead Airline

BH-7234-284 Challenger 12532

Equalizer Cable 12,000 model

BH-7234-285 Challenger 12571

Hydraulic Hose

BH-7234-29 Challenger X10-080

Arm Restraint Spring Pin 4 x 24

BH-7234-30 Challenger X10-081

Arm Restraint Spring Pin 4 x 30

BH-7234-300 Challenger B2204SD Rear Arm Assembly for 3-Stage CL10
BH-7234-300A Challenger B2202B Rear Outer Arm CL10 3-Stage
BH-7234-300B Challenger B2230C Rear Middle Arm CL10, 3-Stage
BH-7234-300C Challenger B2235C Rear Inner Arm CL10, 3-Stage
BH-7234-301 Challenger CS1020-05 Arm Stop Loop
BH-7234-302 Challenger A1101-1H Pad Adapter Weldment
BH-7234-303 Challenger B17256 Round Wire Retaining Ring
BH-7234-304 Challenger B2261 Threaded Insert for Adapter
BH-7234-305 Challenger B17257 Round Wire Retaining Ring
BH-7234-306 Challenger B17256-1 Threaded Adapter Base Insert
BH-7234-307 Challenger B2211 Roll Pin 30 mm long
BH-7234-308 Challenger B2202-2 Roll Pin 60mm long
BH-7234-309 Challenger CS1020-03-01 Rear Inner Arm Shim for CL10 3-Stage
BH-7234-31 Challenger X10-013

Slotted Lock Cover

BH-7234-310 Challenger CS1020-03-02 Self Locking Set Screw
BH-7234-311 Challenger 17350 Arm Stop Bolt
BH-7234-312 Challenger CS1020-04 Arm Stop Block
BH-7234-313 Challenger B2201-01 Roll Pin 60mm long
BH-7234-314 Challenger B1068 Arm Restraint Gear Hex Bolt
BH-7234-315 Challenger B2203S-01D Washer 39mm x 51mm
BH-7234-316 Challenger B1083 Retaining Ring
BH-7234-32 Challenger X10-014

Lock Cover

BH-7234-33 Challenger X10-017

Lock Release Ball/Knob

BH-7234-34 Challenger X10-018

Lock Release Handle

BH-7234-35 Challenger X10-028

Lock Pawl

BH-7234-36 Challenger X10-022 JSJ5-02-13 Lock Release Spring single loop
BH-7234-37 Challenger X10-023

Lock Release Spring double coil

BH-7234-38 Challenger X10-024

Lock Release Shaft

BH-7234-39 Challenger X10-021

Lock Release Cable Connector

BH-7234-399 Challenger 40139


BH-7234-40 Challenger X10-057

Cable Sheave

BH-7234-400 Challenger 40080

Hydraulic Cylinder 60" stroke

BH-7234-401 Challenger 40081

Hydraulic Hose 144" long

BH-7234-402 Challenger 40082

Cylinder Clevis

BH-7234-403 Challenger 40090

Air Valve Bracket

BH-7234-404 Challenger 40116

Sheave Pin

BH-7234-404G Challenger 40116x

Greaseable Sheave Pin

BH-7234-405 Challenger 40133

Slack Cable Lock

BH-7234-406 Challenger 40135 Roller (1)
BH-7234-407 Challenger 40131

Lock Ladder

BH-7234-408 Challenger 40118

Slider Block

BH-7234-409 Challenger 40125

Shoulder Bolt

BH-7234-41 Challenger X10-058

Cable Sheave Axle

BH-7234-410 Challenger 40141 Air Cylinder Assy 40E00
BH-7234-410A Challenger 40141x Air Cylinder Only
BH-7234-411 Challenger 36065

Bolt for Switch Housing

BH-7234-412 Challenger JSJ5-04-00CH

Equalizer Cable for E10

BH-7234-412F Challenger JSJ5-04-00CH Equalizer Cable for Challenger E-10, 391"
BH-7234-412L Challenger

Equalizer Cable for E10 406"

BH-7234-415 Challenger 44011

Hydraulic Cylinder 40E - 72" Stroke

BH-7234-415SK Challenger 11425

Seal Kit for 44011 Model 40,000

BH-7234-419 Challenger B40650 40650 Sheave / Pulley for Challenger 4015 Open Front
BH-7234-42 Challenger X10-056

