Parts For Weaver Repair

Part #sort descending Compatibility Cross Reference #1 Cross Reference #2 Description
BH-1702-07 Weaver

7-1/2" Leak Sealer Vee Only

BH-1702SU Weaver KL161/162

7-1/2" Leak Sealer Univ. Kit

BH-1702U Weaver KL161/162

7-1/2" Universal Packing Kit

BH-1704-07 Weaver

10-5/8" Leak Sealer Vee Only

BH-1704SU Weaver KL159/160

10-5/8" Leak Sealer Univ. Kit

BH-1704U Weaver KL159/160

10-5/8" Universal Packing Kit

BH-1713 Weaver KL-268

12-5/8" Packing Kit

BH-1713S Weaver KL-268S

12-5/8" Leak Sealer Packing Kit

BH-1724 Weaver KL-162 7-1/2" Packing Kit
BH-1724RU Weaver KL-162x

7-1/2" Packing Kit 1-piece seal

BH-1724S Weaver KL-162S 7-1/2" Leak Sealer Packing Kit
BH-1725 Weaver KL-159

10-5/8" Packing Kit

BH-1725S Weaver KL-159

10-5/8" Leak Sealer Pkg. Kit

BH-1775 Weaver KL-161

7-1/2" Packing Kit

BH-1775S Weaver KL-161

7-1/2" Leak Sealer Pkg. Kit

BH-1776 Weaver KL-160

10-5/8" Packing Kit

BH-1776S Weaver KL-160

10-5/8" Leak Sealer Pkg. Kit

BH-7600-00R Weaver

Repair Kit for BH-7006-13 Cyl

BH-7600-02 Weaver 1086950

Cylinder Roller Bracket

BH-7600-10 Weaver 1086049

Lock Lever

BH-7600-13 Weaver KL-313

2 Post Hydraulic Cylinder

BH-7601 Weaver Arm Restraint Assembly for 1-Arm
BH-7601-01 Weaver 1086371

Arm Restraint Rod

BH-7601-02 Weaver 1085990

Squeeze Plate

BH-7601-03 Weaver 1085980

Restraint Plate

BH-7601-04 Weaver 1085989 Compression Spring
BH-7601-05 Weaver 1085991

Machine Screw

BH-7601-06 Weaver 1085992

Lock Nut 10-24

BH-7601-09 Weaver 1088765

Switch for Lesson Motor

BH-7601-10 Weaver 1088465

Dump (lowering) Valve

BH-7601-11 Weaver 1088466

Check Valve

BH-7601-12 Weaver 1086721

Dump Valve

BH-7601-13 Weaver 1086719

Check Valve

BH-7601-14 Weaver 1086720

Relief Valve

BH-7601-15 Weaver 1088467

Vent Valve

BH-7601-16 Weaver 1086906

Lowering Handle

BH-7601-17 Weaver 1088765

Switch for Lesson Motor

BH-7606-10 Weaver 1085240

Adjusting Screw

BH-7606-20 Weaver 1086095

Small Carriage Roller Brng

BH-7606-20P Weaver 1086096

Roll Pin .437 X 2.250

BH-7606-21 Weaver 1086665

Large Carriage Roller Brng

BH-7606-22 Weaver

1-3/8" Ext Snap Ring

BH-7606-32 Weaver 1086530

Arm Pin

BH-7606-33 Weaver 1086325

Swivel Pin for Arms

BH-7606-34 Weaver 1085831

Adapter Base Coated w/Plastic

BH-7606-34R Weaver 1085831R

Adapter Base w/replaceable pad

BH-7606-35 Weaver 1086635

5" Nesting Height Extension 1-1/8" pin

BH-7606-36 Weaver 1086636

2.5" Nesting Height Extension 1-1/8" pin

BH-7606-37 Weaver

3" Nesting Height Extension 1-1/8" pin

BH-7606-38 Weaver

4" Nesting Height Extension 1-1/8" pin

BH-7606-39 Weaver

6" Nesting Height Extension 1-1/8" pin

BH-7610-01 Weaver 1087634

Bearing Block AWH-72

BH-7619-01 Weaver 1085406

Cylinder Wheel Shaft

BH-7620-01 Weaver KL342A

Bearing Block-HDP

BH-7620-02 Weaver KL342B

Bearing Block Carrier

BH-7621-01 Weaver 1086302 Chain Roller
BH-7621-02 Weaver 1086677

Chain Guide Wheel

BH-7621-06 Weaver 1087150

Lock Control Dog

BH-7621-06OS Weaver

Lock Control Dog Old Style

BH-7621-07 Weaver 1087091

Lock Rod Support

BH-7621-08 Weaver 1088239

Lift Lock Assy AFH88 & 98

BH-7621-09 Weaver 1089039

Lift Lock Assy AFH88B

BH-7621-09A Weaver

Release Pivot

BH-7621-09B Weaver

3/8" Bushing, Bronze

BH-7621-09C Weaver

1/16" Washer, Bronze

BH-7621-09D Weaver

3/8" Shoulder Bolt

BH-7621-10 Weaver 1086517 Lift Lock Assy AFH70 & 90
BH-7621-11 Weaver 1086660

Lift Lock Assy AFH50

BH-7621-12 Weaver 1088239

Lift Lock Assy AFH88A & 98A

BH-7621-12A Weaver 1086663

Release Pivot

BH-7621-13 Weaver 1086619

Chain Roller-5" AFH-88

BH-7621-13A Weaver 1087223

Chain Roller Shaft AFH-88

BH-7621-14 Weaver 1086214

4" Chain Roller 3/4" bore

BH-7621-15 Weaver 1086220 2-3/4" Chain Roller 3/4" bore
BH-7621-16 Weaver 1086072

Chain Trough Cover AFH70 84"

BH-7621-16A Weaver

Chain Trough Cover 96" OAL

BH-7621-17 Weaver 1086056

Base Closing Plate AFH70

BH-7621-18 Weaver 1086071

Chain Trough AFH-70 96" OAL

BH-7621-18A Weaver 1086054

Chain Trough AFH-90 112.5" OAL

BH-7621-19 Weaver 1088969

Chain Roller-4" AFH-88B

BH-7621-20 Weaver 1089153A

Cage Lock Assy AFH-88B

BH-7621-20A Weaver 1089151

Locking Rod

BH-7621-21 Weaver 1088759

Bearing Block AFH-88

BH-7621-22 Weaver 1088299

Arm Pivot Pin AFH-88A

BH-7621-23 Weaver 1088300

Arm Pivit Pin Gear AFH-88A

BH-7621-24 Weaver 1088296

Arm Locking Gear AFH-88A

BH-7621-25 Weaver 1088298

Locking Shaft AFH-88A

BH-7621-26 Weaver 1088185

Chain Adj Kit AFH-88A

BH-7621-27 Weaver 1088226

Chain Trough AFH-88

BH-7621-28 Weaver 1088234

Chain Cover AFH-88

BH-7622-01 Weaver 1087179

Release Handle AFH72

BH-7622-02 Weaver 1087101

Torsion Spring AFH72

BH-7622-03 Weaver 1087173

Arm Assembly Left Hand

BH-7622-04 Weaver 1087129

Mast Stop Assembly

BH-7623-01 Weaver 1086238 Release Pawl AFH-T90B
BH-7623-02 Weaver 1086237

Safety Latch 4-Post

BH-7623-03 Weaver

Column for AFH-90T pass side front

BH-7624-95 Weaver 1087529

Cylinder for AFH72

BH-7624-96 Weaver 1087523

Wear Ring

BH-7624-97 Weaver 1087524

Wear Ring

BH-7624-98 Weaver 1087525


BH-7624-99 Weaver 1087526

Rod Wiper

BH-7625-01 Weaver KL-291 Cylinder Seal Kit AFH-50
BH-7625-02 Weaver KL-292 Cylinder Seal Kit AFH-70/90A
BH-7625-03 Weaver KL-293

Cylinder Seal Kit

BH-7625-04 Weaver KL-341

Cylinder Seal Kit

BH-7625-05 Weaver KL-357 Cylinder Seal Kit AFH88A
BH-7625-06 Weaver KL-334

Cylinder Seal Kit

BH-7625-07 Weaver Cylinder Seal Kit AFH88B
BH-7625-08 Weaver

Cylinder Seal Kit AFH-72

BH-7625-09 Weaver KL-300

Seal Kit AFH T-90

BH-7625-10 Weaver

Seal Kit AFH-70 & 90

BH-7625-11 Weaver 1088970

Yoke for M/F Cylinder

BH-7625-15 Weaver 1087095

Locking Dog AWH-72

BH-7625-16 Weaver 1087143

Release Pivot AWH-72

BH-7625-17 Weaver 1087609

Arm Bracket LH Bot AWH-72

BH-7625-18 Weaver 1087566

Arm Bracket LH Top AWH-72

BH-7625-19 Weaver 1087608

Arm Bracket RH Bot AWH-72

BH-7625-20 Weaver 1087592

Arm Bracket RH Top AWH-72

BH-7625-21 Weaver

Cylinder Yoke (large chain roller)

BH-7626-21 Weaver 1086222

Chain Retainer AFH-T90

BH-7626-22 Weaver 1087601

Arm Left Short AWH-72

BH-7626-23 Weaver 1087602

Arm Right Short AWH-72

BH-7626-24 Weaver 1087661

Lock Rod AWH-72

BH-7626-50 Weaver 1086435

Pin AFH-30

BH-7626-51 Weaver 901-52026

Bearing w/Spacer AFE-30

BH-7626-52 Weaver 901-52029

Bushing AFE-30

BH-7626-53 Weaver 901-52109

Sealing Ring AFE-30

BH-9610 Weaver S-18807

Rack Bar (Round)

BH-9610ML Weaver

Manual Style Rack Bar Lock

BH-9611 Weaver S-23134

Rack Bar (Rectangular)

