Parts For Ranger Repair

Part # Compatibility Cross Reference #1 Cross Reference #2 Descriptionsort descending
BW-6000-07 Ranger 5400934

8mm 1/8 Straight Fitting RX950 "

BW-6000-08 Ranger 5400935

8mm 1/8 Tee Fitting "

BW-6000-04 Ranger 5401533

Bead Breaker Air Cylinder

BW-6001-14 Ranger 5327738 Bead Breaker Blade Bracket for Ranger R23LT
BW-6001-10 Ranger 5327097 Bead Breaker Blade for R23AT/LT
BW-6001-12 Ranger 5327529 Bead Breaker Blade Stop Pin for Ranger R23LT
BW-6001-13 Ranger 5327609 Bead Breaker Bolt for R23AT/LT
BW-6000-06 Ranger 5346360

Bead Breaker Cylinder

BW-6000-10 Ranger 5400525 Bead Breaker Seal Kit 2 hose 850/950
BW-6000-11 Ranger 5400526 Bead Breaker Seal Kit 850/950
BW-6001-06 Ranger 5327772 Bead Breaker Seal Kit for Ranger R23AT
BW-6001-15 Ranger 5400404 Bolt for Ranger R23LT
BW-6000-19 Ranger 5400207 Demount Head Plastic Insert (1)
BW-6001-03 Ranger 5400319 Foot Pedal Spring for Ranger, Tuxedo and other Tire Changers
BW-6000-05 Ranger 5400334

Foot Valve Assembly

BW-6000-09 Ranger 5400729 Jet Blast Pressure Valve
BW-6001-16 Ranger 5400947 Lock Nut for Ranger R23LT
BW-6001-11 Ranger 5327508 Metal Bushing for Ranger R23LT
BW-6000-02 Ranger 5401208 Mounting Bar
BW-6000-03 Ranger

Nylon Mount/Demount Kit

BW-6000-21 Ranger 5400208 Roller Insert
BW-6000-01 Ranger 5400201 Steel Mount / Demount Head with Inserts
BW-6000-20 Ranger 5400969 Wheel Protection Kit for RX950AT Ranger Tire Changer