Cable Sheave Spacer short

BH-7234-420A Challenger

9 X 9-1/2 x 1/16 shim for Model 40's

BH-7234-420B Challenger

9 X 9-1/2 x 1/8 shim for Model 40's

BH-7234-420D Challenger

9 X 9-1/2 x 1/4 shim for Model 40's

BH-7234-43 Challenger X10-059

Cable Sheave Spacer long

BH-7234-44 Challenger X10-070

Sleeve for BH-7234-22

BH-7234-45 Challenger X10-072

Rear Outer Arm

BH-7234-46 Challenger X10-071

Rear Inner Arm

BH-7234-47 Challenger X10-076

Swing Arm Pin

BH-7234-48 Challenger X10-089

Front Inner Arm

BH-7234-49 Challenger X10-090

Front Middle Arm

BH-7234-50 Challenger X10-091

Front Outer Arm

BH-7234-500 Challenger 591-50-1204

Seal Kit

BH-7234-501 Challenger 501-50-1620

Seal Kit

BH-7234-502 Challenger 501-01-1620

Hydraulic Cylinder

BH-7234-51 Challenger X10-084 Carriage Slider Block (1)
BH-7234-52 Challenger X10-047

Hydraulic Cylinder

BH-7234-52A Challenger X10-047SK

Cylinder Seal Kit for BH-7234-52

BH-7234-52B Challenger X10-047B

Bearing Collar for Cylinder

BH-7234-53 Challenger X10-045

Power Unit Side Hose

BH-7234-54 Challenger X10-041 Non-Power Unit Side Hose for Challenger Lifts
BH-7234-55 Challenger X10-043

Power Unit Hose

BH-7234-56 Challenger X10-052

Hose Guide

BH-7234-57 Challenger X10-050

Overhead Shutoff Cord Clamp

BH-7234-58 Challenger X10-062

Overhead Shutoff Bar

BH-7234-58F Challenger X10-061

Overhead Bar Foam

BH-7234-69 Challenger VS10-10-07-B

Power Side Cover

BH-7234-70 Challenger VS10-10-10

Lock Release Stud

BH-7234-71 Challenger VS10-10-03-00

Lock Release Cam

BH-7234-72 Challenger VS10-10-5

Lock Pawl

BH-7234-73 Challenger VS10-10-04

Lock Release Sheave

BH-7234-74 Challenger VS10-10-11

Lock Shaft

BH-7234-75 Challenger VS10-10-15

Lock Pawl Spring

BH-7234-76 Challenger VS10-40-02-00

Female Overhead Beam

BH-7234-77 Challenger VS10-40-01-00

Male Overhead Beam

BH-7234-78 Challenger VS10-10-22


BH-7234-79 Challenger VS10-10-21

Lock Cable

BH-7234-80 Challenger VS10-10-18

Cable Guide

BH-7234-81 Challenger VS10-40-11

Overhead Beam Mounting Bracket

BH-7234-82 Challenger VS10-40-10

Overhead Beam Mounting Bracket

BH-7234-83 Challenger VS10-10-06

Equalizer Cable

BH-7234-84 Challenger VS10-40-04

Cable Sheave

BH-7234-85 Challenger VS10-40-05

Sheave Spacer

BH-7234-86 Challenger VS10-40-09

Sheave Spacer

BH-7234-87 Challenger VS10-40-08

Sheave Axle symmetric model OH

BH-7234-88 Challenger VS10-40-12

Sheave Axle asymmetric model OH

BH-7234-89 Challenger VS10-10-16 Lock Cam Spring
BH-7234-90 Challenger VS10-11-03-00

Cam for Lock Release

BH-7234-91 Challenger VS10-20-04 Slider Block
BH-7234-92 Challenger VS10-20-03

Arm Restraint Engaging Gear

BH-7234-93 Challenger VS10-31-04

Arm Restraint Main Gear

BH-7234-94 Challenger VS10-20-06-02

Arm Restraint Shaft

BH-7234-95 Challenger VS10-20-05

Arm Restraint Spring

BH-7234-96 Challenger VS10-10-17

Lock Pad

BH-7234-97 Challenger VS10-50-01-00

Hydraulic Cylinder

BH-7234-97SK Challenger VS10-SK Seal Kit for Challenger VS10 and ADG-L10
BH-7234-98 Challenger VS10-50-05

Power Unit Hose

BH-7234-99 Challenger VS10-50-03 Hydraulic Hose - Long
BH-7243-60 Challenger X10-093

Overhead Beam

BH-9614-23C Challenger VM-2100

Gland (uses special white wiper)

BH-9614-23CATF Challenger VM-2100x

7-1/2" Adjust-To-Fit Upper Bearing

BH-9672-05 Challenger 9112

Hydraulic Pump

BH-9672-06 Challenger 192303

Seal for BH-9672-05 Pump