BH-9611ML Weaver

Manual Style Rack Bar Lock

BH-9612 Weaver 1080236

Rack Bar (Square)

BH-9612-15 Weaver 1084914

Guide Tube 1080157

BH-9612-SLV Weaver

Rack Bar Guide Tube Sleeve

BH-9612ML Weaver

Manual Style Rack Bar Lock

BH-9613 Weaver S-24522 Pinion Gear
BH-9614 Weaver

57.5 Eq. Assy-Square racks, without racks

BH-9614-01 Weaver S-24187

57-1/2" Eq. Shaft Only

BH-9614-02 Weaver AS-27522

Pillow Block

BH-9614-02A Weaver 1085364 Pillow Block (newer longer style)
BH-9614-03 Weaver S-24207 Spacer 1.87 x 1.87 x 5
BH-9614-04 Weaver S-23515

Round Spacer

BH-9614-05 Weaver S-18912

1-1/4" Retaining Ring

BH-9614-06 Weaver S-18911

Key 1/4" x 1"

BH-9614-07 Weaver S-27527

HH Capscrew 1/2-13 x 4.5

BH-9614-08 Weaver S-24206 Spacer 1.87 x 5/8 x 5"
BH-9614-09 Weaver


BH-9614-10 Weaver KL-345

Lift Lock Assembly

BH-9614-10AL Weaver FJ342x KL-345x

Lift Lock Assembly for Air Release

BH-9614-10K Weaver KL-345K

Lift Lock Rebuild Kit

BH-9614-10R Weaver KL-345R

Lift Lock Assy Rect Racks

BH-9614-10S Weaver 1083893

Extension Spring

BH-9614-11 Weaver 1088049

Lift Lock Base for BH-9614-10

BH-9614-11A Weaver 1080212

Lever Arm

BH-9614-11B Weaver 1080214

Locking Dog

BH-9614-11C Weaver 1080210


BH-9614-13 Weaver 1088213 Lower Pivot Arm Linkage for KL-345
BH-9614-14 Weaver

Top Pivot Arm for Linkage KL-345

BH-9614-19 Weaver 1080670


BH-9614-20 Weaver 1080671

Plunger & Cyl Assy 881/292

BH-9614-21 Weaver KL-176

7-1/2" Plunger & Gland Kit

BH-9614-22 Weaver S-18866

Capscrew 1/2-12

BH-9614-23 Weaver M-2100 7-1/2" Upper Bearing - Specify Plunger #s
BH-9614-23ATF Weaver M-2100 (x) M-2100-x 7-1/2" Adjust-To-Fit Upper Bearing
BH-9614-25 Weaver 1085384

Channel EC881

BH-9614-26 Weaver 1085383

Cover Plate EC881

BH-9614-29 Weaver 1086890

Shoulder Bolt 1/4-20

BH-9614-30 Weaver S-19909


BH-9614-31 Weaver 1085393

Latch Trip

BH-9614-32 Weaver 1086898

Spacer Block

BH-9614-33 Weaver 1085380

Block EC881

BH-9614-34 Weaver 1085378

Trench Box

BH-9614-34L Weaver 1086493

Trench Box for EC-891

BH-9614-35 Weaver 1086386

Support Pad Assembly

BH-9614-36 Weaver 1085380

Trench Box Spacer Block

BH-9614-37 Weaver 1086379

Bolster Assembly

BH-9614-40 Weaver AS-24910

L.H. Superstructure

BH-9614-41 Weaver AS-24906

R.H. Superstructure

BH-9614-42 Weaver 1083056


BH-9614-43 Weaver S-24155

Spacer Tube

BH-9614-44 Weaver S-24182

Swing Arm

BH-9614-45 Weaver S-24159

Swing Arm Washer 1/16" thk

BH-9614-45A Weaver S-24968

Swing Arm Washer 1/32" thk

BH-9614-46 Weaver AS-23377 Sleeve & Adapter Assembly
BH-9614-47 Weaver AS-23375

Sleeve Assembly

BH-9614-48 Weaver

Sleeve and Adapter Assy 22" long

BH-9614-50 Weaver

Pad Superstructure for EC881

BH-9614-C Weaver

57.5 Eq. Assy COMPLETE, w/ racks

BH-9614-LC Weaver

57.5 Eq. Locking COMPLETE, w/ racks

BH-9615 Weaver

57.5" Eq Assem-Rect Rack, w/o racks

BH-9615-C Weaver

57.5" Eq. Assy COMPLETE, w/ racks

BH-9615-LC Weaver

57.5" Eq. Assy Lock COMPLETE, w/ racks

BH-9616 Weaver

40" Eq Assem-Rect Racks, w/o racks

BH-9616-01 Weaver S-24202

40" Eq Shaft Only

BH-9616-C Weaver

40" Eq. Assy COMPLETE, w/racks

BH-9616-LC Weaver

40" Eq. Assy Lock COMPLETE, w/racks

BH-9617 Weaver

891 Eq Assem-Sq Racks, w/o racks

BH-9617-01 Weaver

89-1/4 Eq Shaft Only

BH-9617-C Weaver

891 Eq. Assy Complete, w/ racks

BH-9617-LC Weaver

891 Eq. Assy Lock COMPLETE, w/ racks

BH-9617L Weaver

891 Eq. Assy Locking, w/o racks

BH-9618 Weaver

40" Eq Assem-Round Rack, w/o racks

BH-9618-01 Weaver S-18910

11-1/4" Eq Shaft Only

BH-9618-06 Weaver

Woodruff Key 1/4" #807

BH-9618-07 Weaver AS-18806

Eq Coupler Shaft 34-1/2" OAL

BH-9618-07S Weaver

Eq Coupler Shaft 29-1/8" OAL

BH-9618-08 Weaver S-18810

Eq Clevis Pin

BH-9618-09 Weaver S-627

Eq Cotter Pin

BH-9618-10 Weaver

Eq Replacement Bushing

BH-9618-C Weaver

40 Eq. Assy COMPLETE, with racks

BH-9619-01 Weaver AS-25808

Release Rod for Safety Leg

BH-9620-00 Weaver

Complete Superstructure Pack 1P-184

BH-9620-01 Weaver AS-25000

Superstructure EC383/184

BH-9620-01A Weaver AS-24999

Bolster Only Full Hyd 1P-184

BH-9620-02 Weaver AS-24020 Sleeve & Adapter Assembly
BH-9620-02A Weaver 1086405

Swing Arm for EC383

BH-9620-02C Weaver M-2140

Adapter Base Pad

BH-9620-03 Weaver S-19977

Clevis Pin

BH-9620-05 Weaver M-2139

High Adapter Pad

BH-9620-06 Weaver M-2138

Low Adapter Pad

BH-9620-07 Weaver S-25019

Shim Retainer

BH-9620-08 Weaver S-25024

16 Gauge Shim

BH-9620-09 Weaver S-25025

20 Gauge Shim

BH-9620-10 Weaver S-25026

24 Gauge Shim

BH-9620-15 Weaver AS-27898

Casing & Plunger EC383

BH-9620-16 Weaver AS-27897

Casing & Plunger EC184

BH-9620-17 Weaver M-2114

Gland/Upper Brearing-Specify P or S

BH-9620-17ATF Weaver M-2114x M-2114 Adjust-to-Fit Upper Bearing Kit
BH-9620-18 Weaver S-5096

Grease Fitting

BH-9620-20 Weaver S-25646

Pressure Relief Fitting

BH-9620-21 Weaver S-4515

Drive Screw #2x3/16

BH-9620-24 Weaver S-15182

Washer-Semi Hyd

BH-9620-25 Weaver S-15157

Center Tube Seal-Semi

BH-9620-26 Weaver M-2110

Seal Plate-Semi Hyd

BH-9620-27 Weaver S-1325


BH-9620-28 Weaver S-944

HH Capscrew 3/8x1.25

BH-9620-29 Weaver AS-25624

Float Hanger Assem-Semi

BH-9620-30 Weaver S-15162

Wire For Float 16.75"

BH-9620-31 Weaver S-23263


BH-9620-33 Weaver AS-25286

Casing Only EC383

BH-9620-35 Weaver KL-164

Plunger/Gland Kit EC184

BH-9620-35S Weaver KL-168

Plunger/Gland Kit EC383

BH-9620-36 Weaver AS-25281

Casing Only EC184

BH-9620-36C Weaver

10-5/8" Full Hyd Cylinder Assy

BH-9620-37 Weaver S-16956

Adapter Adjusting Handle

BH-9620-38 Weaver AS-25592

Dipstick Assy Semi-Hydraulic

BH-9620-40 Weaver S-24905

Swing Arm

BH-9620-40-OS Weaver

Swing Arm Old Style Top Mount

BH-9620-45 Weaver AS-23089

Adapter Cover Plate

BH-9620-50 Weaver AS-25583

Superstructure EC-65001

BH-9620-73 Weaver S-18773


BH-9620-74 Weaver S-18774

Swing Arm Bushing

BH-9620-75 Weaver S-18775

Swing Arm Bushing

BH-9620-78 Weaver

Plunger/Gland Kit EC400

BH-9620-79 Weaver

10-5/8" Plunger for EC400

BH-9620-80 Weaver S-23026

Hinge Strap EC-400

BH-9622 Weaver

Rebuild Kit small Central Air Valve

BH-9623 Weaver

Air Valve-Non-Locking (central)

BH-9624 Weaver

Air Valve-Locking (central)

