Parts For Alignment Repair

Part #sort descending OEM OEM Ref. #1 OEM Ref. #2 Description
BA-1200-04D Alignment 1" Delrin Ball
BA-1500 Alignment

Turnplate Assembly Galvanized

BA-1590-07-216P Alignment -- 3/4" Delrin Balls for Rear Slip Plates / Alignment (216-pack)
BA-1590-07-42P Alignment 3/4" Delrin Balls for Front Turnplates (42-Pack)
BA-1590-54-54P Alignment -- 9/16" Delrin Balls for Turnplates / Slip Plates (54-Pack)
BA-1590-54S Alignment

9/16" Turnplate/Slip Plate Ball - Steel

BA-1590-54S-54P Alignment -- 9/16" Steel Balls for Turnplates / Slip Plates (54-pack)
BA-1600-01 Alignment 1.5 Ton Alignment Turnplate Set 13-1/4 x 14, Black
BA-1600-01A Alignment

Pin for BA-1600-01

BA-1600-01B Alignment

Scale Plate for BA-1600-01

BA-1600-01C Alignment

Scale Plate Screw for BA-1600-01

BA-1600-01D Alignment

Top Plate for BA-1600-01

BA-1600-01E Alignment

Ball for BA-1600-01

BA-1600-01F Alignment

Ball Holder for BA-1600-01

BA-1600-01G Alignment

Spring Washer for BA-1600-01

BA-1600-01H Alignment

Spring for BA-1600-01

BA-1600-01J Alignment

Base for BA-1600-01

BA-1600-01K Alignment

Sleeve for BA-1600-01

BA-1600-01L Alignment

Scale Pin for BA-1600-01

BA-1600-01M Alignment

Washer for BA-1600-01

BA-1600-01N Alignment

Scale Pin Screw for BA-1600-01

BA-1600-02 Alignment 1.5 Ton

Alignment Turnplate Set of 2 15 x 15, Yellow

BA-1600-03 Alignment 1.5 Ton

Align Turnplate Set of 2 16-3/4" x 18", Yellow

BA-1600-04 Alignment Align Turnplates (Set of 2) 14-3/4" x 14", Carbon
BA-1600-04SS Alignment

Align Turnplate Set of 2 14-3/4" x 14", Stainless

BA-1600-05 Alignment

Rear Slip Plate Assembly

BA-1600-06 Alignment

Alignment Ready Kit for Non-align 4 posts

BA-1600-62 Alignment

5/8" Turnplate/Slip Plate Ball - Delrin

BA-1601-01 Alignment

1/2" Turnplate/Slip Plate Ball - Delrin

BA-1601-02 Alignment

Replacement Angle Decal

BA-1601-06PACK Alignment

Portable Alignment Turn & Slip Kit

BA-1601-10 Alignment

Alignment Turnplate

BH-EL-60 Alignment

Safety Leg 60" Stroke 1 flipper