BH-9625 Weaver AS-14797

Large Air Valve-Locking

BH-9625-02 Weaver

Air Valve Handle-Locking

BH-9625-03 Weaver

Air Valve Rocker Arm

BH-9625-04 Weaver S-8459

Air Valve Pin-Handle & Rocker

BH-9626 Weaver AS-15928

Large Air Valve-NonLocking

BH-9626-02 Weaver

Air Valve Handle-NonLocking

BH-9627 Weaver A-1664

Air Valve-Floor Control

BH-9627-01 Weaver AS-20940

Air Valve Handle-Floor

BH-9627-02 Weaver M-2200

Air Valve Crank-Floor

BH-9628 Weaver A-1664RK

Air Valve Repair Kit

BH-9628-01 Weaver S-8453

Air Valve Gland

BH-9628-02 Weaver S-8454

Air Valve Stem Packing

BH-9628-03 Weaver S-8461

Air Valve Seat Washer

BH-9628-04 Weaver S-8462

Air Valve Seat Holder

BH-9628-05 Weaver S-8463

Air Valve Spring

BH-9628-06 Weaver S-8472

Air Valve Stem

BH-9628-07 Weaver S-25697

Air Valve Gasket

BH-9629-01 Weaver S-11116

Short Alum Control Core

BH-9629-33A Weaver AS-19363

Spring Lever EC-154

BH-9629/OS-01 Weaver S-11116OS OS Short Aluminum Control Core
BH-9630 Weaver S-11114C

Long Control Core Kit

BH-9630-01 Weaver S-11114

Long Aluminum Control Core

BH-9630-02 Weaver S-11114

Long Brass Control Core

BH-9630/OS Weaver S-11114OSC

OS Long Control Core Kit

BH-9630/OS-01 Weaver S-11114OS OS Long Aluminum Control Core
BH-9630/OS-02 Weaver S-11114OS

OS Long Brass Cntrl Core

BH-9631-01 Weaver M-1830

Short Alumimun Feed Core

BH-9631/OS-01 Weaver M-1830OS OS Short Aluminum Feed Core
BH-9632 Weaver M-1833C

Long Feed Core Kit

BH-9632-01 Weaver M-1833

Long Alumimun Feed Core

BH-9632-02 Weaver M-1833

Long Brass Feed Core

BH-9632-09 Weaver AAS-11672 Control Handle Feed Core
BH-9632-10 Weaver M-2126

Valve Control Handle

BH-9632-11 Weaver AS-19348

Operating Lever

BH-9632-12 Weaver AS-19350

Operating Handle Assy

BH-9632/OS Weaver M-1833OSC

OS Long Feed Core Kit

BH-9632/OS-01 Weaver M-1833OS OS Long Aluminum Feed Core
BH-9632/OS-02 Weaver M-1833OS

OS Long Brass Feed Core

BH-9632B Weaver

Long Feed Core Kit-Brass

BH-9638 Weaver A-1871

Oil Valve Handle

BH-9638-01 Weaver SVI Exclusive

Oil Valve Handle for Extension Use

BH-9638-02 Weaver SVI Exclusive

Oil Valve Extension Handle

BH-9639 Weaver AS-19361

Oil Valve Handle

BH-9650 Weaver A-1325 7-1/2" Packing Expander
BH-9650-01 Weaver A-1325S

Spring for 7-1/2 Expander

BH-9651 Weaver AS-11311

10-5/8" Packing Expander

BH-9656 Weaver A-1877

4 Core Valve

BH-9657 Weaver A-1888

2 Core Valve EC-107 short

BH-9658 Weaver A-1889

3 Core Valve EC-108 short

BH-9659 Weaver A-1835

2 Core Valve EC-100-202 short

BH-9660 Weaver A-1841

2 Core Valve EC-105 long

BH-9662 Weaver A-1889

3 Core Valve EC-103, 203 short

BH-9663 Weaver

Ratchet Wheel/Dog Kit

BH-9665 Weaver #s 02-12

Ratchet Assy Rebuild Kit

BH-9665-02 Weaver M-2313

Ratchet Wheel-3/4" Shaft

BH-9665-05 Weaver S-7382

Ratchet Dog Pin

BH-9665-09 Weaver 1083879


BH-9665-10 Weaver 1082809

Guide Pin & Spring Seat

BH-9665-11 Weaver M-2199

Ratchet Dog

BH-9665-12 Weaver M-2314 Ratchet Dog Lever - 3/4"
BH-9665-13 Weaver S-7381 26' Roll Ratchet Chain
BH-9665-14 Weaver AS-7392

Ratchet Hanger Plate

BH-9665-14M Weaver

Ratchet Hanger Plate MC-305

BH-9665-15 Weaver M-1561

Ratchet Sprocket Hanger

BH-9665-15B Weaver


BH-9665-15C Weaver

Sprocket Hanger

BH-9665-16 Weaver AS-11039

Ratchet Shift Lever

BH-9665-17 Weaver AS-26408

Ratchet Shaft Hanger

BH-9665-17B Weaver S-6034

Bushing-Shaft Hanger

BH-9665-17C Weaver

Shaft Hanger

BH-9665-18 Weaver S-7387

Ratchet Shaft 3/4" x 62"

BH-9665-19 Weaver S-27798

Ratchet Shaft 3/4" x 59"

BH-9665-20 Weaver S-28125

Ratchet Shaft 3/4 x 48.5"

BH-9665-21 Weaver S-15407

Ratchet Shaft 3/4 x 59.2"

BH-9665-22 Weaver S-21312

Ratchet Shaft 3/4 x 49.8"

BH-9665-22L Weaver 1083170

Ratchet Shaft 3/4 x 72.0"

BH-9665-22S Weaver S-23828

Ratchet Shaft 3/4 x 71.4"

BH-9665-23 Weaver S-28216

Ratchet Sprocket Shaft

BH-9665-24 Weaver S-7391 Chain Fastener
BH-9665-25 Weaver S-15408

Chain Anchor Lug

BH-9665-26 Weaver AS-20636

Adjusting Bolt

BH-9665-27 Weaver S-107

Cotter Pin

BH-9665-28 Weaver M-1574

Sprocket Drive w/key way

BH-9665-28A Weaver M-1573

Sprocket Drive w/o key way

BH-9665-29 Weaver 7389

Key 3/16" X 3/4"

BH-9665-29A Weaver

Key 3/16" X 1-1/2"

BH-9665-30 Weaver S-7221

Set Screw For Sprocket

BH-9665-31 Weaver A-1834

Shift Lever Socket Assy

BH-9665-32 Weaver AS-16486

Ratchet Shift Lever

BH-9665-36N Weaver AS-5836

Axle Assy Old Style 102

BH-9665-37 Weaver AS-6386

Axle Assembly For EC105

BH-9665-37-GL Weaver

Axle Kit - 2 for Globe Frame

BH-9665-37B Weaver S-16425

Axle Assem Needle Brng

BH-9665-37C Weaver

Axle Kit -2 axles and hardware

BH-9665-37CN Weaver S-16425C

Axle Kit -2 axles/Needle & hrdwr

BH-9665-37G Weaver S-19705

Grease Fitting

BH-9665-37N Weaver AS-6386

Axle Assy w/Needle Bearnigs

BH-9665-37S Weaver S-6386

Axle Shaft Only

BH-9665-37W Weaver M-1401

Axle Wheel only-needle bearing

BH-9665-37WWB Weaver

Axle Wheel only-with Bushing

BH-9665-38 Weaver AS-26839

Axle Assem EC102 A series

BH-9665-38B Weaver S-16422

Axle Assem Needle Brng

BH-9665-38C Weaver

Axle Kit -2 axles and hardware

BH-9665-38CN Weaver

Axle Kit -2 axles/Needle & hrdwr

BH-9665-38N Weaver AS-26839

Axle Assy w/Needle Brngs

BH-9665-38R Weaver

7/8" Ret. Ring for Shaft

BH-9665-38W Weaver

Axle Wheel Only with bushing

BH-9665-38WN Weaver M-1324

Axle Wheel Only for needle bearing

BH-9665-39 Weaver S-5840 Axle Assembly U-Bolt
BH-9665-40 Weaver S-22613

U-Bolt Nut

BH-9665-41 Weaver S-11320

U Bolt for Axle EC105/106

BH-9665-42 Weaver S-25514

Axle Assy L-Bolt

BH-9665-42K Weaver

J-Bolt Conversion Kit

BH-9665-42S Weaver S-26277

Spacer for J-Bolt

BH-9665-50N Weaver 1089659

Axle Assy 12-5/8 w/Needle Brng

BH-9665-75 Weaver

Weld On Hanger Mount for Power Spot

BH-9666-50 Weaver S-14105

Street L 90 deg 1/8 NPT

BH-9666-80 Weaver KL-338

Air Control Kit

BH-9666-83 Weaver

Elbow 1/8 NPT x 1/4 TS

BH-9666-84 Weaver

Bushing 1/8 NPT x 1/4 NPT

BH-9666-85 Weaver

Male T Run 1/4 TS x 1/4 TS x 1/8 NPT

BH-9666-86 Weaver

Elbow 1/8 NPT x 90 deg

BH-9666-87 Weaver S-22443

Roll Pin

BH-9666-88 Weaver 1080398

Button Valve Bracket

BH-9666-89 Weaver S-18326

Special Valve Cap EC-105

BH-9666-90 Weaver S-18336


BH-9666-91 Weaver 1080837

Air Cylinder Bracket

BH-9666-92 Weaver S-27109


BH-9666-93 Weaver 1080835

Front Lock Pawl

BH-9666-94 Weaver 1080836

Hold Down

BH-9666-95 Weaver 1080834

Leg Housing

BH-9666-96 Weaver 1080852

Cover Plate

BH-9666-97 Weaver 1080815


BH-9666-98 Weaver 1080813


BH-9666-99 Weaver 1080814


BH-9667 Weaver 1080800

Steel Lift Lock Leg-Std

BH-9667-004 Weaver

4' Front Frame Open

BH-9667-005 Weaver 1085288

5' Front Frame Open

BH-9667-006 Weaver 1085054

6' Front Frame Open

BH-9667-007 Weaver 1085051

7' Front Frame Open

BH-9667-008 Weaver 1085050

8' Front Frame Open

BH-9667-008C Weaver

8' Front Frame Closed

BH-9667-01 Weaver S-18325

Lift Lock Button Valve-Old Style

BH-9667-012 Weaver 1085046

12' Front Frame Closed

BH-9667-012A Weaver 1085049

12' Front Frame Open

BH-9667-014 Weaver 1085047

14' Front Frame Closed

BH-9667-014A Weaver 1085048

14' Front Frame Open

BH-9667-017 Weaver

17' Front Frame Closed

BH-9667-01A Weaver

Lift Lock Button Valve-New Style

BH-9667-02 Weaver S-25502

Lift Lock Air Cylinder

BH-9667-03 Weaver S-25534

Lift Lock Air Cylinder

BH-9667-04 Weaver 1082578

Lock Pawl

BH-9667-05 Weaver S-27228

Bottom Plate

BH-9667-06 Weaver S-27227


BH-9667-07 Weaver S-27229

Top Plate

BH-9667-08 Weaver 1082579


BH-9667-09 Weaver 1080846

Front Saddle EC105/106

BH-9667-09C Weaver 1080846C

Front Saddle & Adapter Assy

BH-9667-09D Weaver

Sliding Saddle Assy 12" travel

BH-9667-10 Weaver 1084777

Front Adapter Assembly

BH-9667-10A Weaver

Special Adapter for SV-197

BH-9667-10B Weaver

Front Adapter Special Narrow 6-1/4"

BH-9667-10LP Weaver

Front Adapter 4" tall low profile

BH-9667-10VLP Weaver

Front Adapter 3.16" tall very low profile

BH-9667-10W Weaver M-2049

Front Adapter Assembly - wide & old

BH-9667-11 Weaver 1084758

Adapter Ext Flip Up 3-3/4"

BH-9667-11A Weaver 1084768

Adapter Ext Flip Up 4-1/2"

BH-9667-11B Weaver

Adapter Ext Flip Up 5-3/8"

BH-9667-11LP Weaver

Adapter Ext Flip Up 3-3/4" LP saddle

BH-9667-12 Weaver 1084761


BH-9667-12A Weaver

Long Pin for Taller Flip-Ups

BH-9667-13 Weaver 1084762

Hair Pin Cotter

BH-9667-14 Weaver AS-16625 Lever Link Assembly
BH-9667-15 Weaver AS-17614


BH-9667-16 Weaver S-18894


BH-9667-18 Weaver 1084764

Adapter Ext Flip Up 6"

BH-9667-18-8 Weaver

Adapter Ext Flip Up 8" need long pin

BH-9667-19 Weaver 1080827

Rear Saddle & Adpt 105/106

BH-9667-19R Weaver

Rear Saddle only for Rec Move Rear

BH-9667-19S Weaver 1080820

Rear Saddle & Adpt 107/108

BH-9667-20 Weaver M-2318

Rear Adapter

BH-9667-20A Weaver M-2318

Rear Adapter 1977 series

BH-9667-20FT Weaver

Rear Adapter w/Flat Top

BH-9667-20N Weaver AS-21110

Rear Adapter-Narrow

BH-9667-20NT Weaver

Rear Adapter-Narrow 12" Tall

BH-9667-20NTW Weaver

Rear Adapter-Narrow, Taller, Wider

BH-9667-20STA Weaver

Rear Adapter for Sterling Tandem Axle

BH-9667-20T Weaver

Rear Adapter 16" OAH

BH-9667-20TR Weaver

Rear Adapter 13-3/8" OAH

BH-9667-20TRF Weaver Rear Adapter 12-5/8" OAH
BH-9667-20TS Weaver

Rear Adapter 14-1/2" OAH HD support

BH-9667-20Y Weaver

Rear Adapter 9" OAH (flat across)

BH-9667-20Z Weaver

Rear Adapter 12" OAH (flat across)

BH-9667-21 Weaver 1080826

Rear Saddle 39" 105/106

BH-9667-21S Weaver 1080871

Rear Saddle 34" 107/108

BH-9667-22 Weaver AS-26345

Rear Cylinder Assy Complete

BH-9667-22F Weaver 1086919

Front Cylinder Assy Complete

BH-9667-22FFG Weaver 1086919FG

Front Cyl Assy Complete Fibrgls

BH-9667-22FG Weaver AS-26345FG

Rear Cyl Assy Complete Fibrgls

BH-9667-23 Weaver KL-181

Plunger & Gland Kit-Frnt

BH-9667-23X Weaver AS-11314

Front Plunger Only EC105

BH-9667-24* Weaver M-1402

Gland-Front 10-5/8 P 10.617/.622

BH-9667-24ATF Weaver M-1402x

Adjust-to-Fit Upper Bearing Kit Front

BH-9667-25 Weaver S-13121

Grease Fitting

BH-9667-28 Weaver S-6453

Wiper Retainer Ring

BH-9667-29* Weaver M-1386

Gland-Rear 10-5/8 P 10.617/.622

BH-9667-29ATF Weaver M-1386x

Adjust-to-Fit Upper Bearing Kit Rear

BH-9667-30 Weaver S-26665

Support Rod

BH-9667-31 Weaver S-1706

Set Screw

BH-9667-32 Weaver AS-26342

10-5/8" Casing Only-Rear 105/106

BH-9667-32F Weaver 1086918

10-5/8" Casing Only-Front 105/106

BH-9667-32FFG Weaver 1086918F

Casing Only-Front Fiberglassed

BH-9667-32FG Weaver AS-26342F

Casing Only-Rear Fiberglassed

BH-9667-33 Weaver KL-182

Plunger & Gland Kit-Rear

BH-9667-33X Weaver AS-11315

Rear Plunger Only 105/106

BH-9667-33XD Weaver

Plunger for DSE Dual 10-5/8"

BH-9667-35S Weaver

Axle Assy Shaft Only

BH-9667-50 Weaver AS-26393

Cover Assy 105 std w/nameplate

BH-9667-50P Weaver AS-26455

Cover Assy 105 opp w/nameplate

BH-9667-51 Weaver AS-23832

Cover Assy 106 std w/nameplate

BH-9667-51C Weaver S-26458

Cover Assy 106 opp

BH-9667-51J Weaver AS-11164

Cover Assy 106 std w/nameplate

BH-9667-51J-1 Weaver AS-11164x

Cover Plate only

BH-9667-51P Weaver AS-26459

Cover Assy 106 opp w/nameplate

BH-9667-51P-1 Weaver

Control Box Cover

BH-9667-51Q Weaver AS11343

Cover Assy 106 opp w/nameplate

BH-9667-52 Weaver S-26392

Cover EC105 Standard

BH-9667-53 Weaver S-23829 Cover EC106 Standard
BH-9667-54 Weaver S-23844

Control Box Ext. Cover Standard

BH-9667-54A Weaver AS-6404

Control Box Ext & Cover Assem, Old Style

BH-9667-54B Weaver

Control Box Ext Cover-Old Style

BH-9667-54C Weaver 1083190

Control Box Ext. Cover Opposite

BH-9667-55 Weaver AS-28330

Control Box & Cover Assem

BH-9667-56 Weaver AS-28320

Control Box Frame Standard

BH-9667-56A Weaver AS-28328

Control Box Frame Opposite

BH-9667-57 Weaver S-27697

End Panel

BH-9667-57A Weaver S-27698

End Panel Opposite

BH-9667-58 Weaver S-28317

Side Panel-Rear

BH-9667-59 Weaver S-28316

Side Panel-Front

BH-9667-60 Weaver S-6656

R.H. Screw 1/4-20 x 3/4"

BH-9667-61 Weaver S-1042

Cotter Pin

BH-9667-62 Weaver S-9707

Hinge Plate Pin

BH-9667-63 Weaver 1080848 Front Cover Plate
BH-9667-64 Weaver AS-27704

Front Sliding Plate 36"

BH-9667-65 Weaver AS-27706

Rear Sliding Plate 24"

BH-9667-66 Weaver AS-27707

Carry Around Plate 21"

BH-9667-67 Weaver AS-20881

Carry Around Plate 36"

BH-9667-67A Weaver AS-16215

Carry Around Plate 30"

BH-9667-67AS Weaver

Carry Around Plate 12" x 18"

BH-9667-68 Weaver 1080862

Rear Frame 105/106

BH-9667-68C Weaver

Rear Frame Complete Assy 105

BH-9667-68D Weaver

Rear Frame Complete Assy 107

BH-9667-69 Weaver AS-27713 Wheel Chock (each)
BH-9667-72 Weaver S-18432


BH-9667-73 Weaver S-27463

Lag Shield

BH-9667-74 Weaver 1080865

Rear Plunger Door (B) 43.5

BH-9667-74S Weaver 1080869

Rear Plunger Door(BM) 37.5"

BH-9667-74X Weaver AS-23767

Rear Plunger Door 107 B4 1977

BH-9667-75 Weaver AS-23748 R.H. Hinge Assembly
BH-9667-76 Weaver AS-23749 Left Hand Hinge Assembly
BH-9667-76H Weaver S-23752

Hinge Eye

BH-9667-77 Weaver S-26626 Front Form
BH-9667-78 Weaver AS-26624

Conduit Form

BH-9667-79 Weaver 1083191

Cntrl Box Ext. Cover 106

BH-9667-80 Weaver 1083192

Cntrl Box Ext. Cover 105

BH-9667-81 Weaver 1080866

Filler Angle BM Models

BH-9667-82C Weaver AS-11163

Cover Plate-Old Style-Standard EC-105

BH-9667-84 Weaver

Nylon Strip for Cover Door

BH-9667-85 Weaver 1080850

Folding Plate 28-3/8"

BH-9667-86 Weaver AS-27573

Folding Plate 24-3/8"

BH-9667-87 Weaver AS-27575

Folding Plate 24"

BH-9667-91 Weaver

Cover/Carry Plate Recessed 1

BH-9667-92 Weaver

Cover/Carry Plate Recess Dual

BH-9667-96 Weaver SV-56FLL

Multi Lock Kit less leg FRONT

BH-9667-97 Weaver SV-56RLL

Multi Lock Kit less leg REAR

BH-9667-98 Weaver SV-57LL

Multi Lock Kit less legs REAR

BH-9667A Weaver

Steel Lift lock leg-short rise

BH-9667B Weaver

Steel Lift Lock Leg 18.5" Rec

BH-9668-01 Weaver 1084677 Steel Lift Lock Leg - Lrge
BH-9668-02 Weaver 1084674

Lock Pawl

BH-9668-03 Weaver 1084668

Lock Bracket

BH-9668-04 Weaver 1084835

Lock Spring

BH-9668-05 Weaver 1084673


BH-9668-06 Weaver 1087831

Complete Lock Assy w/o Leg

BH-9668-06C Weaver 1087831C

Complete Lock Assy w/Leg

BH-9668-07 Weaver 1080877

Cover Plate

BH-9668-08 Weaver 1080875


BH-9668-09 Weaver 1080876

Mounting Plate

BH-9668-10 Weaver 1080873

Lock Pawl

BH-9668-11 Weaver 1080874


BH-9668-13 Weaver 1080167

Retainer Plate

BH-9668-14 Weaver 1080170

Retainer Bracket

BH-9668-15 Weaver 1080229

Air Cylinder

BH-9668-15-1 Weaver

Air Cylinder Lock Pin

BH-9668-17 Weaver 1081605

Roll Pin

BH-9668-18 Weaver 1080171


BH-9668-19 Weaver 1080174

Lock Pawl

BH-9668-20 Weaver 1080173

Lock Pawl Tapped

BH-9668-21 Weaver 1080176 Link Assembly
BH-9668-22 Weaver 1080228

Pawl Assembly

BH-9668-23 Weaver 1080166


BH-9668-24 Weaver 1080165

Guide Block

BH-9668-25 Weaver 1081602

Bearing Block

BH-9668-26 Weaver S-18338

Air Hose

BH-9669-01 Weaver AS-28014

Hydraulic Valve

BH-9670 Weaver AS-25673

Rear Casing-EC102/103

BH-9670-01* Weaver M-1323

Rear Gland 7-1/2 P 7.523/.528

BH-9670-010 Weaver

Front Frame w/Cover Plates

BH-9670-01ATF Weaver M-1323x

Adjust-To-Fit Upper Bearing Kit

BH-9670-03 Weaver AS-5798

Rear Plunger-EC102/103

BH-9670-04 Weaver KL-180

Rear Plunger & Gland-102

BH-9670-05 Weaver 1086914

Front Casing-EC102/103

BH-9670-05C Weaver 1086915 Front Cylinder Assembly Complete
BH-9670-05CFG Weaver 1086915

Front Cyl Assy Complete Fibrgls

BH-9670-05FG Weaver 1086914FG

Front Casing-w/Fiberglass

BH-9670-06* Weaver M-1551

Front Gland 7-1/2 P 7.523.528

BH-9670-07 Weaver

Front Plunger-EC102/103

BH-9670-08 Weaver KL-179

Front Plngr & Gland-102

BH-9670-09 Weaver AS-25517

Front Saddle EC-102

BH-9670-09A Weaver AS-26670

Front Saddle EC-107

BH-9670-09B Weaver AS-25517C

Front Saddle & Adapter Kit

BH-9670-09C Weaver AS-26670C

Front Saddle & Adapter Kit

BH-9670-09D Weaver

Sliding Saddle Assy 12" travel

BH-9670-09L Weaver AS-25517

Front Saddle EC-102 4" longer

BH-9670-10 Weaver M-2046

Adapter EC-102

BH-9670-10A Weaver AS-17739

Adapter EC-107

BH-9670-10L Weaver M-2046

Adapter EC-102 2" longer

BH-9670-10S Weaver 2263

Front Adapter for Straight Axle 107/108

BH-9670-11 Weaver AS-16624

Spotting Device

BH-9670-11B Weaver AS-19050

Spotting Device

BH-9670-12 Weaver A-2057

Adapter Extension

BH-9670-12A Weaver A-2086

Adapter Extension

BH-9670-12B Weaver

Adapter Extension 5"

BH-9670-15 Weaver AS-26851

Rear Frame Assy EC102

BH-9670-15C Weaver AS-26851C

Rear Frame Assy -Complete

BH-9670-16 Weaver AS-26611

Conduit Form for EC102

BH-9670-17 Weaver AS-25900

Cover Door for EC-102

BH-9670-17L Weaver AS-23702

Cover Door for EC-202

BH-9670-18 Weaver AS-20196

Cover Door for EC-100 1963/72

BH-9670-20 Weaver M-2277

Rear Adapter for EC102

BH-9670-20A Weaver

Rear Adapter w/Heavy Plate

BH-9670-21 Weaver AS-25550 Rear Saddle - Long, EC102
BH-9670-21C Weaver AS-25550C

Rear Saddle and Adapter Assy

BH-9670-21S Weaver AS-15533

Rear Saddle-short EC102

BH-9670-23 Weaver 1086972 S-15736

Lid Support Rod

BH-9670-29 Weaver S-5826

Wiper Retainer for 7-1/2"

BH-9670-39 Weaver 1081430

Front Frame 10' for SV-85A

BH-9670-39A Weaver 1081430

Front Frame 8' for SV-85A

BH-9670-39B Weaver 1081430

Front Frame 9' for SV-85A

BH-9670-39C Weaver 1081430

Front Frame 11' for SV-85A

BH-9670-39D Weaver 1081430

Front Frame 12' for SV-85A

BH-9670-39E Weaver 1081430

Front Frame 14' for SV-85A

BH-9670-39F Weaver 1081430

Front Frame 13' for SV-85A

BH-9670-40 Weaver 1081430

Front Frame 10' Std

BH-9670-40A Weaver 1081430

Front Frame 8'

BH-9670-40B Weaver 1081430

Front Frame 9'

BH-9670-40C Weaver 1081430

Front Frame 11'

BH-9670-40D Weaver 1081430

Front Frame 12'

BH-9670-40E Weaver 1081430

Front Frame 14'

BH-9670-40G Weaver 1081430

Front Frame 15'

BH-9670-41 Weaver AS-28017

Front Cover Plate 40"

BH-9670-42 Weaver AS-28018

Front Sliding Plate 40"

BH-9670-42O Weaver AS-28037

Opp. Front Slide Plate 40"

BH-9670-43 Weaver AS-28019

Rear Cover Plate 40"

BH-9670-44 Weaver AS-28020

Rear Sliding Plate 24"

BH-9670-45 Weaver S-5977

Cover Hinge Pin

BH-9670-48 Weaver AS-27258

Cover Only

BH-9670-50 Weaver S-5833

Control Box

BH-9670-51 Weaver S-25854

Control Box Cover

BH-9670-51A Weaver AS-28003

Control Box Cover

BH-9670-51C Weaver AS-25856

Cover Assy Standard w/plate

BH-9670-52 Weaver AS-20669

Carry Around Plate 24"

BH-9670-53 Weaver AS-20670

Carry Around Plate 36"

BH-9670-53S Weaver AS-20670S

Carry Plate w/Notches 36"

BH-9670-54 Weaver AS-27258

Cover for Ratchet Ext.

BH-9670-55 Weaver S-25855

Cover EC103

BH-9670-55A Weaver AS-25694

Cover & Nameplate

BH-9670-56 Weaver AS-27259

Cover EC103 w/Ratchet Ext.

BH-9670-57 Weaver S-12260

Nameplate EC-102 Std

BH-9670-57A Weaver S-13441

Nameplate Air/Hyd Opp

BH-9670-58 Weaver S-12261

Nameplate EC-103 Std

BH-9670-58A Weaver S-13442

Nameplate EC-103 Opp

BH-9670-59 Weaver S-19299

Nameplate EC-202 Std

BH-9670-60 Weaver

Serial Number Plate

BH-9670-61 Weaver AS-28027

Folding Plate 20-1/16

BH-9670-62 Weaver AS-28026

Folding Plate 19-3/8

BH-9670-63 Weaver S-6417

Extension Cover

BH-9670-64 Weaver S-21292

End Panel

BH-9670-65 Weaver S-21293

Side Panel

BH-9670-66 Weaver AS-15392

Extension Frame

BH-9670-67 Weaver S-20958

Stabilizer Plate

BH-9670-68 Weaver AS-23757

Wheel Adapter

BH-9670-69 Weaver S-19231


BH-9670-70 Weaver AS-19236


BH-9670-71R Weaver S-19233


BH-9670-71S Weaver S-19232


BH-9670-72 Weaver AS-26617

Rear Frame EC-202

BH-9670-72C Weaver AS-26617C

Rear Frame Assy-Complete 202

BH-9670-73 Weaver M-2120

Shift Lever Bracket

BH-9670-74 Weaver S-27074


BH-9670-75 Weaver S-27075

Multi Lock Leg Guide

BH-9670-76 Weaver S-27076 Lock Pawl - Front
BH-9670-77 Weaver S-27077


BH-9670-78 Weaver AS-25509


BH-9670-79 Weaver AS-25500


BH-9670-80 Weaver M-2290


BH-9670-81 Weaver S-4716


BH-9670-82 Weaver S-25504


BH-9670-82 Weaver S-25503


BH-9670-85 Weaver AS-23754

Wheel Adapter Assy 202

BH-9670-86 Weaver 1085168

Rear Saddle-EC-202

BH-9670-86C Weaver 1085168C

Rear Saddle & Adapter Assy 202

BH-9670-86SP Weaver AS-25692

Rear Sadddle-EC-102 Old Style

BH-9670-87 Weaver S-27057


BH-9670-88 Weaver S-27061


BH-9670-89 Weaver S-27058


BH-9670-90 Weaver AS-19234

Shift Rod

BH-9670-91 Weaver S-25532

Mounting Bracket

BH-9670-92 Weaver S-25506


BH-9670-92A Weaver S-27109


BH-9670-93 Weaver S-25536


BH-9670-94 Weaver AS-25695

Cover Assy 202 w/nameplate

BH-9670-95 Weaver

Cover Assy 107 w/nameplate

BH-9670C Weaver AS-25674

Rear Cylinder Assy Complete

BH-9670CFG Weaver AS-25674FG

Rear Cyl Assy Complete Fibergls

BH-9670FG Weaver AS-25673FG

Rear Casing-w/Fiberglass

BH-9671-01 Weaver S-27056


BH-9671-02 Weaver AS-27064


BH-9672-01 Weaver AS-14418

Hydraulic Pump Roper

BH-9672-01D Weaver AS-14418

Hydraulic Pump OE Style

BH-9672-01K Weaver

Roper Pump Seal Kit

BH-9672-01W Weaver KL-375 Hydraulic Pump Assembly - Retrofit
BH-9672-02 Weaver

Mounting Base

BH-9672-03R Weaver P409-9

Pressure Relief Valve

BH-9672-03W Weaver AS-22533

Pressure Relief Valve

BH-9672-04A Weaver Coupling Body 1" Pump
BH-9672-04B Weaver Coupling Body 1-3/8" for 7.5hp
BH-9672-04C Weaver


BH-9672-07W Weaver S-13801

Flexible Hose

BH-9672-10 Weaver AS-20957 1-1/2" NPT Foot Valve
BH-9672-13 Weaver S-14823

Oil Seal for OEM Pump

BH-9672-14 Weaver S-1183

Welsh Plug for OEM Pump

BH-9672-15 Weaver S-22390

Bearing for OEM Pump

BH-9672-16 Weaver S-2347

Woodruff Key

BH-9672-17 Weaver S-14827


BH-9672-18 Weaver S-15529

Motor Support

BH-9672-19 Weaver S-19673

Motor Support Frame

BH-9672-20 Weaver S-19674

Mounting Stud

BH-9672-21 Weaver S-18999


BH-9672-22 Weaver S-15655


BH-9672-23 Weaver S-11318

Hole Cover

BH-9672-60 Weaver

60 Gal Auxilliary Reservior

BH-9672-61 Weaver AS-19685

120 Gal Auxilliary Reservior

BH-9672-62 Weaver AS-19690

170 Gal Auxilliary Reservior

BH-9672-66 Weaver AS-25564

170 Gal Reservoir EC-66

BH-9672-72 Weaver

Reduce Tee 2 X 1.25 X 1.25

BH-9672-73 Weaver

90 degree Elbow 2" X 1-1/2"

BH-9672-74 Weaver

Pipe Nipple 2" X 3"

BH-9672-75 Weaver

Pipe Nipple 2" X 2"

BH-9672-76 Weaver

Pipe Nipple 1-/2" X 2"

BH-9672-77 Weaver

45 degree Elbow 1-1/2" diameter

BH-9672-78 Weaver

Pipe 1-1/2" diameter 30" long

BH-9672-79 Weaver

Nipple 1-1/4" X 1-1/2"

BH-9672-80 Weaver

1-1/4" to 1" Reducer

BH-9672-81 Weaver

Nipple 1" X 1"

BH-9672-82 Weaver

Pipe Nipple 1" X 4"

BH-9672-83 Weaver

1" 90 degree Elbow

BH-9672-84 Weaver

Pipe 1" X 24"

BH-9672-85 Weaver

Nipple 1-1/4" X 1"

BH-9672-86 Weaver

90 degree Elbow 1-1/4"

BH-9672-87 Weaver

Plug 2" NPT

BH-9672-88 Weaver

1/2" x 90 degree street el

BH-9673-003E Weaver

3' Frame Extension 13" Recess

BH-9673-004E Weaver

4' Frame Extension 13" Recess

BH-9673-005E Weaver

5' Frame Extension 13" Recess

BH-9673-006E Weaver

6' Frame Extension 13" Recess

BH-9673-007E Weaver

7' Frame Extension 13" Recess

BH-9673-008E Weaver

8' Frame Extension 13" Recess

BH-9673-009E Weaver

9' Frame Extension 13" Recess

BH-9673-01 Weaver 1084601

12-5/8" Rear Casing SV-330

BH-9673-010E Weaver

10' Frame Extension 13" Recess

BH-9673-012R Weaver

12' Main Frame 13" Recess clsd

BH-9673-012RA Weaver

12' Main Frame 13" Recess open

BH-9673-014R Weaver

14' Main Frame 13" Recess clsd

BH-9673-014RA Weaver

14' Main Frame 13" Recess open

BH-9673-016E Weaver

16' Frame Extension 13" Recess Retro

BH-9673-01BC Weaver

12-5/8" Cylinder Assembly SV-335

BH-9673-01C Weaver

12-5/8" Cyl Assy Complete

BH-9673-01CFG Weaver

12-5/8" Cyl Assy Complete-fibrglss

BH-9673-01D Weaver

12-5/8" Rear Casing SV-331,335

BH-9673-01DC Weaver

12-5/8" Cylinder Assembly SV-331,333

BH-9673-02 Weaver

12-5/8" Plunger SV-330

BH-9673-02A Weaver

12-5/8" Plunger SV-331, 333

BH-9673-02B Weaver

12-5/8" Plunger SV-335

BH-9673-02R Weaver

12-5/8" Plunger SV-320, 321

BH-9673-03 Weaver KL-275

Rear Plunger & Gland

BH-9673-03P Weaver 1084613

Rear Plunger 12-5/8" 15.125

BH-9673-03PS Weaver

Rear Plunger 12-5/8" 14.875

BH-9673-04 Weaver 1084619

Packing Expander 12-5/8"

BH-9673-04S Weaver

Spring for Pkg Follower

BH-9673-05 Weaver 1084631

12-5/8" Rear Upper Bearing

BH-9673-05ATF Weaver 1084631x

12-5/8" Adjust To Fit Upper Bearing

BH-9673-06 Weaver 1084718

Door Support Pin

BH-9673-07 Weaver

Plunger MC331/333/335 14.875

BH-9673-09 Weaver

12-5/8" Front Plunger and Gland

BH-9673-13 Weaver 1084713

Rear Frame

BH-9673-13C Weaver

Rear Frame Package 12-5/8"

BH-9673-13H Weaver

Special Hinge

BH-9673-14 Weaver 1084709

Front Form

BH-9673-14B Weaver 1084706

Conduit Form Assembly

BH-9673-15 Weaver 1084710

Rear Cover Door Assembly

BH-9673-20 Weaver 1084717

Wear Strip

BH-9673-21 Weaver 1084716

Hinge Pin

BH-9673-22 Weaver 1084017

Front Casing 12-5/8"

BH-9673-22A Weaver

Bearing Shim (.0478) 12-5/8"

BH-9673-22B Weaver

Bearing Shim (.0179) 12-5/8"

BH-9673-23 Weaver KL-274

Front Plunger & Gland

BH-9673-26 Weaver 1084631

Gland-Rear Spec. Plngr #

BH-9673-27 Weaver 1084629

Wiper Retainer 12-5/8"

BH-9673-28 Weaver 1084659

Rear Saddle 12-5/8"

BH-9673-28C Weaver

Rear Saddle & Adapter Kit 12-5/8"

BH-9673-29 Weaver 1084718

Support Rod

BH-9673-31 Weaver 1089659 1084073

Axle Assy SV-320 12-5/8"

BH-9673-32 Weaver

12-5/8" 5' Front Frame non-recess

BH-9673-33 Weaver 1084075

U-Bolt for 12-5/8" Weaver Axle

BH-9673-38 Weaver 1084659

Rear Saddle 12-5/8"

BH-9673-39 Weaver

DSE I-Beam Superstructure for 12-5/8"

BH-9673-40 Weaver 1084633

Superstructure MC-331

BH-9673-41 Weaver

Superstructure MC-333

BH-9673-42 Weaver 1084871

Superstructure MC-335

BH-9673-43 Weaver 1084848

Adapter Assembly

BH-9673-45 Weaver 1084648

Installation Frame

BH-9673-46 Weaver 1084653

Mounting Angle

BH-9673-47 Weaver 1084733

Cover Assembly

BH-9673-48 Weaver 1084720

Control Box Assembly

BH-9673-49 Weaver 1084690

Installation Frame LH

BH-9673-50 Weaver 1084695

Installation Frame RH

BH-9673-51 Weaver 1084872

Installation Frame

BH-9673-52 Weaver 1084873

Mounting Angle

BH-9673-65 Weaver

13' Front Frame for 12-5/8" MC-320

BH-9673-67 Weaver 1084102

23" Folding Plate

BH-9673-68 Weaver 1084043

24" Folding Plare

BH-9673-69 Weaver 1084041

30" Folding Plate

BH-9673-70 Weaver 1084030

Front Cover Plate 54" MC-320

BH-9673-70A Weaver 1084046

Rear Cover Plate 54" MC-320

BH-9673-71 Weaver 1084033

Front Sliding Plate 36"

BH-9673-72 Weaver 1084032

Front Sliding Plate 24"

BH-9673-73 Weaver 1084005

Hinge Pin 22" long

BH-9673-75 Weaver 1084039

Carry Around Plate 36"

BH-9673-76 Weaver 1084038

Carry Around Plate 30"

BH-9673-77 Weaver

Carry Around Plate 21"

BH-9673-78 Weaver 1084037

Carry Around Plate 24"

BH-9673-79 Weaver

Carry Around Plate 20"

BH-9674-01 Weaver 1081612

Twin Casing

BH-9674-01D Weaver

Dual Casing for SVI IB

BH-9674-02 Weaver 1081589

Tube & Plunger Assy

BH-9674-03 Weaver S-19079

Hydraulic Hose

BH-9674-04 Weaver 1081814

Twin Front Axle Assy

BH-9674-05 Weaver 1081581

Twin Front Carriage

BH-9674-06 Weaver 1081600

Twin Front Saddle

BH-9674-07 Weaver 1080819

Rear Saddle MC-303

BH-9674-07A Weaver AS-18717


BH-9674-07B Weaver

Spec Front Adapter Drop Axles

BH-9674-08 Weaver 1080820

Rear Saddle Assy

BH-9674-09 Weaver 1081611

Dual Rear 10-5/8" Cyl Assy

BH-9674-09FG Weaver 1081611

Dual Rear Cyl Assy-Fiberglass

BH-9674-10 Weaver 1081609


BH-9674-11 Weaver 1081615

Casing Frame Plate

BH-9674-12 Weaver 1081638

Twin Rear Saddle

BH-9674-13 Weaver 1081774

Standard Adapter

BH-9674-14 Weaver 1081775

Dual Rear Saddle & Adapt Assy

BH-9674-20 Weaver 1081623

Conduit Form MC-307

BH-9674-21 Weaver 1081627

Front Form MC-307

BH-9674-22 Weaver 1081617

Frame MC-307

BH-9674-22C Weaver

Dual Rear Frame Assy

BH-9674-23 Weaver 1081630

Plunger Door

BH-9674-24 Weaver 1081625

Left End Form MC-307

BH-9674-25 Weaver 1081624

Right End For MC-307

BH-9674-26 Weaver S-12745

Name Plate

BH-9674-27 Weaver AS-26673

Cover-4 stem valve

BH-9674-27A Weaver AS-12215

Cover Plate for 4 core valve old style

BH-9674-27C Weaver

4-Core Cover Plate w/ Nameplate

BH-9674-30 Weaver S-17758

Short Axle Middle Dual Front

BH-9674-31 Weaver

Rear Casing 18.5" Recess Dual

BH-9674-32 Weaver

Front Casing 18.5" Recess Dual

BH-9674-33 Weaver

Front Plunger 18.5" Recess Dual

BH-9674-35 Weaver

Front Casing 13" Recess Dual

BH-9674-36 Weaver

Recessed Pit Wing Cover

BH-9674-37 Weaver

Recessed Pit Center Super Cover

BH-9674-40 Weaver 1080920

Saddle & Adapt Assy

BH-9674-41 Weaver 1080921


BH-9674-42 Weaver 1080786

Rec 10-5/8" Casing MC-305

BH-9674-42FG Weaver 1080786FG

Fiberglass Casing 10-5/8

BH-9674-43X Weaver AS-27933


BH-9674-44 Weaver 1080784

Cylinder Assembly

BH-9674-44FG Weaver 1080786

Cylinder Assembly Fiberglassed

BH-9674-45 Weaver 1080785

Gland MC-305

BH-9674-46 Weaver 1083180

Plate Support-Front Dual 18.5"

BH-9674-46A Weaver

Plate Support-Front Dual 13"

BH-9674-47 Weaver 1083182

Plate Support-Rear MC-305 18.5"

BH-9674-47A Weaver

Plate Support-Single Move 7.5"

BH-9674-48 Weaver 1081674

Plate Support

BH-9674-49 Weaver 1081695

Axle Assembly

BH-9674-50 Weaver 1081642


BH-9674-51 Weaver 1081590


BH-9674-52 Weaver AS-27880

Plunger & Gland

BH-9674-53 Weaver 1081611

Cylinder Assembly

BH-9674-54 Weaver 1081680

Tie Bar

BH-9674-55 Weaver 1081694

Center Tie Bar

BH-9674-56 Weaver 1081775

Saddle & Adapt Assy

BH-9674-57 Weaver 1081638

12-5/8" Dual Rear Saddle

BH-9674-57A Weaver

12-5/8" Dual Rear Saddle no/safety

BH-9674-58 Weaver 1081774


BH-9674-60 Weaver 1080202

Extension Cover

BH-9674-60B Weaver

Extension Cover

BH-9674-61 Weaver 1080201

Control Box

BH-9674-62 Weaver S-21462

Form, back MC-309/305

BH-9674-63 Weaver 1080793

Form, back MC-305

BH-9674-65 Weaver 1081685

Top Form, back MC-309

BH-9674-66 Weaver 1080795

Top Form, back MC-305

BH-9674-67 Weaver 1081686

Top Form, front MC-309

BH-9674-68 Weaver 1080794

Top Form, front MC-305

BH-9674-69 Weaver 1081689

Bottom Form, back MC-309

BH-9674-70 Weaver 1080797

Bottom Form, back MC-305

BH-9674-71 Weaver 1081688

Bot Form, front MC-309

BH-9674-72 Weaver 1080798

Bot Form, front MC-305

BH-9674-73 Weaver 1080185

Frame MC-305

BH-9674-73DC Weaver

Frame SV-305 Dual Chain

BH-9674-73DCK Weaver

Frame Kit SV-305 Dual Chain

BH-9674-74 Weaver 1081650


BH-9674-75 Weaver 1081668

Frame Pull Bar MC-309

BH-9674-76 Weaver 1081169

Frame Pull Bar MC-305

BH-9674-77 Weaver 1081670

Cover Plate Assy MC-309

BH-9674-78 Weaver 1081165

Cover Plate Assy MC-305

BH-9674-78LB Weaver

Swinging Plate

BH-9674-78SB Weaver

Swinging Plate

BH-9674-78SLB Weaver

Sliding Plate

BH-9674-79 Weaver 1081681

Carry Around Plate MC-309

BH-9674-80 Weaver AS-14471

Carry Around Plate MC-305

BH-9674-80B Weaver

Carry Plate

BH-9674-81 Weaver 1082287

Guide Tube Twin Rear

BH-9674-82 Weaver

Dual Rear I-Beam Superstructure IB

BH-9674-83 Weaver

Hinge Pin 7"

BH-9674-84 Weaver

Frame Package MC-305

BH-9674-87 Weaver 1080196

Universal Shaft

BH-9674-88 Weaver 1080195

Sprocket Shaft

BH-9674-89 Weaver S-8506

Woodruff Key

BH-9674-90 Weaver 1080926


BH-9674-91 Weaver 1080927


BH-9674-92 Weaver AS-14700

Pulley Bracket Assembly

BH-9674-92B Weaver

Pulley Bracket Assembly

BH-9674-93 Weaver S-14482


BH-9674-93B Weaver

Sprocket Shaft

BH-9674-93LB Weaver

Universal Bar

BH-9674-93RB Weaver


BH-9674-94 Weaver S-14479

Universal Joint

BH-9674-94B Weaver

Universal Joint

BH-9674-95 Weaver

Ratchet Package for MC-305

BH-9674-96 Weaver

Short Shaft for Power Spot on 305

BH-9675-01 Weaver 1087511 Power Spot Chain 36"
BH-9675-02 Weaver S-27302

Sprocket - 60 Tooth 1" shaft

BH-9675-02A Weaver

Sprocket - 60 Tooth 3/4" shaft

BH-9675-03 Weaver S-27301

Sprocket - 15 Tooth 1" shaft

BH-9675-03A Weaver

Sprocket - 15 Tooth 3/4" shaft

BH-9675-04 Weaver AS-26850

Hanger Assembly 1" shaft

BH-9675-04A Weaver

Hanger Assembly 3/4" shaft

BH-9675-05 Weaver

Ratchet Shaft EC-32 System 1"

BH-9675-05A Weaver

1/4" X 2" Square Key

BH-9675-05B Weaver

1/4" X 3-1/4" Square Key

BH-9675-05C Weaver

3/16" X 3-1/4" Square Key

BH-9675-05D Weaver

3/16" X 2" Square Key

BH-9675-05E Weaver

Ratchet Shaft EC-32 System 3/4"

BH-9675-05F Weaver

Power Spot Ratchet Shaft Opposite

BH-9675-06 Weaver S-23831

Mounting Plate

BH-9675-07 Weaver

Extension Bracket

BH-9675-08 Weaver

Chain Spacer Hanger

BH-9675-09 Weaver AS-27696 Bracket
BH-9675-10 Weaver S-27300

Power Spot Chain 50'

BH-9675-10L Weaver

Connecting Link

BH-9675-11 Weaver AS-28014 Control Valve Assembly
BH-9675-12 Weaver

Handle Bracket - old style

BH-9675-12A Weaver

Handle Bracket - new style

BH-9675-13 Weaver


BH-9675-14 Weaver S-26685

Hydraulic Motor

BH-9675-15 Weaver S-27973

Hyd Hose Assembly 20'

BH-9675-16 Weaver S-27974

Hyd Hose Assembly 29'

BH-9675-17 Weaver S-27977

Motor Plate

BH-9675-18 Weaver 1083972 In-Line Filter
BH-9675-19 Weaver S-23339

Elbow 1/2 NPT X 7/8 UNF

BH-9675-20 Weaver

Nipple 1/2 X 1/4 X 1-3/4

BH-9675-21 Weaver S-27981

Reduce Bush NPT 1/2 X 1-1/4

BH-9675-22 Weaver S-5865

Street L 90 deg 1/2 NPT

BH-9675-23 Weaver

Reduce Bush NPT 3/4m X 1/2f

BH-9675-24 Weaver 1083192

Extension Cover for EC-32

BH-9675-25 Weaver Chain Adjusting Rod
BH-9675-26 Weaver

Chain Adjusting Spacer

BH-9675-27 Weaver

Chain Connector

BH-9675-28 Weaver

Oil Control Valve Bracket opposite

BH-9676-01 Weaver

12-5/8" Cyl Assy H Frame w/Rty B.P.

BH-9676-01A Weaver

12-5/8" Casing

BH-9676-01B Weaver

12-5/8" Plunger w/Rotary Bolt Pattern

BH-9676-02 Weaver

12-5/8" Plunger

BH-9676-03 Weaver SVI PP

12-5/8" Recess Casing

BH-9677-01 Weaver SVI PP

12-5/8" Short Rise Casing 36"

BH-9677-01FG Weaver SVI PP

12-5/8" Short Rise Casing Fiberglass

BH-9677-02 Weaver SVI PP

12-5/8" Short Rise Plunger

BH-9677-03 Weaver SVI PP

12-5/8" Short Rise Cyl w/FG casing

BH-9677-04 Weaver SVI PP

12-5/8" Short Rise Saddle

BH-9677-05 Weaver SVI PP

12-5/8" Short Rise Adapter

BH-9678-01 Weaver

10-5/8" Casing for Western Conversion

BH-9680-00 Weaver

9" Drop-On Height Extension SONRW

BH-9680-01 Weaver KL-305

9" Drop-On Height Extension SOCW, Price Each

BH-9680-01A Weaver

11" Drop-On Height Extension SOCW

BH-9680-01B Weaver

9" Drop-On Height Extension SOCWP

BH-9680-01C Weaver

11" Drop-On Height Extension SOCWP

BH-9680-02 Weaver AS-12241

Front Adapt 4 wheel drive

BH-9680-02 Weaver KL-124

Front Adapt 4 wheel drive, Price Each

BH-9680-02A Weaver

Front Adapt 4 wheel drive 10-1/2"

BH-9680-03 Weaver KL-249

Front Adapter Sub Compact, Price Each

BH-9680-03 Weaver 1083023

Front Adapter Sub Compact

BH-9680-04 Weaver AS-27691

Rear Wheel Adapt EC-147A

BH-9680-04L Weaver AS-27691x

Rear Wheel Adapter 6" longer

BH-9680-05 Weaver AS-20182

Front Adapt 12-5/8 Recess

BH-9680-05A Weaver

Front Adapt 12-5/8 Recess taller

BH-9680-06 Weaver KL-241 1082653

Rear Adapt 12-5/8 Recess, Price Each

BH-9680-06LP Weaver

Rear Adapter Low Profile 4-1/2"

BH-9680-07 Weaver 1082656

Rear Adapt Plate Recess

BH-9680-08 Weaver KL-135 AS-13530

Special Rear Adapter, Price Each

BH-9680-09 Weaver AS-18585

Special Adapt 106DR/307

BH-9680-09A Weaver

Rear Adapter 12" OAH x 9" OAW

BH-9680-09B Weaver

Rear Adapter 13+" OAH x 9" OAW

BH-9680-09C Weaver

Rear Adapter 14.5" OAH x 9" OAW

BH-9680-09SPL Weaver

Rear Adapter 12.375" OAH x 11" OAW

BH-9680-10 Weaver 1081774

Special Adapt 106DR/307

BH-9680-10S Weaver 1081774x

Special Adapt 106DR/307 1-3/4" shorter

BH-9680-11 Weaver M-2152

Front Adapt Old Style 105

BH-9680-12 Weaver AS-20702

Height Extension Front Old Style 4"

BH-9680-12-5 Weaver AS-20702x

Height Extension Front Old Style 5"

BH-9680-13 Weaver AS-17285

Rear Wheel Adapt EC-148

BH-9680-13 Weaver EC-148

Rear Wheel Adapt EC-148, Price Each

BH-9680-14 Weaver KL-273

Spec Front Adapt EC-107/108, Price Each

BH-9680-14 Weaver 1086270

Spec Front Adapt EC-107/108

BH-9680-15 Weaver

Rubber Pad for BH-9680-14

BH-9680-16 Weaver KL-265

Spec Straight Axle Adapter, Price Each

BH-9680-16 Weaver 2202

Spec Straight Axle Adapter

BH-9680-16T Weaver 2202x

Spec Straight Axle Adapt 1-1/4" taller

BH-9680-17 Weaver AS-21112

Spec Rear Adapt 307/106DR

BH-9680-17A Weaver

Spec Rear Adapt International

BH-9680-17H Weaver

Spec Rear Adapt higher 307/106DR

BH-9680-17L Weaver

Spec Rear Adapt lower 307/106DR

BH-9680-17W Weaver

Spec Straight Axle Adapter 7" wide

BH-9680-18 Weaver 1085835

Spec Rear Adapt 307/106DR

BH-9680-18 Weaver KL-276

Spec Rear Adapt 307/106DR, Price Each

BH-9680-19 Weaver AS-14388

Special Rear Adapter

BH-9680-19 Weaver KL-143

Special Rear Adapter, Price Each

BH-9680-20 Weaver KL-258

Special Front Adapter Frnt WD, Price Each

BH-9680-21 Weaver KL-133

Adapter for 4 Wheel Drive, Price Each

BH-9680-22 Weaver

Spec Rear Adapter for 12-5/8"

BH-9680-24 Weaver 1085326B

Flip-Up Extension MC-335 Adapt

BH-9680-25 Weaver

Spec Adapt 10-5/8" rear Hend susp

BH-9680-26 Weaver

Custom Adapter

BH-9680-27 Weaver

Spec Front 10-5/8" 10" high clearance

BH-9680-28 Weaver

Rear Adapter 12-5/8" similar to FD2151

BH-9680-29 Weaver

10-5/8" Rear Adapter E450/550 Ford vans

BH-9680-30 Weaver

10-5/8" Front or Rear moveable adapter

BH-9680-31 Weaver

Spec Straight Axle Adap Extended R & A

BH-9680-32 Weaver

10-5/8" Rear Adapter Rotary style top

BH-9680-33 Weaver

10-5/8" Rear Adapter 10" OAH x 9" IW

BH-9680-34 Weaver

10-5/8" Rear Adapter 2 Position flip

BH-9680-35 Weaver FD2359 Profile

12-5/8" Rear Adapter 330 12-15/16"

BH-9680-36 Weaver 9680-30,31 combo

10-5/8" Front 10-3/4" Tall Frame Engage

BH-9680-37 Weaver Setra

10-5/8" Front Adapter for Setra w/pads

BH-9681-01 Weaver

3" Slip-Over Ext w/pad SPCW

BH-9681-02 Weaver

4" Slip-Over Ext w/pad SPCW

BH-9681-03 Weaver

5" Slip-Over Ext w/pad SPCW

BH-9681-04 Weaver

6" Slip-Over Ext w/pad SPCW

BH-9681-05 Weaver

4"-6" Slip-Over Adj Ext w/pad ASPCW

BH-9681-06 Weaver Rubber Pad Adapter SPCW1
BH-9690-01 Weaver Cadillac

Adapter 7-1/2" Custom

BH-9690-01A Weaver Cadillac

Steel Slide Adapt Custom

BH-9690-01B Weaver Cadillac

Rubber Pad Adapt Custom

BH-9690-01C Weaver Cadillac

Adapter Only Assy Custom

BH-9691-01 Weaver

Adapter for NYCTA Nova-2 Bus

BH-EL-70 Weaver 1089300

Safety Leg 69.87" Stroke 1 flipper

BH-EL-70-2 Weaver

Safety Leg 69.87" Stroke 2 flipper

BH-MPTR-WE-527 Weaver

MPTR Safety Leg Front Post 72-3/4"

BH-MPTR-WE-540 Weaver

MPTR Safety Leg Rear Post 79-1/2"

BH-RD-70 Weaver

Safety Leg 70" Stroke 2" OD

BH-TR-70 Weaver 1089300

Safety Leg Top Release 70" strk

BH-WE-527 Weaver AS-25527 1089335

Safety Leg Front Post 72-3/4"

BH-WE-540 Weaver AS-25540 1089338

Safety Leg Rear Post 79-1/2"

BH-WE-802 Weaver 1080802 1089344

Safety Leg Rear Post 77-1/2"

BH-WE-802-7040 Weaver

Safety Leg TR Dogs @ 70" 40"

BH-WE-802-706050 Weaver

Safety Leg TR Dogs @ 70" 60" 50"

BH-WE-802-7131 Weaver

Safety Leg TR Dogs @ 71" 31"

BH-WE-802-714224 Weaver

Safety Leg TR Dogs @ 71" 42" 24"

BH-WE-802-7151 Weaver

Safety Leg TR Dogs @ 71" 51"

BH-WE-802-715643 Weaver

Safety Leg TR Dogs @ 71" 56" 43"

BH-WE-802-716151 Weaver

Safety Leg TR Dogs @ 71" 61" 51"

BH-WE-803 Weaver 1080803 1089341

Safety Leg Front Post 68-1/4"

BH-WE-803-604634 Weaver

Safety Leg TR Dogs @ 60" 46" 34"

BH-WE-803-6131 Weaver

Safety Leg TR Dogs @ 61" 31"

BH-WE-803-624224 Weaver

Safety Leg TR Dogs @ 62" 42" 24"

BH-WE-803-6343 Weaver

Safety Leg TR Dogs @ 63" 43"

BH-WE-803-635139 Weaver

Safety Leg TR Dogs @ 63" 51" 39"

BH-WE-803-635343 Weaver

Safety Leg TR Dogs @ 63" 53" 43"

BH-WE-913 Weaver

Safety Leg Front Post 13" Recess

BH-WE-999 Weaver 1086999

Safety Leg MC320, MC330

BH-WE-999-36 Weaver

Safety Leg for 36" Stroke Short Rise